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Activists; Send a letter to Asako House! Help Shut Down A Mox Nuclear Power Plant

A Woman Who Is Refusing to Sell Her Land to A Nuclear Plant Operator - Asako House

Mailing Schedule (send a letter!) 

Once upon a time, an old woman named Asako Kumagai lived by the sea in Northern Japan. She loved the landscape. She also knew the dangers of the "peaceful" atom and fought in her lifetime against the establishment of a nuclear power plant next to her home in Aomori Prefecture.

By refusing to sell her land, she forced an electric utility to move the site of their planned reactor plant by 250 meters because the project was too close to her home. 

Asako knew that if she let them build the plant, the sea, air and soil would become contaminated -- as proven by Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and other incidents before the Fukushima Dai Ichi and Dai Nii Nuclear Power Plant breakdowns and subsequent ongoing radiation health hazards. Despite threats and bribes, she stubbornly held out against the plans of Japanese power company "J-Power." 

In 2006, Asako died mysteriously by being bitten by a poisonous bug which had not killed any person in Japan for over 40 years. We haven't seen the coroner's report and wonder if this a cover-up, like the recent "suicide by shotgun" of another Japanese nuclear activist and city councilman in January 2012. After her suspicious death, her daughter and granddaughter retained Asako's property in order to continue their mother's fight. They have named the home "Asako House."

The house of the resistance "Asako House" (Oma, Aomori Prefecture)
source photo : Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Today the house is surrounded by land purchased by J-Power. The operator tries to close the access road to the house by counting the number of people who use it. If no one uses the road, they will be able to demonstrate that the local municipal government can close it.

The road to Asako House

To counter this threat, Asako’s daughter and granddaughter want someone, anyone, to travel on the road every day. And this will be the deciding factor. To do so, they simply ask that we send a letter. (If you are extra excited about helping out, we think magazines and other packages will work even better!)

At a time when there are no nuclear reactors in operation in Japan (versus 54 in 2010), it is important to support the Japanese people in getting rid of these dangerous and polluting energy plants, which are essentially nuclear bomb factories. And to get rid of them, it is necessary to prevent the building of new nuclear power plants.

Central Oma construction site
source photo : Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

This is why we are proposing today that you participate in this action with us that will cost you a stamp and a few minutes of your time. If you send a card or letter to House Asako, you can stop building a nuclear power plant!

Address where to send your mail (for sending to Japan from from the United States, it is $0.98 for a postcard or letter; if sending from France, the normal rate under 20 grams, postcard or letter, is a purple stamp costing € 0.89):

Mailing Schedule (send a letter!) 

Here is the family’s original message:

"If you sympathize, please send them a letter.
Against nuclear energy!!
No more Fukushima!!
Save Japan!!! And your country.
Do you know Asako House?
If you send a letter or a card,
You can help stop the atomic power plant.
This house was built to stop to construction of the Oma atomic power plant of Aomori, north of Fukushima.
The house is near Oma nuclear power plant which is not in operation yet.
The road in photo is almost blockaded.
The sign on fence is written "Keep out"
But actually, this road is for Asako House and her field.
Why is this road watched by some atomic power plant?
We can't understand.
They want to shut down and destroy the house.
This state is serious violation of human rights, and Japanese constitution,
If you send some letters, this road is used by a postman, so the atomic power plant can't shut it.
Pray for Japan, pray for Fukushima,
And now send your letter, postcard and thought!" 

Oma Nuclear Power Plant (NPP; 大 间 原子 力 発 电 所) is currently under construction. It is being built by, will be operated by, the Electric Power Development Company (doing business as “J-Power”). The reactor, if it ever starts operations one day, will be unique because it will be able to use 100%MOX fuel, which is not just uranium but also contains weapons-grade plutonium

As you already know, Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,200 years if leaked into our living environment Currently J-Power is working to make the nuclear power (bomb) plant resistant to a strong earthquake. The electric utility says it will be operational starting November 2015.

By sending a letter to Asako House, you will participate in the fight against the development of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and you will contribute to the abandonment of the manufacture of MOX in France by Areva.

If each additional one thousand visitors to this site agree to send a card to Asako House, the factor will increase every day, for 3 years, that the nuclear lobby is trying to close.

To facilitate this operation, we ask that you indicate the date of your mail shipment on the calendar, before checking that the date has not been chosen. Once you’ve made your commitment to Asako House, write the to-do on your own calendar so as not to break the thread of this action, and keep Asako’s momentum going.

Asako, who died in 2006, belonged to a generation who knew the dangers of radioactivity due to Hiroshima. Not caring for money, she refused a J-Power corporate offer to buy her property for $2 million dollars. Since 1982, when construction of the plant had been decided, nearly $136 million dollars were distributed in public subsidies to bribe and buy off the conscience of the people of Oma.

Do as Asako did, do not be corrupted by the industry of death!

There is a reason Plutonium is named after the Greek god of the underworld (the god of death). Plutonium poison has a half-life of 24,000 years.

Also don’t forget what the “father of the atomic bomb” J. Robert Oppenheimer thought after his “Trinity” first nuclear bomb test in Nevada on July 16, 1945: "Now, I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

And thank you to Iori Mochizuki and other bloggers who have relayed Asako’s struggle!

To send your letter on a specific day, go to


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Activists; Send a letter to Asako House! Help Shut Down A New Mox Nuclear Power Plant In Japan

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