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Robert Alvarez; Dangers Of Nuclear Power, And How NRC Became A Toothless Old Dog, Marketing Agency For Nuclear Industry Instead Of Protector Of Public Health

Robert Alvarez on the Dangers of US Nuclear Power

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Earth Focus: An insider's look at nuclear safety. Former US energy official Robert Alvarez tells Earth Focus correspondent Miles Benson where the nuclear industry falls short, and why you should be concerned.

The government and nuclear industry viewpoint; "It's more harmful to scare people, than to tell them the truth" 

All cover ups, deceptions, lies and misinformation is based on this justification. 


Robert Alvarez is a Senior Scholar at IPS, where he is currently focused on nuclear disarmament, environmental, and energy policies.

Between 1993 and 1999, Mr. Alvarez served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Security and the Environment. While at DOE, he coordinated the effort to enact nuclear worker compensation legislation. In 1994 and 1995, Bob led teams in North Korea to establish control of nuclear weapons materials. He coordinated nuclear material strategic planning for the department and established the department’s first asset management program. Bob was awarded two Secretarial Gold Medals, the highest awards given by the department.

Prior to joining the DOE, Mr. Alvarez served for five years as a Senior Investigator for the U. S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, chaired by Senator John Glenn, and as one of the Senate’s primary staff experts on the U.S. nuclear weapons program. While serving for Senator Glenn, Bob worked to help establish the environmental cleanup program in the Department of Energy, strengthened the Clean Air Act, uncovered several serious nuclear safety and health problems, improved medical radiation regulations, and created a transition program for communities and workers affected by the closure of nuclear weapons facilities.

In 1975 Bob helped found and direct the Environmental Policy Institute (EPI), a respected national public interest organization. He helped enact several federal environmental laws, wrote several influential studies and organized successful political coalitions. He helped organize a successful lawsuit on behalf of the family of Karen Silkwood, a nuclear worker and active union member who was killed under mysterious circumstances in 1974.

Bob Alvarez is an award winning author and has published articles in prominent publications such asScience Magazine, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Technology Review and The Washington Post. He has been featured in television programs such as NOVA and 60 Minutes.


from a distanceJune 18, 2015 IMPORTANT from NIRS - "Tell NRC: Make radiation standards MORE protective"
"Nuclear power and its fuel chain cannot operate without emitting radioactivity into our air and water and exposing workers and the public. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) protects polluters from liability more than us from radiation.

The NRC now is considering “updating” its radiation standards to be more like international nuclear industry recommendations–which were written by nuclear advocates. In its last “update,” NRC increased the allowable radioactivity in air and water and refused to reduce worker dose limits.

Tell the NRC to make its regulations more protective, especially for women, who get 50% more cancer than men from the same dose, and kids–who get even more. The NRC admits the fetus/embryo is at greater risk and is considering lower limits for pregnant nuclear workers. That's a good idea but still lower doses or no doses at all during pregnancy are needed, along with privacy and job security for the worker.

Notes: A sample comment letter is provided; you may edit it to reflect your own concerns. To ensure the comments are properly directed, the subject line cannot be edited. Everyone everywhere may participate in this action. To share this action page, please use the icons on the top right before submitting your comments."

Subject: Docket ID NRC-2009-0279


What is Robert pointing at?

This longer discussion about Fukushima, mass media lies and nuclear industry deceptions covers a lot of ground. 


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Robert Alvarez; Dangers Of Nuclear Power, And How NRC Became A Toothless Old Dog, Marketing Agency For Nuclear Industry Instead Of Protector Of Public Health

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