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Monday, February 3, 2014

Political prankster Mark Dice offers people cold bottles of "Fukushima Imported Mineral Water" that are clearly marked with a large radiation symbol he glued on the bottles to see if anyone would drink it without realizing the significance of the name "Fukushima" or realizing the bottles were marked "radioactive." He goes so far as to say the water is from Fukushima, and has added radiation added to it, which does not seem to make any difference. 

Watch what happens as people choose to either refuse or accept and drink the bottled water that is clearly labeled 'radioactive'. 

Political prankster Mark Dice asks San Diego beach-goers if they'll sign a petition supporting "the Police State" which includes "Orwellian" and "Nazi-Style" tactics to "keep Americans safe" in this "Brave New World." Amazingly, people do not even hesitate; they just sign. People seem to not be able to think for themselves, even when confronted with a Nazi who is proposing to install a Nazi style police state in the USA. 

What is the take away? Think about what people are telling you. Think about what people are asking for. Think about what people are asking you to sign or support. Do not just automatically say yes. Your voice, your signature, your vote makes a HUGE difference both in the affirmative, and in the negative. 


What Happens If You Offer People Radioactive Fukushima Bottled Water To Drink? via @AGreenRoad

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