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This Place is Not a Place of Honor from Tom Jenkins on Vimeo.

This video explores the long term plans for WIPP, and the markers that are contemplated but not yet built, after it is full of a massive amount of nuclear garbage that must be guarded and kept safe for 250,000 years. WIPP is supposed to last for 10,000 years, but the barrels going in are designed to last for maybe five years, if that. 

A Feb. 2014 radiation leak showed that the containers cannot even handle the 'creep' of salt walls and ceilings without being collapsed and releasing deadly substances that not only prevent further human entry to the facility, but also endanger everyone downwind. The facility is supposed to be designed to allow people to pull the nuclear waste back out in case something bad happens. Obviously, this is not going as planned. Imagine if a high level waste container with sludge or liquid and/or gas inside is collapsed or if salt/brine water corrodes it and releases what is inside. No human can ever go back down there, and a cascade of failing containers will only make things worse and worse, even with HEPA filters.. This filter system is very likely to be overwhelmed.

The official planning documents foresee that containers will not even last 300 years. If something goes wrong, as it already has, how does anyone get a high level waste and bring it out of WIPP, without any containers?

Bottom line, there is NO plan for removing anything, once it goes down into WIPP. This is an experiment designed to FAIL, and to release horrendous amounts of radiation, guaranteed, within 300 years. 

The WIPP radiation release scenario can and will get much worse, because too many warnings were ignored, too many safety conscious people were fired, demoted or moved and their concerns buried in order to force WIPP to happen, no matter what. The containers are DESIGNED to fail, as outlined in the above planning document, within a maximum of 300 years, releasing 22 MILLION curies of radiation, and then it goes where it will. 

Nothing in human history has been remembered for even 2,000 years. Humans cannot remember anything about massive amounts of huge monoliths, statues, caves, pyramids, stone circles, mounds and blocks all over the planet, even if they have writing on them that lasted up to today. These ancient 2,000 year old structures are all a huge mystery to us, modern, civilized humans. What are the odds that anyone will remember what WIPP is even 2,000 years from now, much less 200,000 years from now? 

All of the previous massive structures we have found so far anyway are built as places of honor, worship and sacrifice to some greater good. But what our generation is leaving for posterity and a legacy is a dishonorable stain and blot about our civilization.  We are leaving our children death, dishonor, and an unsolvable problem, with no solution and no possible access to solve it either, once things go bad, as they have already, less than 15 years into it. What kind of legacy is that? 

Rather than leave a legacy of something inspirational, noble, enduring and good for 70,000 future generations, we are leaving our children with a huge, overwhelming genocidal problem to deal with and hiding it in a place that will be almost impossible to access in the future. WIPP is a disgrace, a dishonor, and a slap in the face for our children and their children, for an eternal infinite future that we cannot even imagine. WIPP is symbolic of science gone insane. Technology combined with man made radioactive elements are generating more and more dis-ease, suffering and death, not the opposite. WIPP is the evidence of this insanity, which extends into an infinite future.

No other civilization, no other generation has done what we have allowed to happen in our name. No archeology from the beginning to now has uncovered a toxic cesspool that kills anyone that discovers it and then keeps on killing anyone downwind, in the whole of human history. But now, in this supposedly most advanced, smartest, best, and most powerful civilization we have accomplished the lowest of the low, the darkest moment in all of human and earthly history.

We have managed to figure out how to not only dishonor, but also kill countless of our own future generations in the blink of an eye, by leaving something that if uncovered by accident, will kill not only the person doing that, but also become a potential life extinction event. And WIPP can accomplish an ELE event that without anyone even uncovering it with the 22 million curies of radiation inside of it, when filled, just through geological processes that bring this deadly waste to the surface.

Just one of the MANY geological problems in the link below, can doom future generations to an ecocidal event with no possible end or solution. That dark genocidal event may even be starting now, with the leak that started in Feb. 2014..

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad

According to Roger Anderson; "the renowned hydrologist who developed the Hartman scenario has stated the case nicely and some of my own thoughts in the next paragraph were inspired by his report to the New Mexico Attorney General http://www.ago.state.nm.us/contact.html.

The original goal of nuclear waste disposal was to free society from the responsibility and expense of constantly watching and monitoring nuclear waste. It was the task of geologists and hydrologists to find places in the earth where hazardous wastes could be isolated from the biosphere until no threat existed. As scientists we failed in our task, not from lack of effort and intelligence, but from pressures to find a quick solution. 

One by one, the original criteria that had been established for safe disposal were set aside in favor of what appeared to be progress. The conflict at the WIPP site between disposal and natural resources, and with petroleum in particular, was hidden and the deception ultimately led to the threat of human intrusion and defeat of the goal of unmonitored disposal. Loss of other established criteria, such as overpressure in the repository and a long travel time in the aquifer, have compounded the problem.

In the long run, continuous administrative control is going to be an incredibly expensive solution. The prospects for maintaining successful control over a period of 10,000 years, or 240,000 years, are exceedingly remote. DOE still clings to the claim that WIPP can be cut loose, free of control, and hopes that concrete pillars on the surface will offer protection. The legacy of WIPP, however, is a need to guard nuclear waste for as long as society has memory.

At WIPP, once the project was funded, and once a staff of scientists and engineers was in place, a form of psychic inbreeding took over. Re-evaluating the project in the light of new evidence was never an option and the science selected data and chose assumptions that furthered the mission. When some members of the team came to believe that other facts and assumptions, harmful to the mission, were more plausible, and when they persisted in this view, they were no longer considered team members and left the project.

Credible scenarios of human intrusion and dismissal of important criteria for safe disposal demonstrate that peer review was inadequate. Once the project had momentum, political rather than scientific motives took over and the end result was a failure to reach the goal of unmonitored disposal. Nuclear waste is now going underground and WIPP has committed our descendants to eternal expense, vigilance, and the real possibility of exposure."

The only SANE thing left is to empty out WIPP of all RH and high level waste, (which was not allowed in the original permit), shut down all things nuclear, and dismantle these toys, never to touch them again.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Approvals; via @AGreenRoad

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

Leave this insane nuclear waste in accessible places where it is isolated from humans, but also accessible in case things go bad, which they will. WIPP is the opposite of that place. As Germany has already learned with their nuclear waste storage depository in a salt mine, 'it was a BAD idea'.

For more local information and how to make a difference around WIPP:

Southwest Research and Information Center. (505) 262-1862. www.sric.org

Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping. (505) 266-2663. www.cardnm.org

Concerned Citizen for Nuclear Safety. (505) 986-1973. www.nuclearactive.org

Nuclear Watch New Mexico. (505) 989-7342. www.nukewatch.org

Ending with a tongue in cheek humorous look at WIPP, through the eyes of Hitler and his followers.


WIPP Is Not A Place For 250,000 Years Of Anything, Much Less Honor; via @AGreenRoad

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