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On her fifth try, Nyad becomes the first person to complete 110-mile swim without a shark cage.

Her first try was at age 23. She tried three more times throughout her life, never making it for various reasons. 

On her fifth try, at age 64, she made it. 

The lesson she teaches us through her experience is; 


This applies if you are starting your own business.

This applies if you fighting a corporate giant.

This applies if you are exposing the truth about some hidden secret, as a whistleblower. 

This applies if you are just trying to stay alive and survive. 

This applies if you being abused, threatened, beat up or harassed. 

This applies if you are a minority, a foreigner or not fitting in somehow. 

This also applies if you are teaching people about something that may not be popular, such as the dangers of nuclear power. 

This also applies if you are changing paradigms in a positive direction, such as switching a city, region, country or world to get their energy in a better way, such as renewable energy sources. 



64-Year-Old Diana Nyad Swims From Cuba to Florida - Never Give Up, Ever! via @AGreenRoad
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