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There are four myths that the nuclear industry wants you to believe, as explained by Arnie Gunderson above.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a huge corporation that makes a defective product, which then harms and kills people, but then have complete immunity from lawsuits? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be paid to fail over and over again? This would encourage that industry or company to keep making defective products and keep endangering and killing people as an end result, wouldn't you agree? Surprise, that is exactly what the nuclear industry received in the US, (see link below). The nuclear industry is now proposing to do the same thing globally via a get out of jail card, and get a complete immunity from all lawsuits for themselves.

The Corrupt Price Anderson Act, JPMorgan, GE, Edison Electric, And Thompson Houston Corp. Connection; via @AGreenRoad

20 Ways That The Nuclear Industry Is Paid To Fail; Via @AGreenRoad


via Cisco June 13, 2014 "Fukushima Fires Up Atomic Industry’s Removal-of-Liability Drive" Japan will introduce legislation this year to ratify a controversial treaty backed by General Electric Co. and other atomic-plant manufacturers seeking protection from damage claims caused by nuclear accidents.

The treaty, known as the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage or CSC, will encourage experienced U.S. companies to assist in the cleanup and decommissioning at the Fukushima atomic accident site, Japan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement today.

Does the nuclear industry deserve to have immunity from lawsuits?

Wouldn't you agree that any industry that lies and deceives the public, and continues to collect corporate entitlement money from the public treasury for 50 years, and is paid to fail over and over again, does not deserve to be in business, much less get immunity from lawsuits?

How Can A Radiation Exposure Victim Get 10 Million Dollars As Compensation For Health And Property Damage? via @AGreenRoad

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

Let's shut down all of these dirty bomb facilities, before they cause the end of humanity. Let's revoke their corporate charters and put them out of business, permanently. 


Fukushima Fires Up Nuclear Industry’s Removal-of-Liability, Legal Immunity Drive

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