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What Happens When A Tornado Or A Pandemic Superbug Virus Hits A Nuclear Power Plant, Via Eliminating Many Of It's Staff? How Can Nuclear Power Plants Keep Operating Safely During The Coronavirus Pandemic – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The video shows a small water spout hitting a decommissioned nuclear plant near Obninsk Russia, on 23.05.2013. Luckily, the plant was closed down, and the tornado was small and weak. 

What happens when a 230 mile per hour, mile wide tornado hits a nuclear power plant? The following link shows how a close call happened, when a tornado passed right next to a nuclear plant, downing the power lines coming in and going out of the plant, but leaving the nuclear facility undamaged. 

Can you imagine what would happen if a 230 mile an hour category F5 tornado hit a nuclear plant with a direct hit? 

Thom Hartmann: If facts don't slap you with reality of climate change - then maybe tornadoes will

"There were reports of over 130 tornadoes touching down in just one night - last night - in America. It was the biggest and most deadly monster storm to hit America in nearly 40 years - when more than 300 people were killed back in 1974. And with the death toll still rising - last night's storm could surpass that deadly high-water mark. 

Also - three nuclear reactors at Browns Ferry nuclear power plant were knocked off power in these storms - luckily the NRC confirmed that backup generators came on properly to just barely avert a Fukushima-like disaster in America. 

So how much more evidence do climate deniers need to understand that our planet is entering dangerous times as a result of our pollution? The facts can't be denied and here they are." 

The above picture is a graphic of tornado tracks across the landscape, and where nuclear power plants are located. Notice the 'hit' on Browns Ferry. It was just luck that the plant made it through this tornado without melting down.

Storms are getting bigger, more violent and stronger. Large tornadoes used to hit once a century and a tornado used to be just 50 to 100 feet wide and wind speeds of 110 miles per hour were very unusual. Nowadays, these same tornadoes are a mile wide, and pack a 230 mile per hour wallop, destroying even concrete buildings, and stripping everything else down to the ground. Tornadoes happen much more frequently, and are much more destructive when they do happen, often with little or no warning.  

Nuclear power plants are not made to withstand 230 mile per hour winds, with debris hurtling through the air at 230 miles per hour. Wooden two by fours become missiles that penetrate even steel reinforced doors and metal pipes, not to mention electrical conduits and support buildings around a reactor. Imagine a nuclear plant leveled to the ground... The aftermath would be a Chernobyl or a Fukushima event, because there would be little chance of saving the plant from a melt through or explosion, with most systems, pipes, electronics destroyed.

Spent fuel pools are protected by nothing more than a sheet metal roof in many cases, and are very vulnerable to storms like this. 

Fukushima proves that Nature can dish out death dealing blows to nuclear power plants. We are now waiting for the guaranteed melt down and nuclear explosion that results from Nature meeting men's arrogance and hubris head on. We are being warned as whole towns are leveled, down to the ground. 

We still have time to shut these nuclear disasters down and to transfer the dangerous spent fuel to dry cask storage as fast as possible. Waiting for a melt down, melt through or nuclear explosion is foolish... Maybe the USA needs to learn this lesson the hard way? 


Concern as coronavirus threatens Russia’s closed ‘nuclear cities’ | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
“This [pandemic] creates a direct threat to our nuclear towns. The situation in Sarov, Elektrostal [and] Desnogorsk is today particularly alarming,” he said in an online speech to Russia’s nuclear industry workers.

“The situation in Sarov is exacerbated by an outbreak of the illness in the nearby Diveyevo monastery,” he said, without elaborating further.

Likhachev made his remarks on a day when Russia reported its biggest daily rise in new coronavirus cases. Russia now ranks eighth worldwide with 93,558 confirmed cases, though its death toll of 867 is still far below that of many other countries.


How to keep nuclear power plants operating safely during the coronavirus pandemic – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Without extraordinary measures to maintain safety and security, nuclear installations could risk compounding the crisis with a large-scale radiation release.

Operators and regulators have long anticipated that a pandemic might threaten the continuity of nuclear operations. According to Roger Howsley, the former head of security for Britain’s nuclear fuel manufacturer, “[E]pidemics are usually covered in emergency planning arrangements, but probably nothing on this scale.” For instance, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) held a workshop in 2006 on “Sustaining Safe Nuclear Operations During an Influenza Pandemic.” Unfortunately, according to Edwin Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists, the NRC could not reach an agreement with industry on contingency plans.

All 32 countries with nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, or both, face COVID-19 on their territory. Nuclear establishments are directly affected, as both Rosatom employees in Russia and sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (powered by two nuclear reactors) contracted COVID-19. With the pandemic still raging, more nuclear institutions will be affected.

If the Coronavirus mutates into a more deadly form, taking out 40 to 70 percent of those infected, then all nuclear facilities will be in big trouble..

How can nuclear plants operate 'safely', when the staff changing rooms are crowded and do not allow social distancing? 

How can nuclear plants operate 'safely', when the control rooms are small and staff are crowded into them? 

How can nuclear plants operate 'safely', when the regular onsite workers for the entire complex are going home and coming to work daily, from homes that may have asymptomatic carriers and super spreaders? 


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What Happens When A Tornado Or A Pandemic Superbug Virus Hits A Nuclear Power Plant, Via Eliminating Many Of It's Staff? How Can Nuclear Power Plants Keep Operating Safely During The Coronavirus Pandemic – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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