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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Would you believe that a person can take a completely wild horse and tame it in less than 30 minutes, using no violence, no fear, no threats, no anger, no brute force and no 'breaking'? Would you believe that is is possible to communicate with an animal like a horse and actually 'talk' to it? Further, using the 'language', would you believe that it is possible to convince that animal to join you in peace, harmony and trust, despite you being a very different and unusual 'animal'? Let's explore just a little bit, the power of non violent, peaceful communication methods, shall we?

Per description; "While tracking wild mustangs in Nevada as a boy, Monty observed a nonverbal communication between the horses, a silent language he would later call "Equus." Monty incorporates "Equus" into his nonviolent training approach called Join-Up®.

Monty first developed Join-Up® to stop the cycle of violence typically accepted in traditional horse breaking. Convinced there must be a more effective and gentle method, Monty created these consistent set of principles using the horse's inherent methods of communication and herd behavior. The result is a willing partnership in which the horse's performance can flourish to its full potential, rather than exist within the boundaries of obedience. These principles are valuable tools to understanding what motivates horse behavior and increasing effectiveness in any application.

Join-Up training methods are most simply expressed in the process of starting raw horses. Without the use of pain or force the trainer persuades a raw horse to accept a saddle, bridle and rider. Working in a round pen, one begins Join-Up® by making large movements and noise as a predator would and begins driving the horse to run away. She then gives the horse the option to flee or Join-Up®. Through body language, the trainer will ask, "Will you pay me the respect due to a herd leader and join and follow me?" The horse will respond with predictable herd behavior: by locking an ear on her, then by licking and chewing and dropping his head in a display of trust. 

The exchange concludes with the trainer adopting passive body language, turning her back on the horse and without eye contact, invites him to come close. Join-Up occurs when the animal willingly chooses to be with the human and walks toward her accepting her leadership and protection. This process of communication through behavior and body language and mutual concern and respect, can be a valuable tool to strengthen all other work with horses.

Experienced horse people, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, have called Monty's method incredible. Two-time, World's Greatest Horseman winner, Ron Ralls uses Monty's methods in the foundation for his training work as well." 

What is the take away? Our world was based in the past on violence, fear, anger, threats, raw power, death dealing punishment and intimidation, just like the old fashioned horse trainers did to wild horses. In the same way, our ancestors and maybe even our present day generation were taught to act this same (violent) way in regards to the Earth, animals and even other people, especially those that were 'different'. 

Maybe, just maybe, we can learn how to relate to not just wild horses, other animals, other people, Nature, and differing opinions with things other than violence, fear, threats, raw force and anger.. Maybe there is a new way, a better way, a gentler, kinder, more loving way?  Could it be? Well, the proof is in the video.. non violent, peaceful, gentle communication methods work. If it can work for horses, wouldn't you agree that it may even work for other animals; like humans, plants, and maybe even the Earth? 


The Power Of Peaceful, Non Violent Communication Methods For Horses And Maybe Even People; via @AGreenRoad
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