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How long did an uncontrolled radiation release happen before the HEPA filters were turned on at WIPP? The above video shows that there was at least 1/2 hour of uncontrolled radiation release from WIPP. It is estimated 99% of the radiation was released during that time, from the initial 'explosion' or fire, or squashing of one or more barrels underground at WIPP. 

No one will ever know how much TOTAL radiation came out of WIPP in the form of gases and hot particles. Why not? Because the facility is not fully capable of measuring, recording, or analyzing a massive radioactive plume and all of the radioactive gases that go along with an uncontrolled release to start with. None of the current 'official' estimates and/or measurements can even be taken seriously. At best, the official estimates are a wild, and very minimized and averaged out guess.  

"Any calculation of the size of the Plutonium release based on WIPPs exhaust sampling data is at best only an educated guess.The short of it is that the system was not designed to be able to quantify the radioactive releases which started on Valentine's day. (2/14/2014)


Where were the air filter locations itemized above? Were they UPWIND or DOWNWIND of the initial radiation release? The initial reports indicated that the only radiation filters showing alpha radiation came out of upwind stations, not downwind ones. If that is true, then one would have to multiply the exposure by orders of magnitude.


The 'official' radiation readings are averaged out over seven days to come up with final reading that was and still is used to estimate what kind of dose anyone got via inhalation. This is like 


The readings were then 'massaged' down further by subtracting very high 'natural background' readings. Once you combine the 'averaging and the massaging' from the actual radiation coming out, this has the effect of making the radiation readings seem very low indeed. Why didn't they average out those pesky 'spiky radiation' readings over the previous year when readings were even lower, closer to zero, if averaging is such a 'good' method? Combine that with natural background, and the radiation just magically 'disappears'. 

Of course, this is what happens after every nuclear disaster. Averaging, lost data, malfunctioning meters, bad readings tossed out, computer extrapolations, massaging numbers  are all techniques used by the pro nuclear apologists to make radiation disappear.


First, the HEPA filters were supposed to AUTOMATICALLY switch on when radiation is detected via the alarm. In reality, the HEPA system was only switched on MANUALLY, a longer period of time after the explosion/fire/ceiling collapse happened, as outlined in the link above. The time that the system went unfiltered is open to question, because the WIPP official story is 30 seconds, along with a claim of automated switch over, but that is NOT what happened. In reality, the explosion released 99% of radiation that then went out above ground for 30 minutes, and possibly much longer, before any HEPA filters were turned on manually. The official readings allocated almost no time to unfiltered releases; at most a few seconds. Again, this is a lie, and is not what happened. 

HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Radiation Release? via @AGreenRoad


The sampling equipment used by DOE WIPP was basically designed to estimate how much (SOLID) radioactive material (but not gases) a human could have inhaled had that person been standing inside the exhaust vent. Given the current situation, that's like trying to estimate the size of Tsunami by measuring how much salt water a person standing on the beach could have drank during the Tsunami." In addition, during the tsunami, poisonous gas came along with it, and none of that was ever measured. WIPP did not report on any radioactive gases released, despite them being part of the mix. This is another lie foisted on a gullible public. 


The plutonium, americium and other radioactive elements and radioactive gases that came out of WIPP were all covered up and denied for six days. What happened during those six days, when employees, regulators, government, and the public were all lied to? 

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

Remember that a radioactive plume with plutonium particles goes all around the world. This plume coming out of WIPP is not just a local problem, it is a GLOBAL issue. 


What's with all of the chained doors, out of commission fans, slit up air movement curtains and barriers open when they should be closed, broken vent fan and faulty regulator?

Evidence shows the HEPA filter was turned on and used for the truck fire. But how does that square with the black smoke POURING out of the facility? Doesn't HEPA filter out that black sooty large particle stuff?

And if HEPA did work for awhile, and then it got clogged, so they turned it OFF, what happened next?

Finally, they say the air did not move the way it should have or the way they expected it to, and it went up the other shafts, instead of out the exhaust shaft? Maybe the smoke from the fire was hard to deal with, due to all of the problems of chained up doors, faulty regulators, out of commission fans, no safety drills, no one knowing how to work safety equipment, etc?

So if this is the case, and then no one went back down into WIPP or did anything to the CLOGGED UP HEPA filters after the truck fire and before the radiation release, (other than the inspectors and firefighter teams), what happened to this HEPA system when the real SHTF and the radioactive waste barrel(s) exploded, caught on fire, or was squashed  on Feb. 14th, 2014?

Now imagine this radiation plume coming out. Quite possibly, the HEPA filters are clogged. Possibly, the multiple shafts going into WIPP are all releasing radiation due to all of this stuff broken, chained up, slit or open stuff identified in the truck fire report. There is no way to close anything or fix it, because NO ONE is going down there, and there is no one down there to do ANYTHING.


Maybe this is why they covered it all up for six days, while they stuffed the shafts with foam, and made emergency repairs to the HEPA filters and leaky ducts, possibly damaged by both the truck fire and the radiation explosion?

Maybe it is MUCH WORSE than even the following news stories?

Over 30 times more radiation got by WIPP filters than gov’t claims? Radiation also released from ‘unfiltered’ vents — Foam used to plug openings is degrading — Filters too radioactive for lab techs to check 
Reuters, Mar. 11, 2014: Crews in recent days have used high-density foam to seal vents that released underground air to the surface, Bugger said. Monitoring shows no further radiation leakage from those vents, but officials are crafting methods to ensure against leakages in future caused by degradation of the foam over time, he said.
Albuquerque Journal, Mar. 12, 2014: WIPP vulnerable […] As with any governmental facility, it was state-of-the-art when built […] standards are antiquated […] air filtering and monitoring systems have been in operation for over 30 years in a very harsh environment […] There have been recent problems with the underground air monitoring system dating back to 2010 that indicate that age may be catching up to the infrastructure. The reliability of the room and panel closure systems is also in question since one likely source of the releases of radioactivity into the environment is a result of a ceiling collapse in one of the filled panels that ruptured one or more waste packages. […] there is often the decision to defer replacement or some maintenance with the hope that those facilities, equipment or systems will still function as they should [...] routine service of the HEPA filters designed to prevent releases such as the most recent one might have been cut back in either detail or frequency.

WIPP Confirms Leak In HEPA Filter System

What we have learned from the above, is that HEPA filters do not filter out radioactive gases or very small particles, so these have to be added to the radiation measured, but they are not included. Also, if you measure only for plutonium or americium, and avoid reporting beta and gamma radioactive elements, it also makes the total release of radiation seem much better than it actually is.

The standard protocol by pro nuclear apologists is to combine all of the above techniques to make a nuclear disaster seem to be much better than it is. Avoid talking about long lived radiation if possible. Focus only on one or two things, while denying all of the rest or minimizing them completely. Avoid talking about things like 'leaks' in the filtering system. Avoid talking about bypassing the filter system. Avoid talking about the filter system degrading, clogging up or not working when it is supposed to. Then use the lies in the nuclear playbook to make radiation seem harmless, by comparing it to bananas, xrays or air line flights, none of which apply.

In the chart above, it shows a radiation filter sample AFTER the HEPA filter, which can theoretically take out 99.97 percent of all particles above whatever ? particle size and it is showing;

57,000 dpm of alpha radiation on 2/14/14
36,000 dpm of alpha radiation on 2/15/14
       41 dpm of alpha radiation on 2/18/14

The readings show further larger drops after 2/15. This filter record shows that a large radiation release happened and it lasted two days, after which the radiation levels subsided quite a bit, down to 41 dmp's of alpha radiation. 

This record was from Station B.. located about one mile from the actual release of the radiation, counting both tunnel length, air vent length and above ground distance to this filter location. One mile is quite a bit of distance, when it comes to radiation detection, because every time you double the distance the radiation decreases by a HUGE factor both due to dilution and other factors.

The mine is radiation contaminated and is now a SUPERFUND site. There is no safe way to let anyone back down in there to work. There is a continuous release of radiation from a leaky HEPA filter system that may not have even been working since it was clogged with soot from the truck fire a week earlier. For a full report on the salt mine truck fire, see the 90 plus page DOE report here;

The workers that spent almost a week working at WIPP were exposed to radiation coming out of mine and were not told about it, nor was the public.

They worked, got exposed and then went home and shopping and to the movies, with radiation contamination on them. They potentially contaminated a huge swath of where ever they went.

Of course, to see if this actually happened they would have to test their homes, their cars, where they went, etc. NO ONE is going to do that. They are hoping all of this will just blow over and no one will demand anything.

There is a very large possibility that this story is MUCH WORSE than even these stories....

Over 30 times more radiation got by WIPP filters than gov’t claims? Radiation also released from ‘unfiltered’ vents — Foam used to plug openings is degrading — Filters too radioactive for lab techs to check — No ‘immediate’ danger to public —

WIPP Confirms Leak In HEPA Filter System

March 15, 2014 "Normal Ventilation: Two main exhaust fans operating to provide a nominal flow of 425,000 scfm unfiltered…In the filtration mode, the underground exhaust air passes through two identical filter assemblies. Each filter assembly consists of two banks of prefilters and two banks of HEPA filters arranged in series; and, each assembly will handle 50 percent of the filtered mode air flow or nominally 30,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) each." So, in filtration mode, the total exhaust [shaft] capacity with clean filters is 60,000 cfm.

If the 'truck fire' created combustion gasses near 60,000 cfm, or greater than 60,000 cfm, then the exhaust shaft cannot handle all of the 'truck fire' combustion gasses. At this point the negative pressure of the mine is disrupted and smoke/other airborne contaminants are free to waft out of the other three shafts. The online video of the topside smoke from the 'truck fire' shows the naked head frame. (See ) There are two naked headframes at the WIPP site. They are at the tops of shafts that are normally drawing air INTO the mine. It's likely the smoke was wafting out of more than one of the three 'intake' shafts.
See page 2-92 at:

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