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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Free Online Movie - Frontline; Wounded Platoon

The dark tale of the men of 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion of the 506th Infantry and how the war followed them home. Since the Iraq War began, soldier arrests in the city of Colorado Springs have tripled. 

At least 36 servicemen based at the nearby Army post of Fort Carson have committed suicide. 14 Fort Carson soldiers have been charged or convicted in at least 11 killings. Many of the most violent crimes involved men who had served in the same battalion in Iraq. Three of them came from a single platoon of infantrymen. 

FRONTLINE tells the dark tale of the men of Third Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion of the 506th Infantry and how the war followed them home. It is a story of heroism, grief, vicious combat, depression, drugs, alcohol and brutal murder; an investigation into the Army's mental health services; and a powerful portrait of what multiple tours and post-traumatic stress are doing to a generation of young American soldiers.


What is it REALLY like to fight in Iraq (or Afghanistan) and then try to come home and get back into regular civilian life?

This movie follows a platoon from time of deployment to when they come home (or not), plus what happens to them after they get back... it is not a pretty picture, but that is life. 

It is shocking how deeply disturbing the effects of war are on young men.... There are severe after effects war has on them. Many know intellectually how bad it was, but you cannot really feel it, until the soldiers themselves showed videos of their time in Iraq, what they did there, the battles and then all of the stuff they had to put up with or suffer after they got home.. 

There is really no way to put it into words.. One picture is worth a thousand words and this show is worth a million words.. 

This is the home page, where you can watch the whole show online.. 

Watch the movie online;

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Frontline; Wounded Platoon Movie; via A Green Road 

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