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Sunday, April 19, 2020
How Can A Radiation Exposure Victim Get 10 Million Dollars As Compensation For Health/Property Damage? Shilling Is Illegal - Mass Media And Many Corporations Get Away With Hormesis Theory, Because Profits Are So Huge - Medical Industry Shilled Tobacco, Sells Poisons

This article details various methods about how a person or a community that has been harmed by low dose radiation, can receive compensation for that harm, both via non court compensation programs, whistle blower programs and/or via lawsuits.

This article will detail how a person can reach a goal of being compensated for harm from low dose radiation via a lawsuit, and reach a verdict of 10 million dollars for that harm caused to themselves and/or their property by the nuclear industry. This article will give one detailed example of how a 10 million dollar verdict against the nuclear industry was accomplished successfully.

Via links to an interview with the lawyer who accomplished this, you will learn how you can also accomplish this same goal or be compensated financially via several different methods. After all, if that one lawyer accomplished this goal, you and/or your lawyer can do it too, just by repeating the same things he did, wouldn't you agree? You do not have to figure it out or be the first one to experiment with this.. just follow the success template and model.

There are potentially billions of people being harmed or negatively affected in some form or fashion by the nuclear industry. Few people know that it is rather easy to prove harm and receive compensation for radiation damages. Up to now, there have been very few lawsuits filed, for whatever reason. There are many groups that should have an easy time proving harm and getting compensated, even if that is without a lawyer and in small claims court, representing many people at a time. These general groups will be described below, along with some sample legal cases that will provide hope for the millions of suffering low dose radiation victims all over the world.


One of the biggest problems is that people do not even know when they are being harmed by an invisible deadly radioactive poison. As a first step, let's first review what happens physically, genetically and mentally when one is exposed to low level man made radioactive elements. Check to see if low dose radiation may actually be a cause for something your family is dealing.


Busby: US depleted uranium ammo behind Iraq birth defects spike

Dr. Busby has represented people and cases in court as an expert witness and won those cases against the nuclear industry. Depleted uranium is a subject that not many people know about. Listen to Dr. Busby explain how a veterans trial is going. Of course, just like all pro nuclear apologists, the military is claiming that depleted uranium is harmless and safe, just like Agent Orange was in Vietnam.

It usually takes 20-40  years for enough outrage to build up and enough people to get sick and/or die, before anything is done. Of course, anyone who died before compensation starts flowing is out of luck, and that is what the military industrial complex counts on, plus the fact that the taxpayer foots the bill, not the private for profit companies that produced and spread the toxic, poisonous, radioactive poisons. 


Dr. Helen Caldicott MD is another potential expert witness who can speak about the dangers of low dose radiation and it's effect on human health. She speaks here about nuclear accidents and the effects on human health. The whole world is one huge low dose radiation experiment. Mutation of DNA via the Petkau Effect is well documented, and all of life on the planet is being affected in a negative way by the hundreds of man made radioactive elements. It should be easy to prove harm done to people, particularly to infants and babies, or a fetus.

Bottom line, you and your family are also being experimented on without your permission or consent. Because these experimental radioactive elements are invisible, you cannot avoid inhaling or ingesting them. The medical industry is set up to profit from the harm that is caused via a for profit system that generates more revenue, the sicker people become. The nuclear industry experiments reinforces and builds the profit motive within the medical, drug and surgery industry by selling them nuclear waste, just like the chemical industry sells toxic flouride to the water 'treatment' industry, via the Atoms For Peace campaign.  

The nuclear industry is not only experimenting on people with radiation and not getting informed consent, they are also using the mass media to falsely cover up the harm that they are doing, by inducing a false state of safety via pro nuclear industry propaganda that is not medically proven and it ethically debased.  

"As reported by The Guardian, Maryland University law professor James Grimmelmann claims Facebook failed to obtain the "informed consent" of the study subjects as required by US laws that create an "ethical and legal standard for human subjects research."

"Federal law requires informed consent," he writes. "The study harmed participants ... The unwitting participants in the Facebook study were told (seemingly by their friends) for a week either that the world was a dark and cheerless place or that it was a saccharine paradise. That's psychological manipulation."


Wouldn't mass media psychological manipulation of whole populations with false and misleading assurances of safety and no harm during a major nuclear accident qualify even more so than the emotional study above? There is a whole 'playbook' of lies and deceptions that are used by the nuclear industry to deceive the public into thinking that nuclear power is safe. How is this legal? Why can't they be sued for this deception? False advertising is illegal, period. 


The nuclear industry claims that nuclear reactors are safe, and that their engineered safety systems and containment prevents the release of any radioactive elements. Fukushima proves that this is not true. Further than that, the sellers and manufacturers of nuclear plants are now liable because they are selling and promoting these plants based on false information. They have lost at least one case already based on this, and that sets a precedent, correct?

...."Moreover, McDonald said that GE “hid serious doubts” about the safety of the reactors it sold to WPPSS. “The concealment constituted bad faith and nullified (a) contract provision limiting GE’s liability,” the judge said, as was reported in the trade publication Nucleonics Week.

These defective, inadequately tested machines were installed in the backyards of communities from rural Washington state to upstate New York without the public’s knowledge of their flaws. The people living near these plants became human guinea pigs in GE’s appalling product development research experiment, raising ethical questions about the way the company’s brand of commercial nuclear power plants were introduced to the world.

Documents filed in McDonald’s courtroom show that from 1958 to 1974, asGE engineers were still trying to work out bugs in GE’s proprietary “boiling water” reactor design at the same time that the company’s sales force was out selling boiling water reactors to unsuspecting electric utilities around the globe.


GE built many nuclear reactors all over the world. They knew before they built them that they were defective, and that includes the ones built in Fukushima Japan, which melted down and out catastrophically. Knowingly allowing a defective product into the marketplace and then having that product cause harm is a legal liability which can be sued for. Hundreds of people are suing GE and other nuclear plant manufacturers for the harm caused by their 'product'. But the scope and scale of these lawsuits can be increased radically, because every nuclear power plant releases harmful amounts of radioactive gases and liquids, which cause cancer and other diseases. 

Hundreds sue Toshiba, GE, Hitachi over Fukushima nuclear disaster

Via Jebus January 30, 2014 "GE Hitachi pays $2.7 million to settle a case of false information on a nuclear reactor design - 
GE Hitachi – a nuclear supplier – taking taxpayer money to pay up to half the costs of developing, engineering and obtaining design certification for a new reactor – and then being charged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) with lying to federal government agencies about known flaws in their analysis for that design – flaws which could have potentially resulted in safety problems.

With the ongoing specter of the triple reactor core meltdowns and exploded containment buildings of the GE-designed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors nearing its third year, nuclear safety should be of upmost importance. Both nuclear suppliers and operators should be held liable for risks they create.

Yet, on 23 January 2014, the DOJ announced it accepted $2.7 million dollars to settle the government’s lawsuit against GE Hitachi for false statements to both the U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for their new design, the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR)

GE Hitachi pays for flawed design - A subsidiary of General Electric has agreed to pay $2.7 million to resolve claims its employees made false statements to the U.S. Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission about a reactor component.

According to the government, GE Hitachi made false statements to conceal flaws in a component of its advanced nuclear Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor known as the steam dryer. GE Hitachi had received federal funding for up to half of the cost of designing and developing the new nuclear power system.

This is a critically important point, because it opens the door to other lawsuits, on the basis of the nuclear industry lying about the basic engineering design and safety of their nuclear reactors and the safety of radiation.


Engineers quit rather than continue working on the flawed and defective Mark I engineering design, which is what failed in Japan, catastrophically and 100%. GE knew that this design was flawed and bad, but they sold it with engineering guarantees and promises. The engineers KNOW that the nuclear industry is lying about these reactor designs, and Fukushima is an example of how badly they fail when their flawed design is put to the test. 

The nuclear industry lies in many ways, which can be proven in court, in front of a fair judge. Dr. Chris Busby has won cases using nothing but the truth, specifically around veterans. But if the truth works in court cases for veterans and DU, it should also work in court for average civilians harmed by radiation as well, correct?

Bottom line, it should be fairly easy to prove harm on the one side, and to prove that the GE Mark I design was known to be fatally flawed, but then it was sold ANYWAY, thus knowingly putting people in harm's way. This is no different than selling a car that has a defect in it, which is known by the manufacturer, but they sell it anyway, and then it causes deaths and injuries. The manufacturers are liable. 

Various government compensation programs PROVE that radiation causes harm, and the government has agreed to this premise and is paying people for that harm. No other proof should be needed. Low dose radiation causes harm.  

Via Jebus January 30, 2014 GRIER: US needs alternative to faulty nuclear plants, By Devin Grier on January 28th, 2014 Let me say that again, the original design equations for the Fort Calhoun Nuclear power plant (on which the entire structure is based) have errors, are entirely missing or incomplete.

A report from Omaha Public Power District said “multiple discrepancies were identified between the design calculations and the design drawings for various concrete internal structures.” Specifically, some problems were found with the calculations involving the internal support beams that hold up the reactor. They discovered if a pipe broke within the plant, these beams would likely fail. This means the insides of the plant would likely collapse to the point where the emergency core cooling wouldn’t work. This would release massive amounts of radiation as a result of a runaway reaction.

This article points to something that is probably universal among ALL nuclear reactors. They are so complex, so huge, that design calculations and design flaws, or construction flaws, mistakes and things missing are probably close to 100%. This is just another avenue to go down to prove that despite knowing it was done wrong, which would endanger the public or cause harm down the road, they built it or left it alone, or covered it up actively and knowingly. Fukushima was no exception to this as well.

Manufacturers of radioactive hip relacement products are liable for harm to patients with those products, so why can't nuclear power plant manufacturers be liable for the harm caused by their radiation releases?


A recent win in the Japanese court system may help provide more ammunition for other court cases proceeding through the legal system in Japan, but possibly also in other countries, since the negative effects of nuclear power plant melt downs are international, not just national.


rogerthat July 31, 2014  "TOKYO – A Japanese judicial panel has recommended that three former executives of the utility that operates the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant face criminal charges over their role in the disaster. A document released by the panel showed it voted in favour of indicting Tsunehisa Katsumata, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Co. at the time of the crisis, along with two other executives. The decision by the 11-member panel followed an appeal of a prosecutor's decision last September to drop the case, citing lack of evidence. Prosecutors must reinvestigate and decide whether to indict the executives within three months. A second indictment vote by the panel would force them to go to court.


stock August 3, 2015 The Price Anderson Act is the socialized insurance that protects the nuke industry. The idea is that you can't sue them for a large accident, which could destroy the whole industry.

But you can still sue them under some State nuisance law claims and this recent ruling affirms that. Yeah!

So for that "nuisance" cancer your family is dealing with, sue them good!


Via sally June 23, 2014 "TEPCO share holders ask management about the truth of what happened 3-11. Shareholders say that if they don't get the "truth" they will proceed to court against 771 officials."

The basic fundamental right of all people in the world is to get the truth, so that they can then make a decision based on the FACTs, rather than some corporate spin made up by a PR firm that is pretending to be a 'regulator'. Click on link to find out more. How can shareholders make an informed choice if they don't even get the right information? Isn't deceiving shareholders a crime, worse than fraud? Maybe it is time for shareholders of TEPCO to sue the company and demand the truth.


via bo August 12, 2014  "For anyone interested… turns out there is actually an English speaking phone number at TEPCO you can call to claim compensation for damage due to Fukushima.

Inquiries regarding Nuclear Accident Damage Claims, including the submission of the application for compensation requests, please contact : 0120 926 404 ( for fukushima )

The full digits for calling international from U.S. this number would be : 011-81-120-926-404
Office hours 9 am – 9 pm"


It is possible for some victims of radiation poisoning to be compensated without a lawsuit. According to; "The U.S. Attorney General established the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program within Constitutional and Specialized Tort Litigation Section in April 1992. The DOJ promulgated regulations for carrying out the program that permit use of existing records so claims could be resolved reliably, objectively, and non-adversarially, with little administrative cost to either the individual filing the RECA claim or the United States Government. The initial 1992 regulations were updated in 1997 and revised on March 23, 2004.

RECA establishes lump sum compensation awards for individuals who contracted specified diseases in three defined populations:

Uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters – $100,000

“Onsite participants” at atmospheric nuclear weapons tests – $75,000

Individuals who lived downwind of the Nevada Test Site (“downwinders") – $50,000."

Awards to date total nearly 2 billion dollars:

Because harm has already been proven in the cases above, and financial compensation has already been agreed to, it should be easier and easier to prove cases of harm caused by man made radioactive elements wouldn't you agree? But the sad part about all of the above, is that the medical costs and loss of income alone are more than likely multiple times the 'awards' offered. And what is health worth, once it is lost? Health is priceless to someone who no longer has it. If the nuclear industry is to blame for that loss of health, they should be made to pay, and/or go out of business as a result of that harm caused, and that is entirely fair and reasonable, wouldn't you agree?

The sad part of these programs is that even though the exist, only 6% of those applying are accepted, after a two year hold. There are a few people trying to change that. How does one document that one was exposed to high doses of cancer causing radiation when all of the records were either lost, or never even existed in the first place. For more details on this, click on link below. 

Nevada Test Site Workers Compensation


It is also possible to win a lawsuit as a worker in a nuclear reactor power plant, processing center or refining plant, if you can prove 'harm' to you, resulting from the operations or processes of the plant. For that you need evidence that will stand up in court. Ideally, you will have lots of medical documentation and radiation readings, with both external and internal proof of damaging radiation. More than likely you will have to collect the evidence on your own, because companies 'lose' data and/or under report radiation levels in a systemic fashion, or they never collect this information in the first place, because it would force them out of business. Your lawyer will help you collect that evidence, so you are not alone in this battle. What follows is one success story, early in the history of the nuclear industry, when it was literally a death sentence to say anything against the nuclear industry. (Things have improved since then.)

According to Wikipedia; "Silkwood's father and children filed a lawsuit against Kerr-McGee on the behalf of her estate. The trial was held in 1979. Gerry Spence was the chief attorney for the estate; other key attorneys were Arthur Angel and James Ikard; William Paul was the chief attorney for Kerr-McGee. The estate presented evidence that the autopsy proved Silkwood was contaminated with plutonium. To prove that the contamination was sustained at the plant, evidence was given by a series of witnesses who were former employees of the facility.

The main witness for the defense was Dr. George Voelz, a top-level scientist at Los Alamos. Voelz stated that he believed the contamination was within legal standards. Spence ultimately probed enough to get Voelz to admit he was unsure of the level of contamination needed to cause cancer. The defense later proposed that Silkwood was a troublemaker who might have poisoned herself. Following the summation arguments, Judge Frank Theis told the jury of the longest civil trial in Oklahoma history, "If you find that the damage to the person or property of Karen Silkwood resulted from the operation of this plant, Kerr-McGee is liable."

The jury rendered its verdict of US $505,000 in damages and US $10,000,000 in punitive damages. On appeal, the judgment was reduced to US $5,000. In 1984, the U.S. Supreme Court restored the original verdict.[15] The suit was headed for retrial when Kerr-McGee settled out of court for US $1.38 million, admitting no liability. According to Richard L. Rashke's book The Killing of Karen Silkwood, investigators of Silkwood's death, as well as the Kerr-McGee corporation and their Cimarron plant, received death threats. One of the investigators disappeared under mysterious circumstances. One of the witnesses to the Silkwood incident committed suicide very shortly before she was to testify against the Kerr-McGee corporation about the alleged happenings at the plant.[16]

According to Rashke's book, the Silkwood family's legal team were followed, threatened with violence, and physically assaulted. The book also claims that 44 pounds of plutonium missing from the plant had been stolen by a secret underground plutonium-smuggling ring in which many government agencies, including the highest levels of government and international intelligence agencies CIA, MI5, Israeli Mossad, and a shadowy group of Iranians, were involved. The book states that the United States government covered up many details about Silkwood's death, and allegedly carried out the Silkwood assassination rather than Kerr-McGee personnel.[17]"


Watchdog files second lawsuit over proposed Los Alamos plutonium lab - A nuclear watchdog group on Friday filed a second lawsuit seeking to halt construction of a $5.8 billion plutonium research lab at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

A class-action lawsuit brought by two thousand Hanford downwinders against the federal government has been in the court system for many years.[9] The first six plaintiffs went to trial in 2005, in a bellweather trial to test the legal issues applying to the remaining plaintiffs in the suit.[10]


The Ronald Reagan carrier was downwind of Fukushima and got a huge dose of radiation. Now sailors are getting radiation sickness. But medical doctors are saying it is just in their heads. The Navy made everyone sign a secrecy agreement and a release from all lawsuits. Is this secrecy and release of liability fair? This is what the military and nuclear industry does to everyone.. Keep it all secret, work with doctors and politicians plus the media to cover up all of the damages and claim it is all the victim's fault, just like any sociopath does..


Rather than switch to renewable energy such as wind, solar, tides and geothermal, which Japan has plenty of, the nuclear monopoly has convinced the Japanese government to restart nuclear reactors, no matter what. In addition, the nuclear industry is BLOCKING the hooking up of renewable energy to the grid, because it would mean the death of the nuclear industry. 


Are there many good reasons to sue the nuclear industry? The short answer is yes. The above video describes what happened to victims of the TMI accident, and the lawsuit that followed. This particular lawsuit was dismissed in federal court because the judge said that 'harm' was not proven in this case, due to the 'low' amount of radiation released. 

In People Died at Three Mile Island, Harvey Wasserman reports that; "TMI's owners did quietly pay out millions in damages to area residents whose children were born with genetic damage, among other things. The payments came in exchange for silence among those receiving them."

The examples above illustrate that there are many other victims of low level radiation exposure. Bottom line, everyone on the planet Earth is a downwinder and potentially deserves financial compensation for 'harm'. Everyone who lives close to a nuclear power plant or reprocessing center potentially has an especially good legal case, but due to both the open air nuclear weapons testing, as well as the mega nuclear disaster at Fukushima, everyone in the world has a potential legal claim against the military/nuclear industrial complex.   


What follows are more examples of radiation victims, who, despite getting a small amount of assistance are basically on their own. Recent legislation cancelled their free medical care, but their healthcare needs have not diminished. If anything, their health is worse now.  A medical test in the US recently found evidence of Fukushima radiation. This is another idea and way to get set up for legal action. There should not be any cesium being found in urine..

3,000 plaintiffs filed a damage suit against Tokyo Electric Power Co. March 2013.

via MamaBears AgainstNukes "The lawyers for the 1.415 plaintiffs stated that they have filed a lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court, describing the case as a landmark challenge to nuclear power plant manufacturers immunity from liability in nuclear accidents." 

Lawsuits linger against Hanford Atomic Plant for cancer-causing radiation

Youths Sue US Government For Climate Inaction - (Seven future generations should be represented in any and all court actions, but they can't be there and they can't sue, because they are not here yet.)


Showing harm by measuring radiation in fish, cows, soil and then in crops and milk should be easy to prove harm, by comparing the radiation in both before a nuclear accident, and after. The nuclear industry claims it does not 'own' the radiation once it leaves a reactor.

Tepco: Radioactive substances from Fukushima belong to landowners, not us — As November tests show massive contamination far outside evacuation zone
The courts and a fair judge may disagree.. This is a weak underbelly section of the nuclear industry that they have no defense against. It should be easy to prove the harm to soil, animals, plants and humans using the above model of success and a 10 million dollar judgement, wouldn't you agree?


Can you imagine what would happen if all the millions of families of  low dose radiation victims sued in order to be compensated for the loss of their children and loved ones using DNA type evidence of damage? AGRP encourages trial lawyers to get together and form a research fund to get the following DNA process perfected and ready for court, in the same way that DNA evidence was initially introduced to the court system.

The more lawsuits the better, and the more compensation that is won, the sooner this nuclear industry monster will be brought down and put out of it's radioactive poison producing life. Why is this so important? With smoking, cancer was proven to be caused by tobacco products. 

The difference between tobacco and low dose radiation is that smoking is a lifestyle choice. Low dose radiation coming from nuclear power plants and nuclear accidents is something that exposes EVERYONE on the planet. Low dose radiation cannot be avoided because it is now in the water, the air, the food and in the ground. Low dose radiation is different from second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is a danger only in enclosed spaces.

The 'second hand' radiation dose that can be lethal, caused by the nuclear industry, is unavoidable even on the other side of the planet. Low dose radiation and the harm that it causes cannot be relegated to the 'smoking area' of a workplace or banned in certain places, because the radiation goes global and harms all living things globally. There is not even the possibility making a choice. Everyone in the world is exposed to second hand heavy metal, toxic man made radiation. 


It is also possible to sue the nuclear industry via a whistleblower lawsuit, although going down this road means filing a whistleblower retaliation complaint with the Dept. Of Labor first, and waiting a year for them to act, before actually proceeding with the lawsuit.  Karen Silkwood was the first whistleblower to file a lawsuit and win, and details are provided in another part of this article, below.

"Today Hanford whistleblower Donna Busche filed a whistleblower retaliation law suit against URS Energy and Construction, Inc., and Bechtel National, Inc., two Hanford contractors hired by the DOE to design and build the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (“WTP”), also known as the Vit Plant. Donna is Manager of Environmental and Nuclear Safety at Hanford for URS. One of Donna’s jobs is to ensure that adequate documentation supports company assertions regarding environmental and nuclear safety. She alleges that her managers began to retaliate against her when she questioned whether there was adequate documentation of proposed designs. “She has been functionally demoted and lost many of her responsibilities,” said Jack Sheridan, the MHB attorney representing Donna. He also said, “We are all lucky that Donna has been out there doing her job, because nuclear safety is on the line.” See attached LA Times article and a copy of the federal complaint. The trial will likely be set for 2014." Click on link below for more information about the law firm involved. 

Two Whistleblowers File Retaliation and Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against The Lawrence Livermore Lab Alleging Safety Concerns and Financial Waste at the Nuclear Facility


In the following article, Arnie Gunderson talks with another expert about low dose radiation and the long term negative effect it has on health. Studies around the world have found that it only takes a very small amount of radiation to cause harm. In a child, as little as 10 to 30 Bq/kg can cause health problems. One hot plutonium particle in the lungs can cause lung cancer. So why does the 'safe' limit in foods range from 100 to 1,200 Bq/kg, depending on which country one lives in, and there is no mention of hot particles being dangerous anywhere?


The nuclear industry believes that all radiation is harmless and actually healthy for you, via the hormesis theory. The nuclear industry in the future might even patent radiation accidents and charge people for the privilege of being radiated by nuclear accidents. The pro nuclear industry likes to claim that they are so safe, because they have had only three meltdowns.. Actually, they have had 30 nuclear reactor meltdowns and countless accidents, including too many plutonium accidents to count. 


The nuclear industry currently claims that it does not 'own' the radiation, so they are losing out on a lot of profits, wouldn't you agree? Around Fukushima, farmers asked TEPCO to pay for contaminating their land with radiation to the point where they could not grow food any more. TEPCO said that the radioactive elements were not theirs and that the farmers now owned that radiation, so they just have to figure it out on their own. 

In the future, it may come to the point where anyone refusing to pay for these positive, health promoting radioactive elements, will be taken to court by the nuclear industry, because they are using the medical radiation without permission or payment of a radiation royalty payment. When a nuclear accident happens, everyone on the globe owes that company a bunch of money, because everyone is getting this health giving radiation, so royalties need to be paid, correct? (sarcasm)


For more proof of this crazy Catch 22 logic, Ann Coltier gives a glowing report on health giving radiation. She says the more radiation you get, the LESS cancer you get. Ann claims that man made radiation REDUCES cancer risk.. If we took her advice we would all be going into the Fukushima leaking reactors and getting ‘free’ health giving radiation treatments, and/or drinking plutonium, strontium, cesium, or uranium laced tea. If her theory were true, none of the people working on the Fukushima site would be wearing masks or protective suits, correct?

Ann Coulter's "Glowing Report On Radiation" in Japan, and TSA Scanner Radiation BAD
Either man made radioactive elements are health promoting, as Ann claims, or they are poisonous heavy metals with a radioactive DNA global life destroying kick on top of them. Which one do you believe? Are your actions matching your belief? Are you drinking radium, uranium, strontium, plutonium and cesium laced tea, and advocating doing this to other people? Do you believe in spraying nuclear waste over cities to 'increase their health'?

Only one theory can be true and other has to be a lie. Either everyone needs to start being sprayed with 'health promoting' nuclear waste and drink strontium, cesium, plutonium, and uranium laced tea, coffee and milk, or everything the nuclear industry claims is a lie and they have to be stopped as soon as possible, wouldn't you agree?  

The courts are essentially where the truth and justice around harm caused by man made radioactive elements are supposed to be determined. The sooner this global issue is resolved, the better. Lawyers make up the critical factor that help get this issue settled. Lawyers got the tobacco industry into court and won the case that made the tobacco industry admit that tobacco did cause cancer. But the path to getting there can be long, and many generations can be spent gathering the momentum and energy plus resources to win the legal fight and establish a precedent.

Allowing people like Anne on the public airwaves is like promoting shills, which is illegal by the way in any other industry. Why are people like Anne allowed on the air? Think about Anne and the pro nuclear 'experts' who say all radiation is safe and you just have to smile more to protect yourself from radiation, when you read the following..


Wikipedia; "Shill" typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that they are an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) for whom they are secretly working. The person or group who hires the shill is using crowd psychology to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services (or accept the ideas being marketed). Shills are often employed by professional marketing campaigns. "Plant" and "stooge" more commonly refer to any person who is secretly in league with another person or organization while pretending to be neutral or actually a part of the organization he is planted in, such as a magician's audience, a political party, or an intelligence organization (see double agent).

Shilling is illegal in many circumstances and in many jurisdictions[1] because of the potential for fraud and damage; however if a shill does not place uninformed parties at a risk of loss, but merely generates "buzz," the shill's actions may be legal.

Shill can also be used pejoratively to describe a critic who appears either all-too-eager to heap glowing praise upon mediocre offerings, or who acts as an apologist for glaring flaws. In this sense, such a critic would be an indirect shill for the industry at large, because said critic's income is tied to the prosperity of the industry.

One would think that an online guide book that teaches the pro nuclear shills and trolls how to lie, deceive and cover up the truth and then disrupt truth teller groups, would be enough to bring down the wrath of communities, states and federal attorney generals, correct? 


In some jurisdictions and circumstances, this type of activity may be illegal. In addition, reputable organizations may prohibit their employees and other interested parties (contractors, agents, etc.) from participating in public forums or discussion groups in which a conflict of interest might arise, or will at least insist that their employees and agents refrain from participating in any way that might create a conflict of interest. For example, the plastic surgery company Lifestyle Lift ordered their employees to post fake positive reviews on websites. As a result, they were sued, and ordered to pay $300,000 in damages by the New York Attorney General's office. Said Attorney General Andrew Cuomo: "This company’s attempt to generate business by duping consumers was cynical, manipulative, and illegal. My office has [been] and will continue to be on the forefront in protecting consumers against emerging fraud and deception, including 'astroturfing,' on the Internet."[5]

In marketing, shills are often employed to assume the air of satisfied customers and give testimonials to the merits of a given product. This type of shilling is illegal in some jurisdictions but almost impossible to detect. It may be considered a form of unjust enrichment or unfair competition, as in California's Business and Professions Code § 17200, which prohibits any "unfair or fraudulent business act or practice and unfair, deceptive, untrue or misleading advertising.""

Why aren't people like Anne and organizations like WHO, IAEA being sued for false and misleading statements that cause harm to consumers, by the state and federal attorney generals? Isn't this also fertile and potentially very profitable ground for lawyers? 


But do you remember when medical doctors were promoting tobacco as a safe and healthy thing to do on TV, via ads? Even the AMA American Medical Association was promoting and endorsing this. Essentially, the same thing has to be done with the nuclear industry, because the regulators, and associated pro nuclear agencies are all 'believers' in the nuclear hormesis lie, just like the AMA and doctors used to be promoters of tobacco use. 

Only in the nuclear industry can pro industry scientists and regulators be so fixated on the 'benefits' or lack of harm to public health or the ecological effects of low-dose radiation and exclude all medical and scientific evidence to the contrary. "One is reminded of the 1950s when medical doctors employed by the tobacco industry acted as witnesses in court cases about the role of tobacco as a cause of lung cancer. Perhaps history repeats itself?"

Am J Public Health. 2006 February; 96(2): 222–232. doi 10.2105/AJPH.2005.066654 PMCID: PMC1470496 The Physician in US Cigarette Advertisements, 1930–1953
Martha N. Gardner, PhD and Allan M. Brandt, PhD

Doctors, American Medical Association hawked cigarettes ...

The pages of The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association were home to many tobacco advertisements throughout the 1930s, 1940s and beyond. However, tobacco companies’ courtship of physicians did not end in medical journals.


Medical radiation causes harm in many ways, but the easiest way to win a case is if the machine is defective and causes a death or injury, as in the case below. 

GE Healthcare Nuclear Medicine Systems Lawsuit

But all radiation is harmful long term, and theoretically that can be a lawsuit, because every cancer patient being treated with radiation is also being harmed. 

The Medical Industry And Public Has A Choice To Make

The medical industry has to make a choice. They cannot have it both ways. Even low dose radiation causes harm, bottom line. The medical professionals have to get out of bed with the nuclear industry, as they did with the tobacco industry historically.

Berkeley Univ; Radiation expert warns of danger from overuse of medical X-rays, claiming they're responsible for many cancer and heart disease deaths

It will be harder this time around because much of the medical industry makes huge profits off of nuclear 'medicine', and doctors in the 30's to the 50's did not sell tobacco products or make huge profits from selling tobacco.

The built in profit motive within the medical community for all things nuclear and radioactive is a corrupting influence that holds doctors hostage and creates the 'need' to use nuclear medicine despite plenty of evidence that there are solutions for these problems that do not cost money, have no side effects and work in a sustainable manner.

Bottom line, there are answers to all of the health problems of humankind and man made radioactive elements are not needed to 'solve' them. Money and HUGE profits are the corrupting influences that keeps radioactive elements inside the medical industry.

On the positive side, medical doctors were the leading force behind getting the open air testing of nuclear weapons banned globally, with people like Dr. Helen Caldicott MD leading the charge. So there is hope.

Then there is the Hippocratic Oath, which states that 'Above all, do no harm'. Low dose radiation causes harm, as does the high 500 plus REM Big C doses used in the industry.  Combine these things with medical ethics debates within the industry, lawsuits from consumers harmed by radiation 'treatments', and some truly caring, compassionate and healing medical professionals around the world, and it may be enough to help rid the world of the nuclear menace that is the nuclear medical industry, the nuclear power industry, and nuclear weapons manufacturers.


nedlifromvermont July 13, 2014 "We just need to file a lawsuit against GE … I'll volunteer as lead plaintiff … (after all it's not Charles Albert Coffin's GE anymore) … revoke their corporate charter, accuse them and win case over reckless corporate malfeasance .. and sell off the parts to generate the capital to fund 21stCentury whole hog; or GE simply pays a one trillion dollar fine for damages and voila: there's your money! It's really quite a simple plan. 

And once we decide to shut the shite down, US Marines and Navy nuclear personnel are installed at all 435 nuke plants to hit the "scram" or "off" button and power down this retarded business model which was truly NEVER EVER NECESSARY!!! The world will thank us. We need to "Just say, "No" to nuke.They are trapped in a failed business model … kind of like the German Third Army in Stalingrad."


In the following link, the lawyer that won a 10 million dollar verdict explains how to win against the nuclear industry in a two part interview. If you are a lawyer, or one of the billions of people who are downwinders on planet Earth, and you want to pursue the nuclear industry legally, it will pay for you to read the following article in full. Gerry lays out exactly how he won his case and was awarded 10 million dollars. He explains exactly how you can win your legal case AND add punitive damages. Punitive damage is hitting them where it really hurts. Lying in court about harm is cause for adding punitive damages, so EVERY lawsuit against the nuclear industry should be able to add this element.

Gerry Spence and Karen Silkwood – Part 1 – Compensation for radiation injury

"You can all walk home today and say, guess what, I heard today I can do it too. I can get ten and a half million dollars. All I have to do is go in and do the simple things that I learned to do years ago in freshman law school.

And you talk about simple concepts to a jury, not because they are simple, but because the truth is simple. The simple concept in that case was strict liability. So I said to the jury a simple proposition like this: Back in the days of old common law, there was a man who brought a lion on his property to show people. He charged them a few shillings apiece to come look at it. One day, the lion – a curiosity to be sure – got away and injured the neighbor. The Court said, “You should pay”. The lion owner said, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I had a secure cage. I did everything humanly possible to keep him caged. It may have been a saboteur that did it.” And the Court said, “If the lion gets away, you have to pay......

Dr. John Gofman said that there are 21 billion lung cancer doses in a pound of plutonium if it is evenly distributed in the lungs, if it is evenly distributed in the lungs of people.”
Qualified experts that can help win a legal case against the nuclear industry are available; Dr. Chris Busby, Arnie Gunderson, as well as Dr. Helen Caldicott MD, who are all illustrated above. Any or all of these individuals can help win a legal case, but by no means are they the only experts available.

Because we know that 600 to 6000 pounds of plutonium got distributed around the planet by Fukushima, everyone on the planet has a legal case. But Fukushima is not the only avenue. If you investigate, the nuclear facility near you is releasing plutonium, so you have a legal case against them, just for ONE radioactive element, without even going into the hundreds of others. So what are you waiting for? Get busy and start applying legal pressure on them.

Local Official: Be part of Hydrangea Revolution from anywhere… test dust from your air conditioner/heater — Evidence to prepare for medical lawsuits is right above your head (VIDEO)

Oh, and when you win, remember A Green Road Project, Enformable or any other organization fighting for a better future, and share a little bit of that award, so we can spread this kind of information and wisdom around to more people.


There is another reason to ramp up the lawsuits against the whole nuclear industry, beyond just the potential harm caused to you and your family. If the nuclear industry cannot be shut down by either public pressure or through legal forces, the future of humankind is bleak indeed. 

Humanity has a bright future, but only if it can put away a deadly dangerous toy that will kill the children playing with it, called man made radioactive elements. These radioactive toys are bright, shiny and sparkly. These sparkly toys are very hard to let go of. But if the boy wants to grow up and have any chance of being a man, he has to put this toy away permanently, so no other boys or girls can play with it. Humanity has a destiny to meet out among the stars, but it will never get there, unless it lets go of the nuclear suicide button and destroys all nuclear weapons, power plants and associated technologies. 


The national and international courts of justice may be one of the last and only hopes of humanity when it comes to a sustainable future for humanity. The United Nations is the proper format for international laws banning life destroying nuclear, chemical and carbon pollutants. There is already a proposal available, which can be turned into laws.

A future for humanity and all life on Earth can exist only if nuclear power is abolished completely and absolutely. All spent fuel has to put into a storage system that does not require power (passively cooled) to get ready for the Carrington Effect. We need more nations, communities, states and tribes to file suit via the UN, to get everything nuclear abolished. One nation has started the movement, so why not join them? Every nation that values a sustainable future should be part of this battle.


But to get from here to there, we must have judges  and/or UN officials on all levels who have vision and are not bound or controlled by the pressures of kings, queens, politicians or the 1% nuclear/military industrial complex. 

If the courts have been absolutely corrupted; if the judges have been totally corrupted and chained to a master that rules from a dark invisible throne behind the scenes, then we have only a system of masters and slaves, and we are not living in a free world and there is no hope left.

The Amistad Movie provides a history lesson and a vision of hope that shows how even in a system of masters, slaves and people operating the levers of power from behind dark screens, there is still hope. It is highly recommended that you watch this movie, as it offers both you and humanity hope.

Amistad - Trailer

Judges and lawyers will help determine if this a global village where decisions are made in courts of law for the highest and best good for the greatest number and for seven future generations not yet born, or is humanity to be chained like slaves to an Armageddon of their own making? Remember, judges have kids and families too, so there is always hope. The first step is to file that lawsuit and get busy with saving humanity, one lawsuit at a time. 

Ultimately, the artist and the revolutionary function as they function, and pay whatever dues they must pay behind it because they are both possessed by a vision, and they do not so much follow this vision as find themselves driven by it" Chris Hedges


Every person on the planet is in a David versus Goliath fight. We do not have a choice about that. As individual citizens we are all living in a small global village. Our only choice is which side of history and this epic struggle we will be counted on after we pass and the entire scene is laid out historically for all to see. Will you be counted among those watching and not doing anything? Will you be counted on the side of Goliath, defending and promoting the nuclear monster? Or will you be like David, slinging legal and other pebbles at the Goliath that is the nuclear industry monster, who will eventually consume the entire Earth and all living things on it if allowed to continue? 

No one knows which pebble it will be or who will cast it, but Goliath will fall. Goliath that is the nuclear power/weapons industry MUST fall, or humanity is doomed due to the Carrington Effect, or the eventual nuclear war that results from having tens of thousands of nuclear weapons sitting around, just itching to be used by a sociopath or accidental launch that is sure to come along, eventually. 

President Kennedy tried and failed to abolish all nuclear weapons. He paid the ultimate price for taking a stand against Goliath. President Kennedy said the following;

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
—John F.Kennedy, inauguration address, January 1961.

This same quote can be applied to anyone around the world. What are you doing for the global village and for seven future generations, without causing harm? Are you doing something to support David and to stop Goliath? If not, why not? If not you, then who? If not now, then when?


A Green Road Journal has the largest, most organized, deepest set of articles, videos and pictures exposing the dark side of the nuclear monopoly in the world.

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