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List Of Online Radiation Converters; How To Convert Radiation Readings From CPM nSv/hr uSv/hr mSv/hr milliRad/hr and more, Analyzing EPA Radnet High Radiation Readings At Veterans Today

For an example of how to convert radiation readings from counts per minute to uSv/hr and back again, click on the following article. 

Safecast Radiation Readings From Inside Fukushima Daichi Plant Finally Revealed In Dec. 2013 – 192 USv/Hr, 5,900,000 CPM, Converting CPM radiation readings into uSv/Hr And Back Again


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Instant Conversion for Units of Radiation

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Geiger Counter Numbers, How Bad is Bad?


What follows is a way to translate any readings from one way of reporting it, to many other formats. For the following example, we are taking the 'official' reading above and converting it into CPM, counts per minute, so that it is easy to understand, because everyone who owns a Geiger counter can read the CPM count on the meter, and it is an easy one to use, compare and talk about. 

Thanks to Anne on Enenews; 

1,200 CPM on the meter (for Cs137) equals 1 mR/hr (milliRad per hour).

120 CPM on the meter (for Cs137) equals 1 uSv/hr (microSievert per hour).

Convert nanosievert (nSv) to microsievert (┬ÁSv)

Enter number of     nanosieverts   

120       times             142 =    17,040 cpm

142,000 nano Sieverts/hr is approximately 17,040 cpm of Cesium 137

21,000 nano Sieverts/hr

21*120 = 2,520

21,000 nano Sieverts/hr is approximately equal to 2,520 cpm.

If you get a radiation meter, what do the readings mean? For more information, click on;

Radiation And Geiger Counter Readings Simplified; via @AGreenRoad


It is important to understand radiation readings, so that one can evaluate the danger and risk involved in staying or moving through an area. What the government and pro nuclear experts say is safe, may actually be life and health threatening. No one is watching your back for you out there. AGRP is here to try and warn people, but like Casandra and her ability to see the future, most people don't pay any attention, or don't believe. 

2014 - Tokyo, Japan Should Be Evacuated Says Dr Mita MD, Most Of Japan Radiation Contaminated After The Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster; via @AGreenRoad


The official Fukushima plant radiation monitor level reads a constant, never varying 142,000 nanoSieverts/hr, which is equal to 0.142 milliSieverts/hr, which is also equal to 0.000142 Sieverts/hr. How do we convert this into CPM's, or other measurements values?

Skip down over the following analysis and reading material if this is all that is desired...

Nothing to worry about, the radiation levels of groundwater are only going into stratosphere at Fukushima, errrrr, well actually, they are going into the Pacific ocean. So who cares about pouring a poison river into the ocean? It seems that no one does, because it keeps on happening, ever since 3/11. 

Fukushima - 200 MILLION Gallons Of Highly Radioactive Water Are Pouring Into Pacific Per Day, Or More; via @AGreenRoad

The Styx river of death also rides in the air, as multiple out of control, yellow hot coria burp radioactive air emissions and those then flow downwind.

Radioactive Smoke/Steam Coming Out Of Ground And #3 Reactor Building At Fukushima, Rainbow Ion Spouts, 2011 - 2015

Japan Radioactive Iodine 131 Levels In Sewage Sludge Levels Are RISING; March 2011 To 2014 - Why? via @AGreenRoad

The Radioactive River Styx Flows Through Fukushima, Leading Directly To Underworld, Hades, Death And Chaos

Why is it, that this radiation reading so constant and never varies, when all over the rest of the world, radiation readings go up and down regularly, by almost double, such as from 15 to 30, or from 5 to 15, for example? 

Why is the radiation level so constant, when TEPCO has admitted that it released 'spikes' of high radiation during demolition and clean up of the site, such as when they were jackhammering building #4 and releasing massive amounts of radioactive dust into the air? When earthquakes hit, radiation levels always jump up in Japan. But does the plant radiation level do the same?

The Fukushima Daichi plant has officially reported just one very high radiation reading in just ONE place, up to 25 Sieverts. In reality, the Fukushima plant has hot spots all over it, for many reasons. As one example, the vent stack on one of the reactors measures out at an incredible 25 Sieverts. No one can get close to that and live to tell about, much less fix it somehow. So the broken vent stack is left alone. 

In addition, after reactor building #3 exploded, and both reactor buildings #3 and #4 had corium melt and flow outside of the buildings with visible liquid lava corium flowing out of multiple buildings, TEPCO went in and buried all of this (after it cooled). They also buried the plutonium fuel rods that came out of the non hydrogen explosion at #3. This is normally called 'concealing the evidence of a crime", wouldn't you agree?

What Really Happened At Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? via @Green Road

A huge concrete area marks the probable location of all of this highly radioactive garbage that was too radioactive for humans to even get near it. 

The video above goes into some of the many lies that TEPCO has spread in an effort to downplay and minimize the radiation releases from Fukushima.


stock November 28, 2015 Folks, the Vet today guy….not sure his motivation. But he is creating fear and misinformation.

There are occasional high reading in USA, but he is reporting gamma scint, not Geiger, and then pretending it is Geiger,

Gammascint is going to be 10 or 50 times higher than Geiger.

If you can't do even this level of due diligence, you are irresponsible and operate contrary any anti nuclear message by repeating this drivel/lies.

Obvious November 28, 2015 That's right, Stock, and… Lucas of Enformable does the technical breakdown on the veterans today notices – see detailed discussion at Cafe Rad Lab EPA RadNet Discussion


The world of radiation is made very difficult and hard to understand on purpose, by the nuclear experts. They will use one type of reading one day, and then change it to another then next day, just to confuse people. Since no one knows what any of it means anyway, they tend to believe the expert, when they say it is all 'safe', or like eating bananas.


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List Of Online Radiation Converters; How To Convert Radiation Readings From CPM nSv/hr uSv/hr mSv/hr milliRad/hr and more, Analyzing EPA Radnet High Radiation Readings At Veterans Today

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