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Sunday, April 27, 2014
At the National Reactor Testing Station, a high temperature experiment when wrong, due to a drop in the instrumentation of voltage across a detecting chamber. As a result of this accident all fuel elements in the experimental reactor melted down at least partially. Zirconium moderator pieces were also destroyed, most likely due to fire.

A radiation plume was released, but it is claimed that the amount of radiation released downwind was 'negligible'. No mention is made of people downwind, which direction the wind was blowing or that anyone was warned.

Wouldn't you agree that what is common to all of these 60 'accidents' in A Review Of Criticality Accidents linked to below, which caused injuries and fatalities from radiation, is the amazing lack of caring about how much radiation was released to the environment, where that radiation went and what effect it had on downwinders?

What a person can conclude after reading through the long list of accidents is that the normal and expected course of an accident is a complete denial and ignoring of public health effects and a downplaying of the radiation exposure of those directly involved. Would would it be any surprise that this same lack of concern for those directly involved, the public and environment continues on when larger reactors melt down, explode and or melt through? Is there a pattern that becomes very clear as one reads through the book and the individual melt downs, excursions and other criticality accidents below? See what you think as you read it...

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1958 - US National Reactor Testing Station, HRTE Nuclear Reactor Assembly Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad


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