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Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Nuclear Experts Leuren Moret, Laurens Battis and Arto Lauri Explain Wigner Effect And Hydrogen Embrittlement - How Man Made Artificial Radioactive Elements Corrode, Degrade, Erode All Matter And Living Creatures, Including Humans - Humanity Is Being Poisoned From Inside Out

This article explains and explores how man made radioactive elements such as hydrogen and neutron radiation degrade, rot, embrittle, and/or erode all matter and living creatures, including human beings, animals, insects and plants via Leuren Moret, Laurens Battis and Arto Lauri, providing an excellent video and pictures of the process.

Huge corporations other than the nuclear industry should be raising a huge stink about this, because all high tech, electronic, cell phone or other types of products involving anything metal are at risk. 


At Hanford, plutonium production fell off as Reactors B, D and F wore out, "poisoned" by fission products and swelling of the graphite moderator known as the Wigner effect. The swelling damaged the charging tubes where the uranium was irradiated to produce plutonium, rendering them unusable. In order to maintain the supply of polonium for the urchin initiators, production was curtailed and the oldest unit, B pile, was closed down so at least one reactor would be available in the future. Research continued, with DuPont and the Metallurgical Laboratory developing a redox solvent extraction process as an alternative plutonium extraction technique to the bismuth phosphate process, which left unspent uranium in a state from which it could not easily be recovered.[291]


Wikipedia; "To create the Wigner effect, neutrons that collide with the atoms in a crystal structure must have enough energy to displace them from the lattice. This amount (threshold displacement energy) is approximately 25 eV. A neutron's energy can vary widely but it is not uncommon to have energies up to and exceeding 10 MeV (10,000,000 eV) in the center of a nuclear reactor

A neutron with a significant amount of energy will create a displacement cascade in a matrix via elastic collisions. For example a 1 MeV neutron striking graphite will create 900 displacements; however, not all displacements will create defects because some of the struck atoms will find and fill the vacancies that were either small pre-existing voids or vacancies newly formed by the other struck atoms.

The atoms that do not find a vacancy come to rest in non-ideal locations; that is, not along the symmetrical lines of the lattice. These atoms are referred to as interstitial atoms, or simply interstitials. An interstitial atom and its associated vacancy are known as aFrenkel defect. Because these atoms are not in the ideal location they have an energy associated with them, much like a ball at the top of a hill has gravitational potential energy

When a large number of interstitials have accumulated, they pose a risk of releasing all of their energy suddenly, creating a temperature spike. Sudden unplanned increases in temperature can present a large risk for certain types of nuclear reactors with low operating temperatures and were the indirect cause of the Windscale fire

Accumulation of energy in irradiated graphite has been recorded as high as 2.7 kJ/g, but is typically much lower than this.[3] Despite some reports,[4]Wigner energy buildup had nothing to do with the Chernobyl disaster: This reactor, like all contemporary power reactors, operated at a high enough temperature to allow the displaced graphite structure to realign itself before any potential energy could be stored.

Intimate Frenkel pairs

In 2003, it was postulated that Wigner energy can be stored by the formation of metastable defect structures in graphite. Notably the large energy release observed at 200-250°C has been described in terms of a metastable interstitial-vacancy pair[6] The interstitial atom becomes trapped on the lip of the vacancy, and there is a barrier for it to recombine to give perfect graphite."


Angela_R February 22, 2015 [High-energy neutrons damage and degrade materials over time; bombardment of materials with neutrons creates collision cascades that can produce point defects and dislocations in the material, the creation of which is the primary driver behind microstructural changes occurring over time in materials exposed to radiation. At high neutron fluences this can lead to embrittlement of metals and other materials, and to swelling in some of them. This poses a problem for nuclear reactor vessels and significantly limits their lifetime (which can be somewhat prolonged by controlled annealing of the vessel, reducing the number of the built-up dislocations). Graphite moderator blocks are especially susceptible to this effect, known as Wigner effect, and have to be annealed periodically; the well-known Windscale fire was caused by a mishap during such an annealing operation]

Reactors were probably never meant to go past their initial licence term; even that may have been far too long."

Arto does an excellent job of explaining how radiation decays, hollows out, degrades and embrittles all matter in a methodical, step by step process. 


Wigner Effect; Nuked Radio Special with Leuren Moret and Laurens Battis
VIDEO  14 min

Program recorded Sept 14th, 2014

Of course, the nuclear industry does not want you to know anything about this, so they hide this information and try to deceive people in many ways. Click on the link for more information..

The picture above is of a light filament, which made of tungsten steel, one of the strongest metals on the planet. Under stress, it deforms but does not break. You can stretch this wire and it still holds. The metal surface is shiny and new, with a glossy, reflective hard surface and atomic structure.

Arto Lauri 80. Filament

In the video above, Arto explains how radiation erodes matter of all kinds, through alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons and Xrays, which come off of man made fuel rods inside nuclear reactors. He uses a tungsten filament from a light bulb to give an example of how this radiation damages not only concrete, steel, wood, plants, insects, animals, birds and fish, but also human beings. 

The above picture shows what radiation does to matter. You can see the pitted surface of tungsten above, under a high power microscope. The steel at the atomic level has become brittle, eroded, full of pits, holes and fissures. 

You can see the surface of the tungsten metal is pitted, full of holes, fissures, caves, hills and valleys. This is also what happens inside of a nuclear reactor to uranium or plutonium, or anything else exposed to radiation.


The uranium or MOX fuel inside of any reactor is 'eroded' by the neutron, gamma, Xrays and other radiations, creating this same effect that you see in the tungsten above, but applied to a nuclear reactor's fissioning fuel rods. Of course no one in the nuclear industry wants you to know this simple basic fact. Why not? Because if you knew about this basic fact, you would probably ask some difficult questions.

As the radiation 'eats' or dissolves matter, the fuel rods become more like sponges, rather than hard objects. The sponge above illustrates what a fuel rod or anything else that is exposed to radiation turns into inside of a nuclear reactor, or outsides of it for that matter. The radiation weakens all objects exposed to this radiation, both from the outside and from the inside out, as radioactive elements are ingested via food and drinks. In humans 70% of all radiation is ingested via food and drinks. 

Arto explains that if a shock hits that object, it no longer has the strength of the original substance, whether it is metal, concrete, living tissue, a tree, a fish, a human, a dog, cat, zebra or whatever. The radiation has eaten holes in the material or the living tissue and it can no longer support as much weight, or resist forces such as bending, shocks, heat stress, viruses, bacteria, or whatever. 

The material or living tissue just becomes weaker and weaker, ending up looking like a sponge in the picture above, instead of hard metal or concrete. The surface is the weakest and it gets denser as you move deeper into it, due to radiation eroding the surface away, so the object ends up looking like the picture above, with no strength or ability to resist anything. If radiation hits ceramic objects, it weakens that too, so if it is exposed to a shock or stress, it just crumbles into dust.

A neutron weakened one foot thick reactor vessel can shatter like weak, thin glass, despite being thick metal if subjected to a stress like cold water, earthquake, etc. 

Jebus November 21, 2014  It really isn't the cask that is the initial problem. That failure comes after the rods cladding becomes brittle, degrades and splits open, allowing the pellets to fall to the bottom… Embrittlement and DBTT of High-Burnup PWR Fuel Cladding Alloys


Wigner2: Metallurgy in Reactors & Planes
VIDEO:  15 min

Wigner Effect, Metallurgy, Reactors and Planes
What happens to all of that missing radioactive metal? What happens if this same radiation gets out (which it does) and how does it affect living tissue, in children for example?


The decay process seen above in the tungsten metal is the same thing that also happens on an atomic cellular level when the body or the bones are are exposed cell by cell, to invisible man made radiation both from the outside in and from the inside out. The neutron, gamma, beta, alpha and X-ray radiation weakens the structure and damages the DNA and hollows out plus decays the bones, using this same radiation mechanism. In plants, the radioactive elements get inside the plant tissues and decay them from the inside out, killing them slowly, but surely over time. 

The living cells can and do repair some damage, if the dose is very small, but not always correctly, especially on a DNA level. Sometimes, the damage is permanent, and the DNA becomes defective, but then it multiplies. The immune system is weakened, so all living things are more prone to infections, insect attack, virus, bacteria and fungus disease. The immune system strength is reduced the higher the dose of radiation.

If the radiation dose is large enough, the decaying process just accelerates and the bones plus other cells in the body degrade and fall apart, just like the tungsten metal above, or the following example of a Hanford worker. 

"With calm and dignity, but with tearful eyes, Anatoly's spouse reminisces about the terrifying acute syndrome of radiations which took her husband's life : "He was confined to bed during six months, and, you can put it this way, he decayed alive. Every part of him, his entire back … you could see his bare bones … I could extract bone residues... decayed bones, rotten." Doctors were helpless." (Help fund Belrad Institute by clicking on link)

Source; (Help fund Belrad Institute by clicking on link)

The decay of the DNA and the overall health of children in Belarus is seen at a glance in the chart above, showing the health of children going down drastically since Chernobyl. The red line indicates the unhealthy/diseased or deformed children rate going up to close to 90% of all children born in the region since Chernobyl. This same decay process will happen to children in japan due to Fukushima, and to children in Pennsylvania around TMI and any other nuclear accident sites. Nuclear radiation is anti life death, disease and decay promoting entropy energy. 


TV: US nuclear workers’ brains eaten away, hallucinating, mental capacity of preschooler — Wife films frightened, trembling husband on deathbed — It’s indescribable what they’ve done and they don’t care — They want you to die — Gov’t Experts: It’s allergies from cats or feathers… or B-12 deficiency — Doctor: Quit helping workers get help

November 21st, 2014 TV: US nuclear workers’ brains eaten away, hallucinating, mental capacity of preschooler — Wife films frightened, trembling husband on deathbed — It’s indescribable what they’ve done and they don’t care — They want you to die — Gov’t Experts: It’s allergies from cats or feathers… or B-12 deficiency — Doctor: Quit helping workers get help (VIDEO)

KING 5 News, Nov. 20, 2014: Steve Ellingson, a radiation specialist [at Hanford] sought treatment… after he inhaled toxic vapors… Penser North America [administers the DOE insurance system]… The physician paid by Penser… determined “there’s no evidence of work related impairment [and he] most likely encountered an irritating odor”… That physician is Larry Smick… He never met Ellingson in person… His conclusions were based on the review of his medical file… Smick has a longstanding history of dismissing Hanford workers.

KING 5 News transcript, Nov. 20, 2014 (emphasis added): In 2002, Steve Lewis, a Hanford electrician developed burning lungs, chronic nosebleeds… [Dr. Smick] concluded it wasallergies from cats or feathers… not vapors vented from the most deadly substance on earth. Did you have allergies before? “I’ve never had an allergy in my life.”… Dr. Smick left a trail of emails showing he was under pressure to keep contractors happy. In an email to his staff… he directed them to quit helping workers get help. “Please do not encourage workers to file compensation claims. We could be invited off the site if that behavior continues.”… A former medical provider that worked under Dr. Smick accused her boss of not putting patient health first, Smick responded… “Occupational medicine is not the same as other types of medicine. You have the business needs of the employer to consider.”

KING 5 News, Oct 14, 2014: Gary Sall… [worked at Hanford] for 28 years… 10 years ago… his brain function got worse and worse. Within 5 years he… could barely speak, hallucinated, and operated on the level of a 4-year-old… Doctors diagnosed him with work-related toxic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disorder… 

Barbara Sall, Hanford worker: “You totally lose everything… your memories, your mind… Everything’s gone, it’s just a shell… No one should ever see their loved one go through what he went through. It got very, very bad… Once you get sick they get rid of you, you’re no good anymore… [It's] undescribable what they’ve done to my family. They don’t care. They don’t even know we exist… Washington DC is turning its back on the fact that Hanford… is killing people.

Tri City Herald, June 8, 2011: “It’s an awful way to go,” [Sall] said. “It eats your brain away. It turns you into nothing.”… “How many people… have to die before [DOE] is held accountable for what it is doing to workers?” asked Lawrence Rouse, who has the [same] disease.

Al Jazeera, Oct 14, 2014: Terry Wattenburger [age 50]… a few years back, he looked like a football player… cancer and lung disease have taken a toll… [he dropped] to 106 pounds… doctors removed his entire stomach… He struggles with… neuromuscular disorder… stomach cancer… nerve damage… “My immune system is totally compromised”… Jerry Ferson [worked] at Hanford… for nearly 30 years… medical records show… brain dysfunction… toxic encephalopathy… neurotoxicity syndrome
What could be causing this nerve damage, brain damage, cancers and lung damage in the Hanford workers? 

Via OldFool November 21, 2014 "Radiation can cause temporary or longer lasting neurological effects, depending on the duration and dose. Sounds like gamma radiation or x-ray radiation. Bremsstrahlung x-ray photons created by betas hitting metal, from beta emitters, like Sr-90 or Yt-90, can be much more powerful than regular medical x-ray photons. They can approach the neighborhood of the lower level gamma ray photon energies. Hanford has many steel tanks, probably with some very strong beta emitters, one would imagine.

Bill Duff November 21, 2014  "Breaking Effect Gamma and XRAY from hitting water molecules in the human body. (Bremsstrahlung) Bremsstrahlung or Breaking Effect photons are caused by high energy Beta particles hitting water molecules or metals. A visible example is the cerulean blue light inside nuclear reactors. Fukushima water storage tanks emit Gamma Radiation and; X-Rays due to the effect. Internal Bremsstrahlung light, Gamma and X-RAYS occur when high energy Beta particles hit water molecules, metals or trace elements inside the human body.


Every nuclear reactor produces radioactive hydrogen gas, which is in solution, but also bubbles out and forms a radioactive gas that must be released. This hydrogen migrates out into the metal reactor vessel, into the fuel rods and into the piping of the whole system. As it does this, it builds up a 'pressure', which 'swells' the metal, increases the size of voids and degrades the strength of the materials, causing cracks, fissures and voids. This effect is described by both English and Danish scientists.

Michael V.B. February 24, 2015 That blog post referred to above (Shortlink: ) translates the intro; after that basically Prof. Digby explains the most important, and the Greenpeace document tells the rest. (I was about to transcribe the whole interview, but found it unnecessary after finding the Greenpeace doc.);

In the TV interview:
- There aren't more cracks than 2 years ago, they re-analyzed the same data and found that with the better data processing, they found way more cracks and they're bigger.
- Experts are alarmed because hydrogen, in its single atom form penetrates through the steel easily and binds with other hydrogen atoms inside those cracks to form hydrogen gas that stays trapped there. Over time it could lead to hydrogen pressure build-up inside the cracks big enough to rip open the containment, suddenly with no-warning, as has occurred in oil/gas pipelines. There would be no way to cool the fuel after that, leading to yet another "we never considered that" catastrophic scenario.
- They don't know if the cracks were always there, or if they've multiplied or grown since the reactor vessels were poured 40+ years ago by the Rotterdam Drydock Company (from the Netherlands; company no longer exists)
- To really find out, they'd have to permanently ruin one reactor, to cut out steel samples for further investigation.

m a x l i February 26, 2015 A previously unknown phenomenon? says: "Cracks discovered in the walls of Belgian nuclear reactors are causing unease among experts. The reason: a previously unknown phenomenon – material fatigue. There are fears that many more reactors could be affected."

The process shortly mentioned later in that article is called Hydrogen embrittlement and is not at all previously unknown.

"Hydrogen embrittlement is the process by which various metals, most importantly high-strength steel, become brittle and fracture following exposure to hydrogen. Hydrogen embrittlement is often the result of unintentional introduction of hydrogen into susceptible metals during forming or finishing operations and increases cracking in the material. This phenomenon was first described in 1875." and Spiegel Online tell different stories. According to Spiegel Online NPP operator Electrabel and FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) are saying according to their preliminary findings those cracks have already been in place when the reactors were built three decades ago.
(And, no comments allowed at Spiegel Online this time… Why? Most articles on nuclear power there are followed by dozens or hundreds of comments.)

or-well February 26, 2015 Bet your life this story is being urgently suppressed -

and from enenews contributor Michael V.B.

It's a HUGE story – that's why we'll see/hear so little.
Might as well put up the Greenpeace link -

The above news accounts point at what happens to nuclear workers at Hanford. At WIPP, the same thing happened.


After you read some of these articles, odds are that the conclusion reached will be, Chernobyl workers and the public were not being protected from harm and still are not protected from harm, as hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people live in radiation contaminated areas, eating radiation contaminated foods and drinks. 


Nuclear workers are used up, thrown away and denied any compensation for exposure to radiation and/or chemicals and heavy metal poisons that make up the world of the nuclear industry. They do this to their workers, who they are 'closest' to.

What do you think they would do to the public and to communities? What do you think they will do to the environment if they treat their own workers like this? Do you really believe that they give a hoot about anything other than short term profits and PR pro nuclear industry spin? Do you really believe that they are going to protect your children, your pets, or future generations?

"Do not go where the freeway may lead - Go instead where there is no path and leave A Green Road for others to follow."




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Nuclear Experts Leuren Moret, Laurens Battis and Arto Lauri Explain Wigner Effect And Hydrogen Embrittlement - How Man Made Artificial Radioactive Elements Corrode, Degrade, Erode All Matter And Living Creatures, Including Humans - Humanity Is Being Poisoned From Inside Out

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