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Let's All Go Work For TEPCO - Nuclear Free Song

"The title of the song in Japanese is a play on words. It basically means "Let's go work for TEPCO", the company whose nuclear reactors blew up after the earthquake in Japan on March 11th 2011. It can also mean "Overthrow TEPCO and decommission the reactor". ...The company is still trying to hide it's secrets. The government is too weak to nationalize TEPCO or let it fall into bankruptcy. 

TEPCO is supported by the largest major banks, insurance companies and industrial companies of Japan. Particularly Toshiba which owns Westinghouse, HItachi which owns General Electric, and Mitsubishi. Hitachi and Mitsubishi recently merged their nuclear businesses together. These are the only companies with the capacity to manufacture nuclear reactors. 

The Japanese public has turned against nuclear power, so these companies are now pushing hard to export nuclear power to developing countries and restart the shut down nuclear reactors. Even though in "safety-first" "high-tech" Japan, their GE provided nuclear reactor product has blown up and failed numerous times (100% failure rate). Even now, Fukushima is still spewing toxic radioactive waste into the air, land and sea.  They 1% who love absolute power, control and plutonium to make more nuclear weapons can't give up this death dealing, radiation on the wind toxic Armageddon creating technology. The small pro nuclear apologist group is still desperate to make a profit from Plutonium! 

The previous Prime Minister was pushed out after merely suggesting Japan should reduce it's reliance on Nuclear Power. We need you - yes YOU to do something! Please don't buy a single TV, a single dishwasher, a single car, a single solar panel, a single battery... in short, please don't buy anything produced by these companies until they give up their ambition for world destruction! Boycott Japanese products, until they agree to keep all of their reactors shut down permanently. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee their homes, farmers can't sell their produce and are facing bankruptcy (some have already comitted suicide), all because these companies wanted to squeeze the last yen out of 40-year-old Nuclear Reactors! 

The Fukushima disaster may have slipped out of the world's headlines, but it's still a living hell for those cleaning up the mess. The dirtiest, most dangerous work is done by homeless people, literally recruited off the street by one of hundreds of subcontracting companies, many run by the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. 

Japan is renowned for it's technology, but even the Japanese couldn't keep these reactors under control. HItachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi could make money from products that actually benifit the human race, but they still refuse to see that Nuclear Energy is dead-end, 20th century technology. Please, please, please support this campaign! If their stock drops even one yen, the children of Fukushima will love you for it!" 
Source: Video description; video above.


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Let's All Go Work For TEPCO - Nuclear Free Song; via @AGreenRoad

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