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Dr. Paul Offit MD And Dr. Boyd Haley MD Debate Vaccines; Pro And Con

Dr. Paul Offit MD says vaccines are safe and effective. Dr. Boyd Haley MD says that they are NOT SAFE. Watch as they debate each other, and graphics are used to prove points. Who will win the debate? Who makes the best argument? Who makes the most sense? You get to decide.. 

"Dr Offit does not have a clue and is caught here non stop lying. Dr Boyd Haley MD shows how stupid Dr. Offit is and easily shoots down all of Offit's lies.. Dr. Offit does not want studies on aluminum in vaccines. He holds a patent on a vaccine and has strong financial ties with big pharma, to the drugs he promote, has huge financial interests in promoting vaccines, is a vaccine industry insider. 

But should someone with such a huge conflict of interest be serving as an adviser to the CDC? No! Nor should he be Chief of the Division of Infectious Disease nor Director of the Vaccine Information Center of the Children's Hospital." Source; description under video

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Dr. Paul Offit MD And Dr. Boyd Haley MD Debate Vaccines; Pro And Con

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