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Free Radiation Test For Home Air Filters, Car Air Filters, or Home Vacuum Cleaner - HOT Furnace Filter Radiation Reading

Here is an example of WHY everyone should be testing their filters on car, vacuum, home and business. The narrator above found a peak reading in a small heater air filter of over 600 CPM, at 2:32 in.

Another radiation reading on a furnace filter that had not been changed for a year, with readings up to the 500 CPM range.

VERY HIGH RADIOACTIVITY measured in Kentucky, in air filter, Oct 17, 2012)


Via vital1 November 18, 2014  Here are some more, "way out there in rad land" items.

Accidental and Surprising Detection of Radioactivity in Lead Solder.

Light Tower Radiation Treatment, and Kitchen Sponges.

Black fungus material from Japan

Hot Jewelry Detection Special Report

Not everyone has a sensitive radiation detector like the one above. Not everyone can afford one either, so now AGRP is offering information to anyone interested in having their filter tested for free, as follows.....


Testing and analytical services for the program are provided by KI4U, Inc. of Gonzales, TX. ( Widely regarded as one of the nation's most experienced radiological instrument testing and calibration labs, KI4U has the instruments, staffing and experience necessary to quickly and efficiently carry out the testing program.

AlertsUSA ( is sponsoring the testing program. The company provides America's gold standard national security threat and incident notification service for mobile devices. Their publication, Threat Journal (mentioned above) is the official mechanism for regular updates on the RadTest4U national test program.

Get a tracking number from (, which is just the program registration website.

Be careful when handling filters as they can be highly toxic and radioactive. Wear glove, mask and minimize any movement that can release dust into the air. Enclose filter in a plastic bag as soon as it is removed and seal it before moving it further. Take a shower and wash clothes afterwards, just in case.


Checkmate November 17, 2014 "DrG, thanks for your filter readings- perhaps you need a Hepa 15 on your furnace. With my HEPA #15 on the furnace, I thought of doing another test on my small space air filter with a HEPA #15 in a room and to see how much that caught after the furnace HEPA.

As far as the mentioned free testing goes- I was not really impressed at all. My previous HEPA#15 tested after 6 months use and very dirty tested at about 110% above my background there- a far cry from my personal Inspector Alert reading of 1,267% to 2,690% cpms counts above my average on the last filter I did myself. Also nothing was tested as far as cesium or anything else for that matter, only the cpms. And it is not cheap to ship UPS…

But like anything, I believe a lot is being fudged- whether it is maybe an occasional lab or some rad monitoring sites or even some companies testing and re-setting your GC. Whom do you trust now days??? Government is far reaching… And most people want to please the big G to some extend in order not to be completely shut down in their businesses…so the bend is there…just don't break the twig or else."

Checkmate points out that a filter should be HEPA rated in order to filter out as many radioactive hot particles as possible. HEPA will do a better job of getting dangerous things out of the air, when compared with just an ordinary furnace filter. Combine HEPA with ionization to grab even more dust out of the air, which then avoids going into your lungs, which are also an air filter. Check your vehicle air filter regularly too, if you have one. Of course, change all of them regularly. 


Of course, it pays to double test all filters if possible. As Checkmate points out above, even 'free' labs like this may 'fudge' the numbers, so a good strategy is to send your filter to be tested by at least two places and then compare them side by side. If they are close to being the same in terms of numbers, and they are both non nuclear industry labs, then you more than likely have an accurate, true result. 

You can test a filter using your own radiation detector, (or a nearby friend) and then send it in to be tested and see what they come up with compared to your own radiation reading. It also pays to keep a filter sitting for a week and test it during that whole time, day after day. See if the radiation readings you get vary at all, before you send it away. 

There is a slight chance that radon coming through during a rainstorm can affect the results. Because radon decays so rapidly, it can show high levels right as the storm is coming through, but then a week later, the same sample is showing background radiation.


If you don't have a radiation detector, click on the link below. This brand is recommended by AGRP and has the round pancake style of detector head, which is much more sensitive than the cheaper tube types of detectors. Cheaper brands and many more choices are available at the AGRP store link..

A Green Road Store - Shop and Price Compare Pancake Style Geiger Counters

A Green Road Store - Shop And Price Compare Air Filters 

Where And How To Purchase Or Buy A Dosimeter Or Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector


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Free Radiation Test For Home Air Filters, Car Air Filters, or Home Vacuum Cleaner - HOT Furnace Filter Radiation Reading

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