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Comments About A Green Road (AGR); What Are People And Academia Saying About A Green Road?


Via; "Academia.edu on 10/11/2017

Dear A Green Road,

1,142 people recently read one of the papers that mentions the name "A Green Road".

A total of 824 papers on Academia mention your name.

8 were recently recommended"


Starting in August of 2014, AGR started collecting random posts from people commenting about AGR articles. These comments are not complete, and AGR apologizes for all the comments missed, that are not included here. See additional comments under specific articles.


Via CodeShutdown July 29, 2014  "Dr. Goodheart, I commend you on your tireless and well executed works. Your site stands out above all others for its inclusiveness, positivity, balance and selfless good intent for the earth and its inhabitants."

Jinglepots October 30, 2014 "Than-you Dr.G. for this excellent information in your link on how to help oneself using natural remedies, when it comes to radiation exposure. It was nice to hear Chris Busby again, as well:)"

moonshellblue August 29, 2014  "I highly recommend Dr. Good hearts website a lot of very adept info and once again kudos to you Doc for your excellent work."

Radio August 29, 2014  "Ditto, msb."

We Not They Finally January 1, 2015 ..."Meanwhile, kudos to Dr. G. — agreenroad correlates more diverse info into one place than nearly anyone, and it is very much appreciated.

ISeePinkClouds August 29, 2014  "... Thanks to all of your for supporting the truth with facts here today. I can handle the truth. And, yes, thank you Dr. Goodheart. I watched 500 Nations on A Green Road Project just last night. Nice respite, really sad, but true."

chemfood September 5, 2014 "lol, Dr. You're funny. The vast info your blog provides is amazing. All..are encouraged to go http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/

Aug 6, 2014 - We Applaud A Green Road Blog For The Information They Post! ...Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In ...Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

Sep 17, 2013 - Behind the scenes, a few large monopolies control Congress and ....Symptoms Of Low Dose Radiation Exposure; via A Green Road

Thanks to a Green Road Project, We Get Some Truth! Aug23 by nootkabear ... even more high cost, patented drugs, vaccines and GMO products. ... Low Dose Radiation Causes Bacteria And Viruses to Mutate Into SUPER LETHAL BUGS.

Alan Reid  I had to laugh last night.. I plugged the 2011 playlist Dr GoodHeart hosts and i think my computer belched. Way good stuff. Thanks a ton for the playlist Dr Goodheart.. You rock!
(since that time, Youtube deleted all 1,400 videos)

Via ISeePinkClouds - "Yes. NEWSERS. I am overwhelmed by the way everyone here has jumped on this story to get the Truth,and the Rad Word Out. Honestly, I have never been so impressed. A quick look this morning showed nothing on this story on the MSM, but NEWSERS have it covered in detail, and post haste. That just goes to show that MSM doesn't have citizens best interest in mind. In fact, they are nothing but shills for the Nuclear Industry. ...What a great job everyone has done! Dr Goodheart, you always do good such good work, and this time is no exception. In fact, you were totally on top of it. Everyone here did, and everyone here was. Thank you NEWSERS. Thank you for all the work you do to help others. Myself included. Blessings. Peace"

Sickputer October 30, 2014  Good job Doc! The nucleoapes just can't stand the hard facts of death records and historical data. They will not escape the verdict of history.

Jinglepots October 30, 2014 "Dr. G. That is a fascinating article you posted. I did not know about this other source of plutonium contamination, how it was spread all over the earth from satellites. Good grief, they leave no stone unturned in their apparent quest to destroy life on earth."

Via obewanspeaks November 14, 2014  "Dr., Excellent education you provide! As usual! Great Work!"

J. November 14, 2014 "Within your exceptionally informative link is a tremendous documentary by an Australian Tv channel. It has lots about Safecast. When Safecast started, their funding made me a bit concerned that it would turn into a 'controlled opposition' outfit, toeing the nuclear cartel's line, but fortunately Safecast goes from strength to strength. I hope they will get eventually sell their geiger counter as a finished product rather than a kit; I think they could raise funds that way. At $450 for a do-it-yourself kit, it's a bit off-putting for some folks I think. Anyway, thanks for your hard work and another great posting.

ISPC November 18, 2014 Yes. Dr. Goodheart. TY. I read that recently. I follow your links. You are very much respected by me. By the way, the information you present on WIPP is enlightening. You are throughly informed. The video interview you posted of VB Price interviewing Don Hancock was very encouraging to see. Suits that care. What a concept. We are not alone. Much gratitude. Peace

Dick Shenary January 17, 2015 Dr.G – For a long time, I have wanted to say Thank You not only for your astute comments here but for your excellent website which I have found to be a fine resource. I hope it is a labor of love for you.

ISPC February 24, 2015 Yes. Dr. Goodheart. TY. You are not going to trick me into spending all day on AGRP again today; I hope. Then again, it wasn't all that bad, really. Besides, everybody has to be somewhere doing something. Well, OK, I'll bite. Hello, Green Road. Thanks Dr. G. Catch ya'll later.

bowling February 24, 2015 thanks homolumina and doc i love both of your writings and insights.

CodeShutdown March 23, 2015  PJ, Dr Goodhearts article was good. For me, that review and the one on witch hunts shine a beam on the atrocities, and show how backward and inhumane humans have been, and how we are still living in the dark ages. It dissolves the mystery of how people could possibly be pro nuclear or pro war; man is bat-shit crazy! And not just a few; the hordes march lock step, giving themselves over to 'authorities' who are psychopathic as often as not. Im not saying this is the opinion of the author. Dr Gs articles are like a healing balm…if only people would read them!

bowling March 29, 2015  I am glad you are here Doc. You have one of the best libraries on the politics, biology, health issues, and economics of nuclear issues that exists. 

Dave Harris Thank you for all your work, Dr. Goodheart. I have read many of your articles over the last two years and have learned a lot. I am also a long time lurker at enenews.

ISPC May 20, 2015 Yes. Dr. Goodheart. As always, thank you. From AGRP: "How Man Made Radioactive Elements Corrode, Degrade, Embrittle And Erode All Matter And Living Creatures, Including Human Children And Embryos, Fetuses"

If this headline and article does not wake one up to the danger man-made radiation poses to everything, then I suggest that one will be sleeping until their Soul Dissolves somewhere down Eternity Road. AGRP keeps me in the Waking State; as does ENENews, and our Newser Family. Great Thanks to All. Peace

Checkmate March 17, 2015  Dr.GH…Thanks for the info and link. I guess it is the roll of the dice to know your time left on planet Earth…

BanReactorsForever June 2, 2015  "Dr. GH, Great article and references about the Corporations doing exactly what ISIS does. Spot on. Also a very excellent article about China winning the war without firing a shot. Our government is for sale. Not just any regular sale either. A MEGA SUPER HUGE EVERYTHING MUST GO, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE!!! Foreign governments and individuals are "contributing" to gain powerful influence over our elected reps, senators and president. If China was not bringing in massive piles of cash on ships to launder en route to contributing to US politicians it would be very surprising. Chinese container and bulk cargo ships are at the Port of Seattle nearly every day. They bring in the radioactive, rejected in China, seafood from Japan and take our grain back to Shanghai. AFter all, it's not like our government is actually checking for radioactive contaminants in our food. We need food monitoring for radiation and we needed it 4 years ago! Campaign finance reform is desperately needed for US to take back the power from Monsanto/Entergy/Halliburton/Google."

from a distance June 8, 2015  @ Dr. Goodheart, I can't tell you how important your blogs are. When trying to research, your website is the only thing that comes up with relevant information.

Thanks for your good work.

melting mermaidAugust 7, 2015 That about sums it up, Dr G. I'll be singing my guitar gently weeps all day. Your the best. Thanks for everything you do. You're a true and blue defender of truth.

HoTatersAugust 9, 2015 Thanks for all your great work. You have built an astonishing compendium of information on things nuclear, and on environmental issues (among other things).  Kudos.

GOMAugust 9, 2015 Ditto DocG. What he said.

We Not They FinallyAugust 9, 2015  Ditto plus.

AnneBeck September 5, 2015 Thanks, Doc; you're so good at all of this, too. I tend to get distracted when searching information. Then, when I tell someone what I know and the first thing they say is, "link?", I want to scream: GOOGLE IT. I mean, this is how I find what I find…And I do not believe everything I read, to the chagrin, I am sure, of certain folk. There is MUCH garbage to wade through and get past in order to get to the good stuff; the meat. This is why I really do appreciate all of the legwork done by you, Kelly Ann, Doc, and by Admin, for keeping it up. What a task! And y'all are just great for doing it.

SadieDog October 28, 2015 Why in the hell would anybody be opposed to spreading truth?! Dc spreads enenews energy all over by linking to it. I have no connection to AGRP, but I challenge anyone to go and read his ABOUT page and any article and find something negative. Maybe Fukushima is affecting your brains… Rock on Doc.

obewanspeaks October 29, 2015  Maybe they want to ease their pain? There are 7 billion people on this planet and probably well over 100,000 comments on this site in the last 4 years and I do not think 519 comments means very much. Doc's site is a wealth of information for anyone that goes there and reads the information and I think once you/he/us/we finally understand the size of the scam/conspiracy that has been pulled over everyone's eyes in broad daylight by our supposed best leaders and scientists..Sarcasm should be expected and the least of our worries..I should think.

The Earth is dying and we are witnessing it live and in real time..

The Giant - Humbled September 27, 2015 Sorry about the late response, we are off the grid w/o internet, so we use relatives web access when in town. Having dinner in DC recently, and some people at the table were lamenting the "poor people," who don't have electric, running water, central heat, etc. Amber and I had to laugh when queried, "isn't that tragic?"

Our response, well. not really, you see, we live that way and we like it. It's simple, we have our chickens and other critters, fruit trees, garden, etc. Got some real funny looks from, in the words of Doc Holiday in Tombstone, "our fellow sophisticates."

We had a couple of invited talks at Harvard Medical School on Mood Disorders and Depression: An Indigenous Perspective and the Harvard School of Public Health – When Worlds Collide: Patriarchy in Public Health. My partner graciously allowed me to make reference to the Fukushima Issue at the end of the talks and to provide a brief handout and I was able to provide information on accessing this web site, Dr, Goodheart's Greenroad website, and Stcok's Nukepro. This opened the door to having open dialogue with some very bright people after the formal presentations – I was quite amazed to find out that folks with MD / PhDs were totally unaware of the Fukushima issue. I expect some will at least look into the issue. It wasn't much, but, I couldn't move off track of the invited talks, so had to be content with the discussion after the discussion, so to speak.

penny March 20, 2016 On a lighter note, having thanked Dr. G and Dana for the materials they provided which helped me to write a paper, I should also thank everyone else (stock, maija, all the others who blog and who have increased my knowledge on this depressing topic) for having contributed. To the paper, and to neurotic insomnia.

moonshellblue March 29, 2016 Dr. Goodheart, I just wanted to Thank You for all you extensive info found on your excellent blog. You have done an absolutely awesome job relaying every aspect of this horrific nuclear accident.

ISeePinkClouds April 26, 2016  I want to give AGRP credit for being my main search engine, and best resource on all things unfamiliar. Thank you, Dr. G.  It has been only recently that I have able to follow links inside a heading on AGRP. Totally low bandwidth previously. The library 80 miles away limited my access to two hours a day.

Sol Man May 4, 2016 Thank you Goodheart for all that you have contributed here. These pages are good reading.

vital1 May 24, 2016 Dr Goodheart, thanks for adding that report to your huge library of important information.

Via email; June 28 2016 I love your blog and posts on enenews Dr. I hit an article a day there. I tell as many people as possible about A Green Road Journal. I will send you a money order. Please keep up the good work. You are well loved and respected. I pray you and all of UA will continue to do well. You are a great person. With love and admiration from Becky, John, Josh, Chris, and Karen

obewanspeaks September 15, 2016 Keep up the good work..not that anything will change anytime soon. It has to start somewhere..reality that is.

You are a very powerful Jedi!

Thank You for caring!

jessica1 SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 Dr. Goodheart. I think you have the best and most informative anti-nuclear and Fukushima blog on the internet. 

Via Ken Jun 16, 2018; A green road journal, is certainly the very best compendium and, diary of the ongoing nuclear apocolypse. It blazed on the scene, after the lid to the massive, ongoing nuclear-genocide and lies, were blown wide open by Fukushima.

Dr Goodheart, is probably the most brave and honest person on the planet. All the trolls, govt spooks, disinfo operations in the world, cannot change that. The unbelievable blowback and resistance to the truth, continues to exist. It continues to wxist, in the face of fukushima and, what has been said by dr caldicott et al for years."

This nuclear madness and extinction, originated, when the united shithole of murica started the insanity. Nothing can justify the evil they created. It has continued to grow and become worse. If there are historians, if they access A green Road Journal, they will recognize its greatness.

What works for 7 future generations without causing harm?

Follow where that questions leads.. and keep asking the question, as you go deeper into the mystery. Be present, aware, in your heart, and follow the path less traveled.


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