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The Story Of Stone Soup; How It Will Feed Seven Future Generations, By Dr. Goodheart

This very ancient story is great to share with children and/or adults..Have you heard of the story of magic stone soup? 7 min.


Once upon a time, in a village that was located far, far away, in the land of Nod, three wise elders came into a village carrying only a large, empty metal cooking pot. These villagers were very unhappy, suspicious, and afraid. They were angry at any 'outsiders' and strangers that came into their village in particular, because they were so very afraid.  

The three wise elders knocked on quite a few doors in this village and asked for a little extra food or leftovers. They were tired, hungry and cold. These three wise elders were refused food at every home and turned away because the villagers were suspicious and afraid of everyone. The villagers all said that they had no extra food and their homes had no extra room for anyone to stay overnight.  

One of the wise elders was named Dr. Goodheart. He could could talk with animals, trees and even rocks. He carried a magic rock with him, and as he spoke with the villagers, he also told the villagers that he could make magic stone soup. Of course, none of the villagers believed Dr. Goodheart, and they spread gossip about these three suspicious strangers. The gossips in town told everyone that would listen that these three strangers were quite possibly evil witches who needed to be locked up or punished somehow, because they were practicing black magic. 

After being refused food by the villagers, the three wise elders went to the town square and set up their empty pot, next to the village well. A few curious villagers gathered around these strangers and asked them what they are doing. Dr. Goodheart answered them and said; "We are making some magic stone soup for the whole village, which will taste wonderful when it is done. There will be enough to feed everyone, with some left over". Dr. Goodheart then dropped his magic stone into the empty soup pot, with a loud clanging sound that was heard throughout the village. 

Of course, all of the villagers who heard this loud clanging noise that came from the large magic stone dropped into a large empty soup pot came out to see what this strange sound was about. Other villagers rushed around to their neighbors and told them about this strange going on in the town square, plus the offer of free food was irresistible.  

There was much confusion in the village that night. Some villagers were trying to figure out whether the strangers were witches practicing black magic. Other villagers were thinking that these strangers could be rich travelers that could be taken advantage of and robbed of their gold and silver. Still other villagers were thinking that the magic stone could be stolen from these three wise men and used to get rich, selling food that would take no labor, time or land to produce. 

Of course, the news of this FREE magic stone soup spread like wildfire through the small village, where no one could keep any secrets. Like any small town, everyone knew about everything going on in town within a very short period of time. Soon the town square started to fill up with villagers, all gathered around the three strangers, who were filling the magic stone soup pot with water from the town well. 

Dr. Goodheart explained that all this soup needed was his magic stone, fresh water and some firewood. The magic stone would create stone soup, needing nothing else, and it would feed a whole village full of people. Of course, nothing was needed to actually make the soup, but in order to make the soup extra special and extra flavorful, he explained that it could use a little garnish, in the form of salt, pepper or a  few herbs. He asked if anyone had a little of that or an 'extra' something else to spare? 

A few of the villagers rushed home to pick some fresh herbs from their backyard or in the woods. A few other villagers went home to get a little salt. One villager went home and got some extra pepper he had to season the soup and make it extra good. While the villagers were at home and talking to their spouses and other family members about this magic stone soup, they looked around and saw that they had some 'extra' carrots, onions and beets, so they brought those along too. 

One villager brought salt and a bunch of carrots. Another villager brought herbs and a few onions. Another villager brought pepper seasoning and some beets. A few other villagers volunteered to stir the soup, while others volunteered to get wood for the fire under the pot. 

Other volunteers helped cut up all of these 'extras', while others volunteered to carry them and put them in the pot. Soon many of the villagers were directly involved in the process of creating this magic stone soup. All of the 'extra' ingredients got added to the very large soup pot. As news spread and the pot of soup started heating up and boiling, the delicious smell of cooking soup wafted through the whole village. 

More and more villagers gather around. All of the villagers were very curious and excited about what was going on. The story of the magic soup even made it on that night's village news and into the daily village newspaper, so that got even more people out on the street and into the common town square. 

As Dr. Goodheart and the other two wise men took turns stirriing the soup and taste tested it, they told everyone that it is almost ready, but it seemed like it was missing just a little something. They could not quite identify what was missing. They just thought that the soup had not quite reached it's full potential yet. Dr. Goodheart asked for volunteers to taste test the soup and to give their official opinion. After taste testing, the small group of tasting volunteers gave their opinion that although the magic stone soup was quite delicious and ready to eat, it would be even better with some potatoes. Inside the large crowd of villagers gathered around, a few villagers raised their hands and volunteered to bring in some of their 'extra' potatoes. 

Since Dr. Goodheart and his two companions were being so generous with their magic stone soup and they were feeding the whole village at no cost, the villagers felt obligated to do something for these three elderly strangers as well. 

Once the potatoes were cut up, added and fully cooked, the end result was a delicious, healthy, organic and nourishing pot of magic stone soup. In the end, it turned out that there was indeed more than enough magic stone soup for everyone in the village. Now that the magic stone soup was ready, villagers rushed home and got their long handled soup spoons, but that is another story, to be told another day. Everyone gathered in the village square to eat in unity, to enjoy some of this magic stone soup. 

The three wise elders had also talked with and gotten to know a few of the villagers while they were preparing and eating the magic stone soup together. The three wise elders were invited to stay for a few weeks with several of the villagers, so they accepted this very generous offer as well. During their stay, the wise elders taught the villagers how to live in unity and sit in silence together. They also taught the villagers how to live in a way that did not harm seven future generations of their children, so they could live happily every after. 

The End


In the Portuguese tradition, the traveler is a monk and the story takes place around AlmeirimPortugal. Nowadays many restaurants in Almeirim serve stone soup, or sopa de pedra. Almeirim is considered the capital of stone soup.

In the French and Hungarian versions of the tale, the travellers are soldiers: three returning home from the Napoleonic Wars play the role in the former, and a single, starving one, who encounters several hardships on his journey back to his homeland, is depicted in the latter.

The story is most commonly known as nail soup in Scandinavian and Northern European countries. In these versions, the main character is typically a tramp looking for food and lodgings, who convinces an old woman that he will make nail soup for the both of them if she would just add a few ingredients for the garnish. In Eastern Europe the variation of the story (having more in common with the Northern European rendition) is called axe soup, with an axe being the catalyst. In Russian tradition a soldier eats axe kasha (Каша из топора).


There are many examples of projects referencing the Stone Soup story's theme of making something significant by accumulating lots of small contributions. Examples include Stone Soup, the magazine written by children; the Stone Soupercomputer; Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a computer game which expanded on an abandoned project using contributions from many different coders; and the Stone Soup Theater presenting one act plays."

Making Stone Soup That Feeds 7 Future Generations

Dr. Goodheart, via A Green Road Project (AGRP) teaches the global village how to make a very special stone soup, that will feed 7 future generations. Many people are saying it cannot be done, there is no way to do it, and it is just a hopeless exercise. Dr. Goodheart has brought the soup pot, and the 'magic' stone and pure clean water provided by Mother Nature has been placed in the pot.  The soup water is warming up. Little whisps of steam are starting to rise off the water. Can you see it? Stone soup that will feed seven future generations is not easy to make.. It takes a lot of time.. and many hands. The work is always easier if there are many hands who know how to make stone soup. 

(Click to hear a very nice Adult Version song about stone soup at; 

"Children's Version of Stone Soup Song 2 min.

I adapted the lyrics from the original "Stone Soup: A Rock Opera" to suit ESL students in Primary 4 (also, I changed the soups to ones that they would know)

Stone Soup Song (Overture)

You've heard of chicken soup and corn soup and onion and potato
Other soups with vegetables like carrots and tomato
But here's a story of a soup not made from beefy bones
It's a soup you've never seen
A soup that's made with stones (Oh!)

Stone soup, stone soup, Stone soup
Sounds so silly to you, you, you
Stone soup, stone soup, stone soup
The story says its true, true, true, true
Stone soup, stone soup, Stone soup
Sounds so silly to you, you, you
Stone soup, stone soup, stone soup
The story says its true!

You've heard of spicy soup and wonton soup
And soup that's made with clams
Congee with some chicken or sometimes with some ham
Some hungry visitors came to town
And asked if they had food
The villagers said they had nothing
So the visitors made a soup (Oh!)"

Many people who live in the global village are stopping by A Green Road Project to read, listen and watch as the stone soup warms up. They are watching Dr. Goodheart work. They watch him as prepares to cook this special stone soup.  

Millions of people are curious about how this magic stone soup is going to turn out that will feed 7 future generations of children in the global village. Dr. Goodheart assures everyone that the stone soup will taste wonderful and feed the whole global village. There is a lot of talk, many rumors and lots of misunderstandings in the global village. Many say that there is not enough, that they must hoard and accumulate even more to make it through on their own.

Earth Song Music video by Michael Jackson via @AGreenRoad

Many people are saying that there will not be enough to go around even if it can be made. Some say that one special group of villagers needs to control this stone soup. Some people are saying that it is all a fraud and scam. 

Top 100 Global Warming Denialist Groups Are ALL Funded By HUGE Corporations; via @AGreenRoad

Some people say that everyone should be very afraid and instead of making stone soup, they should spend more money on weapons and preparing for nuclear war and building walls and fences. Some people say that what is needed is more borders with guards and guns to keep people away from the stone soup. But Dr. Goodheart teaches that all that is needed to feed the whole global village and seven future generations, is just a little 'seasoning' and there is no reason to be afraid.

Earth Day Is Every Day - Honor And Respect Yourself, The Planet, All Living Beings

In the global village are many people, who each have something small to share, that will make the stone soup taste even better. Those villagers who have contributed already in some way are represented in this article for example. Other articles and videos on the AGRP site also teach how to make this special stone soup. You can make stone soup, where you are now, by acting and doing things in ways that benefits seven future generations, starting with something very small and easy to do.  Dr. Goodheart is teaching how to make stone soup via A Green Road Project (AGRP). Learn more about Dr. Goodheart and AGRP via the link below. 

About A Green Road Project

(Community focused version of Stone Soup Song)
Do you have anything to share, that will make the stone soup being made by Dr. Goodheart via A Green Road Project, taste even better? What are you doing to benefit seven future generations? What can you contribute?


There are some basic rules to making stone soup for seven generations. Learn these rules, so that you can start making stone soup too...

Constant Expansion

There are infinite resources to make stone soup. Stone soup can be made to handle the needs of seven future generations, through constant and never ending inner expansion, but not outer GDP growth. 

The Green Movement Continues To Grow In Double Digits; Help It Grow With Your Vote

There is no way to grow forever as a living being or economically as a country via GDP. The only constantly growing organism that never stops growing is a cancer. A country cannot grow forever without taking over and occupying all other countries and even then there is a limit on the planet. Growth forever is not a sustainable way to measure anything in a way that supports making stone soup for 7 future generations. 

However, there is no limit to expansion and growth within ourselves. We do have access to infinite resources. The mind is capable of infinite expansion in terms of awareness, wisdom and knowledge. The human spirit is capable of infinite expansion. The heart is capable of infinite amounts of compassion, empathy and love. We have not yet discovered even 1% of the capacity of the inner universe that humanity is capable of expanding into. The outer planet that everyone lives on is very limited, and humanity is using about 1.5 times more than it should be, in terms of what can be done to make stone soup for 7 future generations. We are borrowing ingredients from future generations to make stone soup today, and that is not right. 

There is no limit on how much stone soup we can share. There is no limit on grow together as a human global village in a sustainable fashion, as long was do not allow fear, doubt, anger, jealousy and other negative influences stop us. There is enough stone soup for everyone, but only if we make it in a way that does not harm 7 future generations. In a paradoxical way, there will also be enough for everyone on the planet today, as long was think and do things that way, instead of the way we doing it today, which is mostly upside down and backwards. 


Once the stone soup is made, there is enough for everyone, so it is made to be shared. Sharing stone soup is a natural part of being human. Even young children are taught to share their toys or the sandbox. 

Sharing is a basic law of how life operates among human beings. No one is an island operating alone. We share one world, a planet called Earth. We share one common future. We share the commons; fresh, clean, pure water, fresh, clean and pure air, fertile clean soil, (all radiation and pollution free) and other basic life supporting, sustainable resources such as trees fruits, animals and bacteria that support life. When people gather together in a community, they share. When people gather together in a corporation, non profit, church, school or a community group, they share. We share bridges, roads, parks, schools, and much more. 

How does the global village that we all live in share these limited common resources that make up stone soup, which feeds 7 future generations?  The resources on AGRP are provided to humanity for free to the global village. Everyone is supposed to get their share of stone soup, sufficient to meet their NEEDS, but not necessarily all of their desires.  

Is privatizing everything that makes up stone soup, just for the benefit of the 1% a healthy way to run a village? If the 1% can sell the air, water, ground, trees, and other resources just to enrich themselves more, at the expense of the 99% of the people who live in the village, is this the best way to make stone soup for 7 future generations?

Connections; Respect The Blanket Of Life

Stone soup is eaten while sitting on the blanket, called the blanket of life. The strings that make up the blanket of life are woven together in a way that supports and protects all members of the global village. The blanket or web of life is also the source of all of the ingredients for the stone soup that feeds 7 future generations. Without this blanket, there is no stone soup for anyone, not even the 1%. Without the blanket of life, there is only hard, rocky ground, no living things and a planet that is inhospitable to ANY life. Why pull apart the blanket that protects you, feeds you, and keeps you warm, or keeps the burning sun away from your skin?

The blanket or web of life is part of us, and we are part of the blanket or web of life. Everyone is connected to everyone else. The air that you breathe now was breathed by someone else before you, and the same goes for the water, and the food and everything else. If a single strand of the blanket of life is pulled out, it can unravel the whole blanket of life, if it is a keystone species. Humanity cannot afford to lose 300 species a day due to human actions, because the human species is one strand in that blanket of life. 

List of 45+ Negative Global Tipping Points; via @AGreenRoad

If a corporation pollutes the water, or a nuclear power plant pollutes the air with an invisible poison, it affects the whole blanket of life, including humans. Humans are living as if there is no connection. Humans are living as if there is no blanket of life, made of billions of strands. People through their daily actions are pulling apart the blanket and web of life, destroying the very foundation of the house that future generations need to live in, brick by brick. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%


Stone soup story, corporate style, what are the 3 basic lessons for individuals and corporations?
The 1% within corporations are acting in ways that may increase their profits, but the expense is the web of life, which is infinitely more valuable than any one corporate existence, much less profitability. Military armies are using weapons (DU) that destroy the human genome for a million years, effectively pulling apart the web of life from the top down to the bottom.

Learn How To Make Stone Soup

The AGRP site and video library is a 'recipe book' put together by Dr Goodheart, which teaches the global village how to make stone soup for seven future generations, without causing harm. Dr. Goodheart also teaches which ingredients to avoid, as they will poison the soup and cause immense suffering for the global village, resulting in the extinction of the global village. Learning the Science Of Sustainable Health and Success is required if humanity is to make it through what is coming. Learning the science is not easy, it takes time and effort, just like going to college. Anything worthwhile is worth effort, time, energy and money. What is the Science of Sustainable Health And Success worth? 

Access the recipe book at A Green Road


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