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PhotoRemediation Hypercon Process; Remove One Neutron From Nuclei, Transmute Long Life Nuclear Waste Into Short Lived Isotopes


In the midst of the tritium research and Paul’s inability to buy it in the state where he worked, he accidentally stumbled upon a curious phenomenon in a nuclear handbook. 

As he looked down a long list of radioactive isotopes which are all made in nuclear reactors, Paul noticed that if he could remove one neutron from their nuclei, he would transmute each of them into a very-short-lived isotope. 

This discovery made him very excited and for the next few years, Paul started testing this theory. Not only was it true but the government apparently knew about it right after WW II. (Many scientific labs around the world subsequently confirmed the viability of the photoremediation--Hypercon process.) 

Why bury nuclear waste and endanger everyone nearby for thousands of years, Paul asked, when he could apply photoremediation (using low energy X-rays) and generate electricity too? As another company was formed and started to bring this invention to where Nuclear Solutions is today, Paul and his family had to survive a National Security Agency campout at their home for an extended period of time. 

The NSA kept threatening him and his family with "bringing in the van" if they didn't cooperate. When one young company employee asked an NSA agent what would happen if they just posted the information about nuclear waste treatment on the web in spite of any NSA controls, the agent responded, "We will kill you." (Paul's wife who was there has also confirmed this quote.) 

In terror, they could only imagine whether they would live through the interrogation experience or not. It was fortunate, as Paul told me later, that he made phone calls to at least one or more high level government friends, including one who had connections with the CIA. The intercession between Paul and the NSA, that was facilitated by the third party, was crucial to allowing Paul and his company to continue with their completely peaceful intention of eliminating nuclear waste.

Paul Brown was, and always will be, a hero in my eyes. He was also the first recipient of the "Integrity in Research Award" at our Conference on Future Energy in 1999, which made him very happy. The picture of Paul accepting that award can be found on our institute’s website, where we also proudly offer the 200-page "Collected Writings of Paul Brown, Ph.D." (IRI #808) as a memorial to his genius. 

Paul has published extensively on a wide variety of topics including atmospheric electricity, variable reluctance alternators, propellentless propulsion, alternates to mass-gain at light velocities, gravity and residual electric force, besides the nuclear topics mentioned above. Wired magazine produced a great article about Paul in Feb., 1999 called "Nuking Nukes" that is posted at
(and can be emailed, faxed, or printed for free, according to the website).

The company he founded, Nuclear Solutions, has confirmed their intention to carry on Dr. Brown’s lifetime of service and discovery. Their main product, clean electricity generation plants utilizing photoremediation of nuclear waste, is well-documented on their website. It is a publicly trading company whose stock will inevitably soar, just as Paul did with all of his achievements.

Keeping the faith,

Thomas Valone, MA, PE
Integrity Research Institute
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PhotoRemediation Hypercon Process; Remove One Neutron From Nuclei, Transmute Long Life Nuclear Waste Into Short Lived Isotopes
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