Renewable energy sources being installed are growing in the double digits each year, and costs are dropping rapidly.

It is not well known, but the nuclear utility companies are suing the US taxpayer and blaming them for no solution for the nuclear garbage that they are piling up. And amazingly enough, these companies are winning, so taxpayers are being forced to deal with the nuclear garbage produced by a for profit company. The costs of nuclear power are being hidden by transferring all of the costs to taxpayers, where the costs will not be counted.

Wikipedia; "The IPCC has said that if governments were supportive, and the full complement of renewable energy technologies were deployed, renewable energy supply could account for almost 80% of the world's energy use within forty years.[200] 

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, said the necessary investment in renewables would cost only about 1% of global GDP annually. This approach could contain greenhouse gas levels to less than 450 parts per million, the safe level beyond which climate change becomes catastrophic and irreversible.[200]

The cost of nuclear power has followed an increasing trend whereas the cost of electricity is declining for wind power.[201] In about 2011, wind power became as inexpensive as natural gas, and anti-nuclear groups have suggested that in 2010 solar power became cheaper than nuclear power.[202][203]


Cost Of Nuclear Is Increasing, Costs Of Renewable Energy Sources Are Cheaper Than Nuclear And Decreasing; via @AGreenRoad

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