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1986/1992 - Gore Oklahoma, 29,500 Pounds Radioactive Uranium Hexafluoride Poison Gas Release - Corrosive Hydrogen Fluoride Gas Is Corrosive, White-Colored, Water-Soluble - If Inhaled, It May Be Fatal - Karen Silkwood Report And Worker Exposure To Nuclear Contamination


Karen Silkwood Report
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8QN_NMPimsU  5 min

A summary of the legal case against plutonium manufacturer Kerr-McGee for exposing workers to nuclear contamination. Examines the death of Karen Silkwood in light of the investigation of Kerr-McGee.

Wikipedia; "The plant is located near Gore, Oklahoma, close to the Illinois River and Interstate 40. The plant started construction in 1968 and began operation in 1970. It converted yellowcake uranium into uranium hexafluoride. In 1987 it started converting depleted uranium hexafluoride into depleted uranium tetrafluoride. The plant ceased operation in 1993.[3]

On January 4, 1986, Sequoyah Fuels Corporation experienced a rupture in an overfilled uranium hexafluoride cylinder that contained an estimated 29,500 pounds of gaseous uranium hexafluoride. The incident led to the death of a 26 year-old worker, Chief Harrison, and the hospitalization of 37 of the 42 onsite workers. Health care providers examined up to 100 people, many from the local community, for health effects and 21 were hospitalized for short periods."

"The Sequoyah Fuels Corporation was able to reopen after the accident, but the company never fully recovered. In 1988, Kerr McGee sold the facility to General Atomics. Another acute release occurred at the facility in 1992. In 1993, the plant was permanently shut down and began a long decommissioning process to address onsite contamination, most of which came from routine operation."

In 1986 an accident at Kerr-McGee's plant near Gore killed one worker, sent eighty-two people to the hospital, and spread a large, (radiation) tainted cloud over the area. The Cimarron plants permanently shut down in 1976, and in 1988 Kerr-McGee sold the Gore facility to General Atomics. After continuing difficulties and incidents the Gore plant closed in 1993.

The Royal Society Of Chemistry states that; "UF6 itself is corrosive to most metals. But with some, like iron and nickel, it reacts with the surface to form a protective layer of the metal fluoride, which is why it can be stored in steel cylinders. It also needs to be kept really dry. The slightest whiff of water and it breaks down into uranyl difluoride (UO2F2) and hydrofluoric acid. HF is extremely corrosive and it will attack glass and steel alike; it is also very toxic and will burn skin and dissolve bone."

"Substance reacts with water and water vapor in air to form toxic and corrosive hydrogen fluoride gas and an extremely irritating and corrosive, white-colored, water-soluble residue. If inhaled, may be fatal." http://cameochemicals.noaa.gov/chemical/14922

New Jersey Dept. Of Health Fact Sheet On UF6

The Fluoride Deception (Google eBook) - highly recommended reading..

"Cancer and heart ailments are common among workers" pg. 61

"A plant belches out 35,000 and up to 165,000 pounds of (poisonous) flouride gas monthly" pg 76

Just one accident released close to 30,000 pounds of poison and radioactive uranium hexaflouride into the air, which then drifted downwind to exposed and vulnerable communities. Another container ruptured in 1992 and the same thing happened again. No one was warned. No one was notified. Most if not all workers had their health negative affected but were not told of the health risks, in the same way that the above video about Karen Silkwood points out. 

The book above points out how workers were walking through radioactive yellow cake uranium dust, and constantly breathing in a poisonous white flouride gas mist that hung in the air inside of these plants. Workers were and still are? told that this is 'safe'. There were many accidents, spills, injuries and deaths in these plants. It got so bad, that at one plant, they hired only black workers, because if they hired white workers, their skin would change so much from exposure to the poisonous and corrosive flouride gas, that they would look horrible, and disfigured.  

Karen Silkwood was killed trying to expose the nuclear military industrial complex monster for what it was. The nuclear/military/medical industry is secretive, deceptive, and kills people via invisible and poison/radioactive elements, pure and simple. They hide this fact very well, because most people have no clue about the dangers of plutonium, much less the dangers of radioactive and poison gases such as this one. The poisons are all invisible, so if you or your family member get cancer, or drop dead from something else, it is hard to trace it back to the source. 

We don't need weapons of mass destruction used on us by our enemies, because the nuclear industry is using low level radioactive bombs and poisonous gas via uranium mines, Uranium Hexaflouride facilities, DU weapons production plants, and regular nuclear power plant emissions and accidents on their own population. 


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1986/1992 - Gore Oklahoma, 29,500 Pounds Radioactive Uranium Hexafluoride Poison Gas Release - Corrosive Hydrogen Fluoride Gas Is Corrosive, White-Colored, Water-Soluble - If Inhaled, It May Be Fatal - Karen Silkwood Report And Worker Exposure To Nuclear Contamination

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