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A former model beats breast cancer with food and nutrition, rejecting toxic chemotherapy:

Beating Breast Cancer Holistically and Naturally
Many cancer patients are financially ruined even when they DO HAVE insurance. The most common reason for financial ruin and bankruptcy is because of medical bills. There are co pays, deductibles and other hidden costs associated with cancer.

Hazel Beat Breast Cancer - But She Did It Her Way

"After 5 years of being cancer free one is declared cured. Hazel has one more year to go.
What's interesting about her case though is that she rejected chemotherapy and walked a very different path.

In this interview she walks you through her story as I grill her on the details. She takes you through her discovery of her breast cancer to her treatment decisions and outcomes.

Today Hazel continues her follow-up, knowing she's not "out of the woods". Neither Hazel nor myself are recommending any treatment choices to you or your loved ones in this video.

We are merely sharing a remarkable story with you, the type which you might hear about sometimes but you might be tempted to dismiss, not knowing the details.

Decision making for cancer patients is not to be taken lightly. It is ideally made by the patient with the support and knowledge of loved ones and with the expert advice of the professionals who will be involved in medical care.

A lot of advice from lay people and alternative practitioners is also received by patients at this very difficult time. Certainly cancer specialists must be very upset by this as the advice is often in direct contradiction to the standard protocols that the specialists wish to follow.

Ultimately cancer can be unpredictable and patients have been known to defy the odds. What are the odds that a breast cancer patient documented has having an aggressive breast cancer, would abandon chemotherapy, self-treat with "natural treatments" and then find the lump shrunken to the point of being undetectable?

This is what happened to Hazel and yes, her doctors were astonished. I am not saying that she has been cured or that you should do the same. What I do believe is that the medical fraternity needs to follow up cases that choose non-conventional routes of care and survive and thrive. These cases need to be both documented and studied.

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber who outlived brain cancer by over 18 years, emphasizes in his book Anti-Cancer A New Way of Life, that exercise, food choices, meditation and emotional management and therapy have been underestimated in their powerful role of supporting the body in both preventing and overcoming cancer. He recommends these approaches strongly in conjunction with conventional treatments. This is the path that he took.

I recommend his book highly. And together with you, we wish Hazel well!  Hazel have you added regular exercise to your regime yet? And to all our viewers out there, have you?"
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A Former Model Beats Breast Cancer With Natural Methods Such As Food And Nutrition; via A Green Road 

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