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Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Expanding Emergency Zones And Safety Preparations Near Nuclear Power Plants Blocked By NRC/Nuclear Regulator In Favor Of Shelter In Place, No Nuclear Accident Fallout Shelters Available For US Citizens - Plenty Of Fallout Shelters Are Available For Politicians/Military Leaders

Do you know if the nuclear plant that you may live close to has an evacuation zone in case of an nuclear accident or natural disaster? If there is a dirty bomb terrorist attack and fallout comes your way, do you know where the closest fallout shelter is? If a nuclear armed nation like Russia, China or N. Korea attacks the US with one or more nuclear weapons, where is your nearest fallout shelter? 

If not, it may pay for you to find out.

Why do all of the top politicians and military leaders in the US have nuclear fallout shelters close by, paid for by US taxpayers, but the average US citizen has NOTHING, and NO FALLOUT SHELTERS are available for you, unless you are one of a special few people who have access to underground cities built to house politicians and military leaders and their small group of friends? 

Why were all of the US fallout shelters closed? 

Who ordered the closing of all of these shelters?

What happens if there is a nuclear disaster near you?

What happens next?

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Timeline of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Events, Explosions, Venting - 3 Month Delay In Announcing Meltdowns, Greenpeace Measured Insanely High 10,000 Counts PER SECOND Radiation After Meltdowns

None of the 12 Recommended Safety Mandates Have Been Implemented By NRC

Looking at the overlap of U.S. nuclear reactors (both power and research facilities) and earthquake zones is pretty alarming.
"In a press release entitled "NRC Prioritizes Detailed Earthquake Risk Analysis For Central and Eastern U.S. Reactors," the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has given nuclear utilities an extraordinarily long period of time to upgrade safety after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. None of them have been implemented, as of 3 years after the mega disaster there.

(A map posted at, left, superimposes the locations of U.S. atomic reactors onto a USGS map of seismic hazards.)

NRC speaks of having "set a priority list for 21 of 59 nuclear power plant sites in the central and eastern United States to conduct in-depth analyses of the plants’ updated earthquake risk," in recognition that seismic hazards could well be greater than the atomic reactors were originally designed and built to withstand."


After the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, almost no one was evacuated, despite the nuclear experts knowing that three nuclear reactors had melted down 100% and huge amounts of radiation were coming out of the Fukushima site, which normally would require evacuations all the way down to and including Tokyo. Evacuations were delayed for many days, because authorities were concerned it may create 'traffic congestions'. 

Asahi: Public is “anything but” safe outside of evacuation zone during a Fukushima-class disaster, radiation dose over 50 millisieverts in 7 days for people living ~100 miles away is possible (VIDEO)

OldFool June 20, 2014 Professor Koide said that 10,000,000 people in Japan (from the Tohoku, etc.) should have been evacuated in the early days. He was absolutely 100% correct. (The criteria for evacuation was over 40,000 becquerels per square meter, a statutory legal requirement in Japan, if memory is correct.) 

mutante June 20, 2014  "The Asahi Shimbun, June 17, 2014: Asked why the government officials only expanded the evacuation zones in increments, [Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Tetsuro Fukuyama] told committee members that it was feared that major traffic jams could ensue [...]"

3/11/11 An evacuation order is issued for persons within 3 km of the Fukushima Daiichi NPP.

3/11/11 The government has so far refused to widen the zone, despite being urged to by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and countries like the United States and Australia advising its citizens to stay 80 kms away from the plant.

3/12/11  The evacuation zone is extended to 20 km around Fukushima Daiichi.

3/15/11  Government instructed the residents living between 20km-30km radius from the NPP to stay inside house 
4/11/11 Edano said the government has adopted the rules of the International System of Radiological Protection( ISRP) and The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which states that people living in areas with levels over 20 millisieverts should be evacuated. Edano added that there will be another zone. “This new area will be called Emergency Preparation Evacuation Zone and will include the towns of Hirano, Naraha,Kawauchi and Minami Soma.” In other words, this area is not going to be evacuated unless there an emergency in the future.

4/22/11  Government designated the 20 km radius around the NPP as a restricted area and prohibited entry into the area excluding those engaged in emergency response.

4/22/11  Recommends residents evacuate – one month after Greenpeace’s demand to widen the evacuation zone [14].

1/7/12 In a worst-case scenario, the central government would have requested the evacuation of Tokyo and everyone within a 250-kilometer radius of the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

In real life, the worst case actually happened, but those high radiation and plutonium levels that came out of Fukushima have been covered up, hidden and denied, even up to this day. Everyone should have been evacuated all the way down to Tokyo. The evacuation did not happen, because it was impossible to do, so the authorities looked at it, then decided not to 'panic' people, because it would not have been possible to do in any case. The cover story was and still is that Fukushima is no more than 10% of Chernobyl, in terms of total radiation released, which is an absurd lie and fraudulent representation of what really happened. 

The radiation mandatory, forced and enforced evacuation zone was officially never more than 20 kilometers. The Japanese government 'recommended' that people evacuate out of areas outside of the 20 kilometer circle, but never officially ordered nor forced anyone to leave. The 'recommendation' said that residents had up to three months to follow the recommendation. A 30 kilometer circle drawn, but it was never enforced, and no one went house to house to force people to leave. 

Even the IAEA had set up a rule to prevent exposure of residents to low dose radiation of more than 20 m/Sv per year, but this rule was not really followed either during the mega nuclear disaster, or afterwards. Many towns to the north of Fukushima were in higher than 20 m/Sv per year radiation zones, but these towns were subject to 'voluntary' evacuations, as a recommendation, not as a mandatory process. 

The Japanese government did not even admit to three 100% core meltdowns for more than 3 months, despite knowing it on the first day. They also deny anything melted out of any the buildings at Fukushima, despite clear pictures and video showing that this happened. They also did not admit to the plutonium explosion at #3, despite clear evidence of it happening, TEPCO also did not admit to any spent fuel pool fires or melt outs, despite clear evidence of this happening. TEPCO and the nuclear experts put millions of lives into harm's way, and their coverup, deceptions and lies will be the direct cause of many cancers and deaths, that could have been prevented. 

It took TEPCO from March 11, 2011, up to May 16th, 2011, to admit to just ONE 100% reactor melt down. At this point in time, TEPCO was still denying and hiding that they knew 3 reactors had melted down. Everyone else in the world was warning their residents and employees to stay at least 80 km away from the Fukushima site, within ONE DAY of the accident. They knew what was going on, just like TEPCO did, but the coverup had to be maintained at all costs, for as long as possible. Greenpeace was the only organization going in to be the nuclear whistleblower, which is what the IAEA should have been doing. This one example proves how the IAEA is NOT a true regulator, but is a marketing arm of the nuclear industry. 

Greenpeace Statement on TEPCO admission of full meltdown and reactor core breach at Fukushima-Daiichi reactor 1


3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms
By the CNN Wire Staff
June 7, 2011 -- Updated 0956 GMT (1756 HKT)

On June 7th, 2011, 3 months after they melted down, TEPCO finally admitted that 3 reactors totally melted down. TEPCO and the Japanese government, and the US nuclear authorities and experts knew this from day 1. They could have protected people by using evacuations, all the way down to Tokyo. But because radiation is invisible and no one could see the danger, they managed to hide it all and lie about it for 3 months, saying there was no danger, just hang out in your house for awhile, and giving out no actual radiation readings. If they can lie about this basic fact, what else are they lying about? Basic fact; huge nuclear corporations lie constantly and habitually. They don't care about your well being or health, or kids, or even if you are alive or die.

Today, the Japanese government allows residents to get up to 250 m/Sv per year, or more. Normally residents are not allowed more than 1 m/Sv per year. The IAEA maximum limit of radiation for civilians is 20 m/Sv per year, which already 20 times more than the maximum allowed under 'normal' conditions. 

The final evacuation 'recommendation' took three months to announce, despite TEPCO officials knowing within hours of 3/11, that multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns were happening and that huge quantities of deadly radiation were pouring out of the Fukushima complex. They kept all of this bad news quiet and denied it even happened until forced to admit it. Slowly, the public pressure forced them to put expanded evacuations into place, while also slowing raising the severity level to a 7, the worst possible. 

Fukushima and Chernobyl both provide enough evidence that an expanded evacuation and emergency response plan is needed around all existing 400 plus nuclear plants globally. The nuclear industry has been systematically dismantling all shelters, safety, emergency responses, mandatory evacuation orders, emergency iodine distribution, radiation testing, low dose radiation protection standards and other safety related measures, such as live community based radiation monitors around all nuclear plants and on all vent stacks, accessible online and powered by battery backups in case of power failures. The above article link and the following example petition provides an example about how and why all local communities globally need to act in order to protect community resident safety. 

Fukushima, TMI and Chernobyl are just a few of the covered up accidents that have happened. There are many reasons to expand and strengthen safety, evacuation and medical intervention in case of a nuclear accident at one of the 400 nuclear plants globally, based on historical precedents that exist now.

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3/11 Fukushima Daiichi Mega Nuclear Disaster Is Equal To 5 To 50 Plus Chernobyl Disasters


How big and bad was the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, which was mostly covered up and denied?

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Worst Case Scenario Around The Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster Based On Actual Data And Evidence, Vs Best Case Computer Estimates Presented By Nuclear Industry But Without Evidence Or Real Data

NRC Blocks Expanded Evacuation Zones Around Nuclear Plants In USA

VIA NIRS: 6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 301-270-6477;; "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission published the Petition for Rulemaking to expand Emergency Planning Zones around nuclear reactors, written by NIRS and submitted with 37 Co-Petitioners on February 15, 2012. About 4,500 people have since signed on as Co-Petitioners.

"The nuclear disasters at Fukushima and Chernobyl provide real-world and plain evidence that the current 10-mile emergency evacuation zones in the U.S. are simply too small, and cannot adequately protect the public from the possibility of acute radiation exposures. Moreover, as we have learned in recent months and years, women and children are more susceptible to radiation than men: regulations must protect the most vulnerable in society.

Current Evacuation Plans Unrealistic, Don't Work

There are no actual evacuation plans that work according to Ralph Nader The only way to make an emergency plan work is to practice it and get people to work out the kinks or unrealistic theories that do not work in practice.

As you can see from the interviews above, no one is ready for a nuclear emergency. A Fukushima disaster would require evacuating out to 50 miles, not just 10 miles. How does one evacuate millions of people? Realistically, it cannot be done, which is why no evacuation plan includes 50 mile evacuation scenarios, which is the worst case. Best case is a 10 mile zone, but in practice that is not realistic either because no one has ever tried to follow a mandatory 10 mile evacuation plan, except for Chernobyl, and they brought in the military and it took weeks to evacuate Pripyat, a smallish town. 

At both Fukushima and Chernobyl, actual evacuations took place far beyond 10 miles. And at Fukushima (as at Three Mile Island in 1979) far more people than those who were told to evacuate actually did evacuate--the Associated Press in an article today says that about one-third of the Fukushima evacuees left areas that were not part of the evacuation zones.

NRC Supports FEMA Plan, Implemented To Weaken Evacuations

And yet, as the AP article today notes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency actually quietly weakened its emergency evacuation rules late last year (on December 23. 2011, to be exact). 

For its part, the NRC says it does indeed intend to review its emergency planning rules, although not as part of its post-Fukushima safety changes. (They are actually doing the opposite of expanding and tightening safety requirements.)

Improving emergency planning rules is obviously not a substitute for closing nuclear reactors. We all would prefer that such rules not be needed at all--because all reactors closed. But that's not the world we live in; with 104 operating reactors in the U.S., it is essential that emergency evacuation rules reflect the real dangers each of these reactors presents. We do note, however, that some reactor sites would not be able to meet our proposed new regulations: those reactors would have to be closed simply by virtue of this petition--and that's progress!

Japan Got Rid Of All Evacuation Plan Requirements For Nuclear Industry

In the United States, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission bans the operation of nuclear power plants unless plans are in place that can guarantee the safe evacuation of nearby residents. Former industry ministry official Shigeaki Koga explained why the Japanese central government will not assume responsibility for working out local evacuation plans. He said if the government accepted such responsibility, it would become impossible to build nuclear power plants in the country.

Three Tiered Evacuation Plan Needed

Our petition calls for a three-tiered Emergency Planning Zone: the current 10-mile zone would expand to 25 miles, with all current requirements intact. A new zone from 25-50 miles would be established; utilities would be required to notify residents of these zones of evacuation routes if needed, but would not conduct biannual exercises. The Ingestion Pathway Zone, designed for interdiction of contaminated food, milk, and water, would be expanded from the current 50 miles to 100 miles. And a new rule would be established that would require emergency exercises to include scenarios of initiating or concurrent regionally-appropriate natural disasters.

Get Involved

Discuss emergency evacuation issues in your own community. What happens if there is an earthquake in your area, or a hurricane? Has population growth in your area outstripped road networks? What about public transportation--how would people without cars be evacuated? The more you can address real-world problems, the better! 

We encourage organizations to get involved. And we encourage everyone to ask their state and local elected political candidates and officials to respond to this issue and find out what their views are on it.   And the original petition, along with sample resolutions for local officials and other background information, can be found on our Nuclear 911 website here

Please contact Dominique French at NIRS if you have any questions about this issue.  Your help with outreach is essential and your involvement on a local level is always needed. Note: this letter, with share buttons, can be found at the top of this page (as can all NIRS Alerts)."


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Expanding Emergency Zones And Safety Preparations Near Nuclear Power Plants Blocked By NRC/Nuclear Regulator In Favor Of Shelter In Place, No Nuclear Accident Fallout Shelters Available For US Citizens - Plenty Of Fallout Shelters Are Available For Politicians/Military Leaders

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