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Many people are looking for a smart and cheap Geiger Counter that sells for less than $100. Well, now that day has arrived.

Radiation-watch.org is an open and non-profit project to develop cheap and smart radiation detectors. The project is supported by volunteer scientists, engineers and designers.

The group Radiation Watch just published a paper about its progress in building radiation monitors that connect to smartphones.

Their first radiation detector came out in 2011, pairing a cheap photodiode detector, plus a smartphone app, then pairing the radiation data with GPS information, to then publish it via a public accessible map on the web. 

The first detector sold for $23. The fifth generation is still below $100. Radiation Watch says there are now about

12,000 Pocket Geiger users. 

This is an important breakthrough, because for the first time in history, a Geiger Counter that is powered by a smartphone can be carried around and report it's findings to a public network on a live 24 hour basis, with no attention needed. The next step of course, is to build this into a smartphone, so nothing needs to be plugged in.

There might be a problem with this and other devices that use this kind of technology.. It would help if they did side by side tests with sensitive pancake Geiger Counters and showed on video how they work. It may very well be a case of you get what you pay for. Read the following article to see if this kind of device is worth the money

Bottom line, it is buyer beware out there. 


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Under $100 Gamma Radiation Detector - Attaches To Smartphone - Pushes Data To Web; via @AGreenRoad

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Under $100 Gamma Radiation Detector - Attaches To Smartphone - Pushes Data To Web; via @AGreenRoad

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