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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Documentary; National Geographic Channel - Transcript, Synopsis, Critique And Related Article Links

How many radiation victims have died as a result of Chernobyl, TMI, Fukushima and many other nuclear reactor melt downs and explosions? The nuclear industry has covered up or denied just about every nuclear accident from the beginning of the atomic age until now. Over 70 nuclear reactors have melted down, exploded or caught on fire, but only 3 are officially counted. Why is that? 

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Watch the movie online; 

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The following is a VERY rough transcript... 

The very first radiation poisoning victims were all of the dozens to hundreds of firefighters who went in to battle the radioactive fires burning at Chernobyl. They tried to put out the fire with water, but that did not work. 

The next group of dozens to hundreds of firefighters who were sent in to drain out the water from the basements of the building also perished from radiation poisoning

17; Next, all of the 600 plus helicopter pilots who were sent into the radioactive plume rising from the out of control radioactive fire also died. [None of these people were counted in the 'official' death toll that the nuclear industry uses to tout the 'safety' of nuclear power] 

18: Even that did not stop the fires burning underneath a load of lead, boron and sand which was dumped on top of the raging nuclear Dantes type of inferno. Technicians went in via cable tunnels and bored a hole into the reactor, where they saw white hot corium still burning and melting down through the basement levels. 

19; Many more lives were lost as 10,000 miners were brought in to dig a tunnel and then bore out a 30 by 30 meter large room under the basements, with the intent of installing a massive cooling device, to prevent the corium from reaching groundwater by cooling it off before it got there. These miners were exposed to huge and deadly doses of radiation. 

Radiation in the tunnel was a minimum of 1 Roentgen per HOUR, making it lethal to work there for 500 hours, which equals 20 days. (Outside the tunnel, radiation doses were orders of magnitude higher.)

roentgen is approximately 10mSv (Roentgen — Sievert Conversion).
An exposure of 500 roentgens (5 Sieverts) in 5 hours is lethal for human beings.

21: These miners had no protective gear, and drank water from open sources, exposed to air, and wer working in environment with no forced ventilation, plus 120 F temperature. In one month, 30 days, these miners dug an 800 foot tunnel, working in 3 hour shifts.

[Since they were all there more than 20 days, and radiation doses were higher than 1 R/hr, all of these miners got a lethal dose of radiation of over 5 Sieverts, correct? Radiation doses were much higher outside of the mine than inside. More than likely, a very large percentage of these miners died, but no one is keeping track, so they may all be dead.]

22: None of the liquidators, pilots, firefighters, soldiers, civilians or miners were informed of the dangers, risks or hazards of even low doses of man made heavy metal poisons that are also highly radioactive. The government claims that miners only got 20 R of radiation, but miners say that got much more than that. Estimates are that 25% of these miners died before age 40. 2,500 miners died in just a few years, but their deaths don't show up, just like the firefighters, the helicopter pilots and the 500,000+ liquidators or clean up workers forced to work at Chernobyl by the military, plus civilians..

(No studies were done and no statistics have been released about what happened to all of these radiation exposure victims, but the nuclear industry claims no one died because no studies were done. This is like saying it did not rain yesterday, because you did not get wet sitting inside of a house, while it was pouring outside all day yesterday in the same location where the house was.)

25: Five photographers were approved to go in and take pictures of the disaster. Three of these photographers are now dead. Their deaths are also ignored and denied by the nuclear industry. 400,.000 civilians were also sent in to be liquidators, on top of the 100,000 military reservists who were sent in to battle the out of control nuclear fire.

27: Around the plant, 400,000 cubic meters of highly radiation contaminated dirt are bulldozed into pits and covered with dirt and then cement. Homes are bulldozed and the air is sprayed with a sticky mixture designed to get radioactive particles out the air and make it stick to the ground. 

28: Lev Bocharev was the engineer responsible for designing a sarcophagus that would cover the whole blown up reactor, fuel rods and radioactive debris. How do you build a structure where humans can only work for a few seconds to a few minutes at a time?

30; Pieces of highly radioactive graphite and fuel rods on the roof of reactor #3 brought the work to a halt. Some of these pieces measured 500 to 1000 Roentgens.

31; "One piece gives off enough radiation to kill a man in an hour." They tried robots, but they were fried and killed by the radiation. Radiation doses of 12,000 Rentgen per hour resulted in workers only being allowed to work on the roof for 45 seconds at a time. These men were called bio robots. Some of these men went up on the roof five times, and a total of 3,500 men were used to clean off the roof.

35; "Your eyes hurt and there was a metal taste in your mouth". You could not close your hands and your fingers hurt. Once you felt that, you knew you had gotten more than your dose. The film used to take pictures has streaks on it, caused by the huge amounts of deadly radiation.

37; When we came off the roof, it felt like our blood had been sucked by radioactive vampires. We were drained. We could not move. Some people would have nose bleeds. Those people were sent to the hospital, and if someone collapsed, they were sent home. Our health is shot and we have lost everything.

28:  Now we know the radiation levels were 10,000 to 12,000 R per hour. At that level of radioactivity, people should never have been sent.

roentgen is approximately 10mSv (Roentgen — Sievert Conversion).
An exposure of 500 roentgens (~5 Sv) in five hours is usually lethal for human beings.

1,000 R lethal in 2.5 hours

2,000 R lethal in 1.2 hours

4,000 R lethal in 30 minutes

5,000 R would be lethal in approx 15 minutes or less, 

10,000 R would be lethal in 7.5 minutes

10,000 R would be lethal in 5 minutes; (many men spent 5 minutes on this roof.)

Depending on distance from object and radiation of actual object being walked on, carried or tossed off the roof, a lethal dose may have been received in less than this time. 

38; The cover over Chernobyl was a tomb, a mausoleum and after that we stopped building nuclear power plants. The finished cover of Chernobyl meant the end of the Soviet Union, as it bankrupted the country financially. 

(The cover is only good for 30 years, and contrary to video saying it is airtight, it is not, and there are many holes in the cover, through which radiation still emits and goes downwind. It is also not water tight, as further down in the video it shows huge holes in the roof, with water pouring down into the radioactive hell hole.) 

39; for the hundreds of thousands of radiation refugees and the hundreds of thousands of liquidators, the battle of Chernobyl is not over. Many of these people flooded into hospitals after this nuclear disaster. After this disaster and radiation exposure, all body systems were affected; nervous system, circulatory, muscles, bones, immune system and more. 

40; These men were not even 30 when they were sent into the disaster as liquidators. Today, they are not even 50 years old, but they struggle as if they were senior citizens. (One of the hallmarks of radiation exposure is chronic fatigue, immune system weakness and accelerated aging, from free radical exposure). Estimates are that 20,000 liquidators have already died, and 200,000 are officially radiation disabled. Everyone has concerns about having healthy children, and we know that this radiation is eating away inside of us like a parasitic worm. For us, the war against the Chernobyl nuclear disaster continues and will never end. Little by little, we are slipping away from this world. 

41: Yet, for two decades, the nuclear industry and government only counted 54 deaths coming from the Chernobyl meltdown and explosion. Not a single study has been done on the hundred thousand  + radiation refugees that were evacuated. No statistic or information has been released about the liquidators since the Chernobyl disaster... No information has been released about the population that continues to live in radiation contaminated areas around Chernobyl. No one in these areas has ever been told what amount of radiation they are exposed to, nor the dangers of that radiation. The UN (WHO) has reported an increase in thyroid cancer cases, but no other deaths or birth deformities. 

Many other groups disagree with WHO and report much higher rates of birth defects, genetic diseases and health problems, as well as deaths. 

1986 - Pripiat, Ukraine, Russia - Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Melts Out And Blows Up; Denial Of 1.5 Million + Casualties; via @AGreenRoad 

Soviet Russia Experienced 13 Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns; via @AGreenRoad

42: Since the disaster, over 3,000 liquidators have been assigned to watch over the site and the cover, trying to ward off damage and decay. A new sarcophagus is under construction but it is behind schedule and over cost. The new cover will cost 1 BILLION dollars. (The nuclear industry did not contribute one thin dime to this cost, and the IAEA is administering the 'fund', which means that the marketing agency that is the IAEA, is more than likely charging a hefty fee to clean up their own mess.)

43; Hopefully the cover will last a long time and not collapse. There is a kilogram of plutonium inside the cover, and it is eternally dangerous. Interest in nuclear power is increasing again. More than a dozen utility companies are in pursuit of building new nuclear plants, but Chernobyl will forever show the risks involved. 



The nuclear industry is filled with deception. Find out how much and how deep it goes via the following link. 

Censored, Top Secret! Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations, ALEC, TPP, CIA, Journalism And The 1%, Whistleblowers, Voting, Elections And Solutions

Some medical doctors got together and estimated the number of deaths and other victims of Chernobyl.. Here is what they found. 

IPPNW - Global Health Effects And Number Of Deaths Caused By Chernobyl Nuclear Planet Meltdown - 69 Million Victims; via @AGreenRoad

Chernobyl Radiation; The Negative Health Effects And Diseases In Residents And Children Of Belarus, Dr. Vasily Hectepenko

Fukushima, TMI And Chernobyl Nuclear Accidents Caused Radiation Contamination In Wild And Domestic Animals, Up To Present Day

New York Academy Of Science - Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment by Alexey V. Yablokov - Synopsis, Interview With And Information About Authors

The true number of deaths won't really be known for awhile, due to the long latency periods for many cancers and diseases, after exposure to radiation. 


“not until 2016, at the earliest, will we know the full number of those likely to develop serious medical conditions.” former Secretary-General Kofi Annan 


This movie makes a stab at counting the true number of deaths, by documenting the first victims who were struck down by extremely high, lethal doses of radiation. However, as with most movies about radiation disasters, the true horror and death toll is ignored, denied or downplayed, because only the nuclear industry is listened to or heard.

The IAEA and WHO are effectively one voice, controlled by the IAEA. Why would anyone listen to a nuclear industry cheerleader and marketing agency for health advice or statistics around radiation deaths? 

(WHO) World Health Organization Censored, Secretly Controlled By IAEA With Pro Nuclear Industry Control Agreement


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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Documentary; National Geographic Channel - Transcript, Synopsis, Critique And Related Article Links

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