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Fukushima Radiation Contaminated Green Tea Has Been And Is Still Being Sold In Japan, USA, Other Countries

As the narrator explains, green tea far away from the Fukushima area has been found to contain radiation from Fukushima. Levels as high as 1,000 bq/kg have been found in green tea. In one case a large commercial amount of tea was sent back to Japan from France, because of this 1,000 bq/kg radiation reading. 

Remember that any green tea being sold and having less than the radiation maximum allowed level does not make the green tea 'safe'. In Japan, the maximum allowed is 100 Bq/kg, but in the US, it is 1,000 Bq/kg, so radioactive waste in Japan can legally be allowed to be sold in the US as food or drink. Children who accumulate as little as 10 to 50 Bq/kg internal radiation show negative health effects, according to studies done around Chernobyl on 300,000 children. Find out for yourself via the links below. 

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

Protect yourself and get informed. The Fukushima radiation disaster is not over, it is just starting. No one is going to protect you or your loved ones, as the narrator explains above. If you don't care what you eat or drink and don't measure the radiation levels, odds are no one else will either, because the pressure to make a quick profit is much higher than the caring about whether you or your kids get cancer or not 5 to 20 years from now due to low dose radiation contamination of food or tea. For more on the effects of low level radiation in food and water, click on; 

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

Remember, it is very easy to say all radiation is safe, or radiation is harmless and then sell stuff. Just because someone says it is organic, does not make it radiation free. There is no standard for organic products having to contain zero radiation.

The tea above tested 200% above normal background radiation in the US in 2012. It is labeled 'organic', and it is from Japan. But the same thing can happen if the tea is from around Chernobyl, or TMI, or any other radiation contaminated area. A recent test of Chinese green tea showed double the background radiation in the tea. Is it potassium, or cesium? There is no way to know unless one does an expensive test. One way to protect yourself at least a little bit, is to do a radiation test on your dried food product with a high quality pancake style radiation detector.

Nick March 3, 2015  June 9, 2011 | 6:21pm TOKYO — Japanese green tea, esteemed around the world for its purity and health-enhancing properties, has become contaminated with radiation, as fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant continues to blight Japan’s agricultural heartlands, authorities revealed Thursday. Authorities admitted for the first time that green tea from Japan’s biggest tea-growing area, the Shizuoka prefecture, contains radiation higher than the officially-permitted level.

Now, check out a Law passed by Japanese Parliament on 4/22/11:

“The Japanese Parliament has enacted the Law Concerning Promotion of Tea (Law No. 21 of 2011, promulgated on Apr. 22, 2011.) The Law intends to promote both business and cultural aspects of tea. It encourages prefectures to establish tea promotion plans. The national government and the prefectures are to make efforts to support tea producers, to improve the technology of tea processing and distribution, and to improve tea quality. They must also make an effort to promote the consumption and export of tea as well as tea culture.”

Sure, levels of Cs-137/134 declined over time. But there has to be a lot of tea on shelves all over the world that has bits-o-Fukushima in it. The timing of the tea promotion law is curious to say the least."

Cdog March 3, 2015  "I have a friend that drinks only green tea and surprise surprise she developed cancer in 2012. Her doctors have convinced her that it's her hormones and the pill. She still continues to drink green tea and eat whatever, no matter what, and like almost everybody else in the world, can't seem to sense the white elephant sitting on her chest."


Click on the link to purchase a Geiger Counter from A Green Road's Ionizing Radiation Detector Store. By purchasing through this store, you help support A Green Road Project.

Tube type, inexpensive detectors can only detect things like extremely high radiation fallout from a nuclear accident. Pancake style Geiger Counters are much more sensitive and can be used for detecting much lower levels of radiation, including foods for example, but it will not tell you the type of radiation.


The SOEKS is a tube type, inexpensive radiation detector which is designed to detect things like extremely high radiation fallout from a nuclear accident, but not much else. Don't try to use this for testing food, as it will not do the job. It is also a good radiation meter to start with for beginners.

Radiation Detector SOEKS 01M - Geiger Counter - (English Language)


For the person who is looking for something that can total up the radiation one is exposed to over a period of time such as a month and keep track of it. It is designed to be kept with you every day. It can also do double duty as an inexpensive radiation detector, all in one. This Ecotest brand is a good choice.

ECOTEST MKS-05 TERRA-P - Radiation Detector, Geiger Counter And Dosimeter, Best In Class!


The Inspector is a great brand with a very sensitive round pancake style detector head on it, which can be used to test dried food, seaweed, leaves, dirt, and more, via a time test function that it has built in.

Pancake Detector Style; Inspector Radiation Meter, Geiger Counter


The Polimaster is a high end gamma detecting wrist watch for the person who has everything, and money is not a concern.

Polimaster Pm 1208m Wristwatch Gamma Radiation Indicator (Pm 1208m)

A fashionable Gamma dosimeter and Swiss-made watch in one housing. Recommended for everyday use by general public

The PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator is a stylish combination of gamma dosimeter and a Swiss-made quartz watch that continuously monitors environmental radiation levels and alerts user in case of danger with an audible alarm. The PM1208M can be used by both professionals dealing with radiation on a daily basis and concerned citizens

The Swiss-made RONDA 763 with quartz movement ensures the reliability and accuracy of the watch operation. The waterproof steel case enables the use of the instrument on the depths up to 100 meters (328 feet). The watch also has an electroluminescent backlight allowing it to be operated in the dark.

Your radiation protection posture is only as good as the warning systems that are in place. The small dosimeter is essential for professionals working with radiation sources as well as for anyone concerned with radioecological issues. 

As the background radiation level increases greatly at high-altitudes, Polimaster recommends the PM1208M wrist gamma indicator to frequent airplane travelers for monitoring their radiation exposure.

The PM1208M requires only minimum power consumption and will operate continuously for one year from one CR2032 battery


It is much harder and may take a sacrifice to be honest and actually care about health, tell the truth and aim for 0 to 5 bq/kg radiation in products, or not sell them at all.  AGRP recommends the maximum limits in food or drink should be no higher than 5 bq/kg for cesium specifically, especially when it comes to kids and pregnant moms, who are much more sensitive to the same radiation, when compared to adults. Stay safe out there, AGRP has your back.


Fukushima Radiation Contaminated Green Tea Has Been And Is Still Being Sold In Japan, USA, Other Countries

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