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According to some nuclear experts, at least 3 and possibly more cores and/or spent fuel coriums have melted out of their buildings and are now in the ground, traveling downwards. The question is; how fast are they going and when will they hit magma, which will mean a super volcanic eruption? 

Via soern September 15, 2013  @wooster: The Cores won't come out at another location. They'd be forced back to surface by magma's pressure through that glassified chanels they melted before!

There are 3 bad scenarios:

1. Cores detonate by contact with even hotter magma 60 miles deep which causes Japan to vanish from all maps and will trigger a worldwide Tsunami 300m high.

2. Cores detonate after been thrown back to surface by magma (following to surface and creating a new volcano) and destroy most living things on earth.

3. Cores don't detonate at all after meeting magma but being pushed back on surface by magma pressure and beeing covered some hundred meters high by that following magma/lava.

I'd prefer version 3.

Melt through concrete 30cm/h
Melt through concrete 8 metres thick = 26.6h (1 day)

Melt through sandstone/tuff 90cm/h (estimated/maybe quicker)
90 m/10h
or per year: 8736 x 0,9m = 7862m =7,8km
Distance surface – magma at Daiichi: about 80 km
Meeting Posssible 03.21

Result – Unknown but probably bad

Shimatsu: Mega Nuclear Explosion Possible within Earth’s Crust 

Due to Uncontrollable Molten Coriums at Fukushima

Rough transcript; On August 12th, 2013, Yoichi Shimatsu: veteran environmental reporter for the Japan Times, warned of the worse case scenario on how the corium reaching the heavy water within the earth's water table could lead to a massive explosion, saying, "...and more ominous, the possibility of a tritium-deuterium fusion reaction that triggers a plutonium blast more powerful than the 2011 explosion at reactor 3..." He went on to say, "The serial nuclear blasts could blow the ground into the sky, momentarily lifting the Fukushima reactors. Then everything will come crashing down into the gaping pit, ending any hopes of quelling the meltdowns

Needless to say, the nuclear workers and local population would be killed by the blast wave or the lethal emissions. The release of vast amounts of radiation would force the evacuation of nuclear plants in operation across Japan, resulting in dozens more meltdowns." 

"Civilization will become untenable, as hundreds of millions of casualties mount. [worldwide] This is probably a 'best-case' scenario, since the downward blast force could have more dire consequences." 

Shimatsu went further, saying that an E.L.E. [Extinction Level Event] scenario could develop if this radioactive mess is not cleared up and FAST! [but NO-ONE KNOWS HOW TO CLEAR THIS UP...] He said, "An explosion like that, with that much fuel down there, triggered by tritium -heavy water- would send a shockwave through the rock in all directions, but especially downward. That shockwave could theoretically, as it drives as far as the earth's mantle, through solid crust... and form basically a spike. A spike that would go like a nail that would drive right down into the more liquid part of the mantle." 

He said the repercussions of such an event would mean "...the end of the Earth as a living thing..." 

The explosion would not be lava, but molten corium metal coming up. This is one TEPCO solution to the problem. All people would die and there would be no one left to complain. The explosion would be so massive, it would send a shock wave around the planet. 

The prediction among Buddhists in Japan is that life on on Earth will end from molten metal, due to the corruption of men. This actually may come true as a prophecy with Fukushima, and the China Syndrome, times 3. 

There is a student study tour where the US has been sending students over to Japan, specifically to Fukushima. This tour is being cancelled, because one young woman came back from the tour with a bleeding nose and other symptoms of radiation contamination. (Many people from Enenews emailed and wrote to the US organization involved, warning them of this happening, but they went ahead and did it anyway.) Who is saying it is safe to travel to Japan, because we know it is NOT SAFE? 

The rice from Fukushima is being sold into an international market, so people are eating radiation contaminated food.What responsibility or ethical/moral code is there when it comes to radioactive food and serving it in restaurants, hotels, sushi places, food aid, and even exporting it overseas? Japanese taxpayers money was used to ship radioactive rice to other countries both as foreign aid, and as exports for consumption. Greenpeace, Sierra Club and other organizations have to be more involved to put a stop to this, but have sold out to and 'partnering' with huge corporations that greenwash more than anything else. believes that clean nuclear power is the answer for all of humanities woes. 

The economic growth of Japan shrank by 1% in this last quarter. The Abenomics desperation tactic is not working. He is now using military funding to try and stimulate the economy. He is trying to raise the consumption tax, and lower the corporate tax radically, in order to help foreign corporations enter into Japan (so they can bring in foreign employees, and get those employees radiated too). 

The Japanese military intelligence cooperated with the Israel Zionist movement. Abe is from the Neo-conservative movement and he considers himself to be with the Jews, and he is trying to open the door to the biggest banks and financial players in the world. Abenomics is going to fail. He is a merchant of death, and he is trying to sell weapons of death, by trying to sell the Japanese Strike fighter to the Israelis (and nuclear plants to whoever will buy them.) 

What is the military industrial complex good for, other than spending people's tax money? 

We are so far into insanity.... primitive man has the right idea, (just deal with Nature simply and live in harmony with it...) 

Rense; this Fukushima thing is so bad... the mass media does real journalism only when they have to, and then only for a short duration. 

AGRP; Fukushima may yet be saved, but only with MASSIVE action. The international community can DEMAND and/or force Japan to find the coriums underground and map where those coriums are going over time as a first step. The technology exists to do this. TEPCO even brought some corium finding machine in and supposedly used it, but no report came out on the result or what they found.

Once the coriums are found, the world can get the best and brightest minds together to figure out how to stop their downward progress, and/or how to cool them or 'disable' them. There are ways to do this, just as the Soviets cooled and stopped the coriums flowing down underneath Chernoby, through MASSIVE action, involving up to one million men and an army of trucks, helicopters and other equipment. They dumped a massive amount of stuff on the coriums, which combined with the molten coriums, diluting it enough so that it cooled off and stopped moving downwards.

TEPCO could have done the same thing at the very beginning, but they chose not to. They actually called for evacuating the whole place and letting it melt down completely, which tells you where their head is at. The Japanese government told them to get back in there and handle it. TEPCO does not want to solve this problem. They are the wrong people, the wrong organization, and they have the wrong mindset.

All of humanity is at risk. Will other countries step in and force a solution? Will the UN take action? Will the US pressure Japan? Will large corporations pressure TEPCO in their own way to get on top of this? Will environmental groups apply pressure in their way? More pressure is needed. More influence is needed.

More leverage and pressure to do the right thing and find the coriums as a first step, needs to be applied. All living things on Earth are the reason to do this. There is nothing left if the worst case happens. There is nothing more important than shutting down the nuclear industry. There is nothing higher in priority than this issue. Get involved and make a difference in your own way.


Mega Nuclear Volcanic Explosion Possible Due to 3+ Molten Coriums Melting Down To Magma at Fukushima; via @AGreenRoad

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