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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plutonium as well as other man made radioactive elements come out of a melting down nuclear reactor in one of many ways. One way is via an explosion, such as happened at the Chernobyl reactor, and at Fukushima Daichi building #3, and possibly others which were covered up. 

A second way that plutonium can move out of a reactor or spent fuel pool is via evaporation, due to melting and/or burning nuclear fuel. 

Via LiberationFront December 14, 2011  In case there was any need to clarify the possibility that plutonium can be evaporated (volatilized) this study from the US Atomic Energy Commission confirms that 99% of Pu is volatilized at 1680 deg C.

As for the precipitation back into a solid form? thats a good question and one that needs to be worked out. As far as I know deposition of volatilized radionuclides occurs in two ways:

Dry deposition: the gaseous isotopes run into something solid (like a bush, mountain, or the side of a SFP for example) and stick there.

Wet deposition: rain takes the radionuclides out of the atmosphere and deposits them onto the ground.

What is admitted by TEPCO, is that three nuclear reactors melted down, and the vapors, gases and invisible emissions came out in an uncontrolled manner from those three reactors, at Fukushima.


How Plutonium Evaporates From A Melting Down Nuclear Reactor; via @AGreenRoad

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