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Pyrophoric DU Causes Heavy Metal Radiation Poisoning - Veterans Compensated For Exposure To DU Depleted Uranium Radiation/Poison - What About Everyone Else? If You Got Exposed, Talk With VA Environmental Health Coordinator - Find Out If You Qualify For VA Healthcare Benefits

“The purpose of using depleted uranium, introducing it in the year 1990 to the battlefield, was genocide, and to target not just the country where the war was going on, but also it’s surrounding neighbors,” Dr. Moret noted. 


Dr Rokke Army Health Physicist explains what DU is and how it affects US troops plus civilians


According to the Dept. Of Veteran Affairs; "The U.S. military uses tank armor and some bullets made with depleted uranium (DU) to penetrate enemy armored vehicles, and began using DU on a large scale during the 1990-1991 Gulf War.

The process of manufacturing enriched uranium from natural uranium used in nuclear reactors or weapons leaves “depleted” uranium. DU has 40 percent less radioactivity, but the same chemical toxicity as natural uranium.

If you think you were exposed to depleted uranium during your military service, talk to your local VA Environmental Health Coordinator. Ask to be screened for depleted uranium exposure, and ask about the Depleted Uranium Follow-Up Program.

How Veterans may have been exposed to depleted uranium

When a projectile made with DU penetrates a vehicle, small pieces of DU can scatter and become embedded in muscle and soft tissue. In addition to DU in wounds, soldiers exposed to DU in struck vehicles may inhale or swallow small airborne DU particles. 

Some Gulf War, Bosnia, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) Veterans who may have been exposed to DU are those who were: on, in or near vehicles hit with friendly fire; entering or near burning vehicles; near fires involving DU munitions; or salvaging damaged vehicles.

Health problems associated with depleted uranium 

DU is a potential health hazard if it enters the body, such as through embedded fragments, contaminated wounds, and inhalation or ingestion. Simply riding in a vehicle with DU weapons or DU shielding will not expose a service member to significant amounts of DU or external radiation. 

The potential for health effects from internal exposure is related to the amount of DU that enters a person’s body. If DU enters the body, it may remain in the body. Studies show high doses may especially affect the kidneys. 

So far no health problems associated with DU exposure have been found in Veterans exposed to DU. Researchers and clinicians continue to monitor the health of these Veterans. Go to the Department of Defense's Depleted Uranium (DU) Library to learn about results of medical and scientific research and other DU topics.

Health concerns? 

If you are concerned about depleted uranium exposure during military service, talk to your health care provider or local VA Environmental Health Coordinator

Veterans not enrolled in the VA health care system, find out if you qualify for VA health care

VA benefits 

Veterans who served in the 1990-1991 Gulf War, Bosnia, OEF, OIF, or OND may be eligible for the Depleted Uranium Follow-Up Program at the Baltimore VA Medical Center, a program to screen and monitor health problems associated with depleted uranium exposure. 

Veterans may be eligible for VA disability compensation benefits and health care benefits for health problems associated with depleted uranium in military service. 

Veterans' dependents and survivors also may be eligible for benefits. Read Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors to learn more." 

It is well known that depleted munitions were used inside civilians cities, by many nations other than the USA. Potentially, millions of people around the world have been exposed to depleted uranium dust and radiation. 

The VA benefits program PROVES harm done to those exposed to DU, (despite them trying to deny it all, at the same time) so it follows that everyone else who was exposed also deserves compensation. How about all of those people exposed in locations where these munitions were tested, inside the USA or other countries?

Dr. Chris Busby shows how veterans are applying for and winning veterans appeals for compensation in British courts. He is arguing that it is a well known fact that uranium and plutonium is being found on the ground, in the same places and at the same time as armed forces were. The army is arguing that these forces were not there, and secondarily that it does not cause harm. On both fronts, the military is completely wrong.

Who will stand for the millions of depleted uranium victims outside of the military? Who will stand up to ban these weapons of mass destruction that are nothing more than genocidal weapons targeting entire civilian populations for tens of thousands of years?

Certainly, the military industrial complex inside of the USA is not going to stop selling these weapons willingly, because the US is the biggest single weapons exporter in the world and the military has just about ZERO conscience. They will NOT give up these profits and/or genocidal weapons without a fight. They would rather pollute the whole world for a million years and commit continuous war crimes against millions of civilians, than give up these weapons. That is why they are called 'war profiteers', which used to be illegal, back in the day.


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Pyrophoric DU Causes Heavy Metal Radiation Poisoning - Veterans Compensated For Exposure To DU Depleted Uranium Radiation/Poison - What About Everyone Else? If You Got Exposed, Talk With VA Environmental Health Coordinator - Find Out If You Qualify For VA Healthcare Benefits

Dr. Rokke Reveals Dangers To Civilians And US Veterans From Exposure To 2,000 TONS of (DU) Depleted Uranium Munitions Dust In Middle East - DU Dust Goes Directly Via Inhalation From Nose To Brain - Hot DU Particle Fires 850 Rounds Per Minute Into Cells - Lord of War Full Movie


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Pyrophoric DU Causes Heavy Metal Radiation Poisoning - Veterans Compensated For Exposure To DU Depleted Uranium Radiation/Poison - What About Everyone Else? If You Got Exposed, Talk With VA Environmental Health Coordinator - Find Out If You Qualify For VA Healthcare Benefits
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