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"Previous video talking about Geiger counters in Japan:
Previous video explaining Becquerels (measurement of radioactive contamination in food)

Knowledge is power and power includes the ability to make judgements to keep you and your family safe. Educate yourselves properly so you can make sound scientific judgements. Don't jump to quick or unfounded conclusions but also don't believe everything that the authorities say with regards to "safety" after a nuclear related accident. There is no such thing as "safe" levels of artificial radiation." Source; description below video

In the video above, AGRP and the citizen investigative journalist explores one possible low tech, low cost way to detect high levels of radiation in food. (Note; Geiger counters are not designed to measure radiation in food or drinks, but this may still be better than nothing, so it is included here for lack of any better solution.) 

Why is this the 'new normal'? With radiation accumulating in food, both meat, vegetables, nuts and fruits, the average person has no way of knowing how much radiation is in it. In certain areas, it may now be necessary to test ALL food before consuming it, due to the overwhelming magnitude of radiation contamination from many nuclear accidents and nuclear facilities globally, not to mention depleted uranium DU weapons use. At best, the government tests about 1% of all food or drinks, but usually much less than that. 

It is well known and accepted that toxic radiation accumulates in water supplies such as rivers, lakes and the bottom sediment of lagoons and ocean bottoms, after nuclear accidents. Radiation then bio-concentrates in fish that live in that contaminated fresh water and salt water. 

Runoff of fresh water from land which has been contaminated ends up contaminating oceans and at least some of the salt water creatures that live in it. Radiation can and does accumulate and bio-concentrate up the food chain from the smallest algae up the food chain to larger fish and other creatures that live in the ocean, just like mercury, for example.


How To Test For Radiation In Food With Pancake Style Geiger Counter
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