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Why are parents suing for compensation and evacuation of their children? The government says everything is safe and people should move back to Fukushima province and live happily ever after. 

Fukushima aftermath: Parents sue for compensation and evacuation in 2014

Here is what one reporter has to say about this...

There is a brief glimpse at one crucial piece of evidence in the above video, which is the thyroid scan of her thyroid, which the doctors say is 'normal'. Really? 

Does everyone have radioactive Iodine 131 and 134 in their thyroid these days, at a level of 32 Bq/kg, including the children? Certainly, some medical professionals would disagree with this claim of 'safety and normalcy'. For more information click on links below. 

Maybe her radioactive iodine levels have something to do with the fact that it is still being detected in sewage sludge in various cities, even in 2014. 

Japan Radioactive Iodine 131 Levels In Sewage Sludge Levels Are RISING; March 2011 To 2014 - Why? via @AGreenRoad

10 Bq/Kg Cesium Radiation In Food Unsafe, Dr. Conrad Miller MD - Cesium Radiation Accumulates Over Time Inside Human Beings To Lethal Levels; via @AGreenRoad

As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Cesium Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems; via @AGreenRoad

The reporter in the video above, lived in Japan and went through the nuclear disaster. She did not say when this radioactive iodine test was taken, but it sounds like it was taken in 2013 or 2014. If that is the case, why is radioactive Iodine 131 showing up at all? 

The half life of that element is a matter of days. It should have been gone within a few months after 3/11. Radioactive Iodine 133 has a much longer half life, so that one is harder to say where it is from. Bottom line there should be ZERO radioactive Iodine 131 if this test was taken anytime after 2012. 

There is no mention of radiation test results for the kids, just assurances that are given by the government, that everything is 'safe'. 

Maybe things are not as safe or as normal as they seem at first glance. After all, the 2,000 poisonous and radioactive elements that came out of Fukushima (and are still pouring out) are all invisible to the human senses. Everything can look, feel, smell, and seem 'normal', despite radiation levels that are lethal. 

This video describes how in desperation due to non action by government and nuclear industry, parents sued city governments in 2011 to evacuate their children. Their legal case was dismissed without even being heard. 

"Fukushima, Never Again" tells the story of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns in north east Japan in March of 2011 and exposes the cover-up by Tepco and the Japanese government. 

This is the first film that interviews the Mothers Of Fukushima, nuclear power experts and trade unionists who are fighting for justice and the protection of the children and the people of Japan and the world. The residents and citizens were forced to buy their own geiger counters and radiation dosimeters in order to test their communities to find out if they were in danger. 

The government said contaminated soil in children's school grounds was safe and then when the people found out it was contaminated and removed the top soil, the government and TEPCO refused to remove it from the school grounds.

It also relays how the nuclear energy program for "peaceful atoms" was brought to Japan under the auspices of the US military occupation and also the criminal cover-up of the safety dangers of the plant by TEPCO and GE management which built the plant in Fukushima. It also interviews Kei Sugaoka, the GE nulcear plant inspector from the bay area who exposed cover-ups in the safety at the Fukushima plant and was retaliated against by GE. 

This documentary allows the voices of the people and workers to speak out about the reality of the disaster and what this means not only for the people of Japan but the people of the world as the US government and nuclear industry continue to push for more new plants and government subsidies. This film debunks the PR story line by the corporate media in Japan, the US and around the world that Fukushima is over and done with. 

Mothers of Fukushima-Fighting For Their Children 17 min. 2013(Trailer)

Production Of Labor Video Project
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2014 - Fukushima Lawsuit Filed, Parents Sue For Evacuation And Compensation

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