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Dr Mercola; Never Buy Meat, Potatoes or Herbs With "Treated by Radiation" On Label - Downsides And Dangers Of Irradiating Seeds And Foods With Radioactive Cobalt - Studies Showing Negative Health Results From Consuming Irradiated Foods - Irradiated Study Results - BAD SEED Movie

The hormesis promoters like to believe that irradiating seeds and foods with man made cobalt radiation is something beneficial. This article goes into all of the reasons why this hormesis theory around radiating seeds, herbs, and foods with things like cobalt is actually a very BAD idea. 

If you are not familiar with the hormesis theory, find out more about it with articles below..


Radiation and Your Food, Irradiated Food Risk, Wake Up America
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/MOWGP3lchvs 19 min.

Radhia and Peter discuss the effects of treating food with radiation including what it does to antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Is it safe to eat irradiated food? 


Irradiated Radish Seed Project
The end result of the experiment is that irradiated seeds grew faster at some levels of radiation, but DIED FASTER ON DAY SIX. 

The non irradiated seeds sprouted the best, looked the healthiest and were the strongest of all of the sprouts. 

Of course, no genetic studies were done on the irradiated sprouts, which would have shown the INVISIBLE, INTERNAL GENETIC DAMAGE done, and the reason for the gigantism damage, which results in bigger, faster, larger growth, a well known radiation damage effect. 

Bottom line, just because something or some human grows huge legs, arms or a huge head does not make them 'healthier'. Gigantism is a radiation induced poisoning and disease, not a healthy benefit or a thing to be desired in plants, insects, animals or humans.

This same very negative effect will show up no matter how the experiment is done, but the hormesis promoters say that this is a good thing, and everyone should be exposed to more radiation as a result of this effect. 

Many schools and colleges are brainwashing the kids to believe that because radish seeds grow bigger and faster at some radiation levels, that this is healthy and good, via the hormesis theory. You now know more than most college professors and chemistry teachers. 


Conversations w/ Great Minds - Jeffrey Smith GMOs - Seeds of Deception P1
VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/FS72J9bDvPM 12 min.

Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director-Institute for Responsible Technology, leading spokesperson on the health dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), author of the books "Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating" and "Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods." Genetically modified crops are all the rage these days - and have taken over the agriculture industries of many countries. But just how dangerous are genetically modified crops - and do we really need to be relying so heavily on them?


Most people have no idea about the difference between heirloom seeds and patented GM or other seeds that are 'owned' and 'patented'. One problem with patented seeds is that no one can save them from one year to the next. In other words, if a farmer plants GM corn seeds, he cannot save some of those seeds from one year to the next. He has to purchase them every year from the patent holder, (Monsanto), or he will be sued for violating laws. Never before in history has this situation been in existence when what is required for life (seeds) is held hostage for profit, and people can starve to death, despite plenty of seeds available. 

Another problem with irradiation of seeds, herbs and foods includes the fact that no long term multigenerational studies have been done on them, just like no longer term studies have been done on GMO seeds or foods on humans. Short terms studies itemized below, show severe health problems are generated by consuming irradiated food products, including vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits. 

Atomic Gardening - The Ultimate Frankenfoods
If you are not a fan of transgenic (GMO) technologies, just wait until you hear about the freakish practices scientists and big seed companies are sneaking under the radar! Now, scientists soak seeds or tissues in toxic chemicals or subject them to high fields of radiation to cause random damage and genetic changes. Random damage to DNA causes unknown effects that produce new proteins, leading to new plant traits. The new plant lines are untested for safety and not assessed for environmental impact. They want to put these on your dinner table and feed them to children!


BAD SEED: Dangerous Truth About Our FoodsVIDEO: https://youtu.be/A1TOss9Mslw 6 min.

Watch the full movie here;

BAD SEED: Danger of Genetically Modified Food - FEATURE FILMhttps://youtu.be/go_29vbOdlI 48 min.

There are many dangers built into GMO and irradiated seeds. Watch the following movie to learn about some of those dangers and downsides....

The issue around owning seeds is that one company can control the entire world's food supply, and cut off any country that refuses to sell it's seeds, causing it immense harm. Is it a good idea to give monopoly control of the food supply to just one or two huge companies, that only have a short term profit motive in mind?


Never Buy Meat, Potatoes or Herbs With "Treated by Radiation" on the Label

A New Class of Food Contaminants

2-alkylcyclobutanones (2-ACBs) are radiolytic derivatives of triglycerides foundexclusively in irradiated food. The compounds are generated proportionally to fat content of the food and the dose of absorbed radiation.

Research in animals suggests the compounds may promote tumor growth and colon cancer, and studies show 2-alkylcyclobutanones are able to cross the intestinal barrier, enter into the bloodstream, and be stored in the fat tissue of an animal. The compounds have also been shown to be cytotoxic and genotoxic, which means they may damage cells and DNA, respectively. Studies on human cells also revealed potential cancer-causing effects, with researchers concluding "this compound may be regarded as a possible risk factor for processes in colon carcinogenesis related to initiation and progression."

More Reasons to be Wary of Irradiation

Needless to say, the research to date is raising major red flags that irradiation is NOT as safe as food safety officials would have you believe. In addition to the formation of potentially toxic 2-ACBs, irradiation leads to the formation of furan from ascorbic acid, fructose, sucrose, or glucose. Furan in foods has been linked to liver toxicity, including carcinogenicity.

Another study found that cats developed "mysterious" and "remarkable" severe neurological dysfunction, including movement disorders, vision loss and paralysis, after being fed a diet of irradiated foods during gestation. When they were taken off the irradiated foods, they slowly recovered. This is a major clue that irradiated foods deserve some serious regulatory scrutiny, but unfortunately they have already infiltrated the food system. And it's not as though this concerning evidence was just recently brought to light. One paper on potential dangers, prepared for the meeting of the Joint FAO/IAEA/WHO Expert Committee on Irradiated Food, dates back to 1969. The author stated:

" … irradiation can bring about chemical transformations in food and food components resulting in the formation of potential mutagens."

Many in the Scientific Community Are Opposed to Irradiation 3/31/01


Dr. Mercola: The Problems with Irradiated Food: What the Research Says

In the course of legalizing the irradiation of beef, chicken, pork, fruit, vegetables, eggs, juice, spices and sprouting seeds -- a process that has spanned nearly 20 years -- the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has dismissed or ignored a substantial body of evidence suggesting that irradiated food may not be safe for human consumption.

The following is a sampling of research -- appearing in scientific journals and other publications -- that raise questions about the FDA's assertions that people who eat irradiated food have nothing to worry about.

Reproductive Problems, Cancer in Mammals
"A careful analysis by FDA of all Army data present (including 31 loose-leaf notebooks of animal feeding test results) showedsignificant adverse effects produced in animals fed irradiated food...

What were these adverse effects?

A decrease of 20.7 percent in surviving weaned rats.

A 32.3 percent decrease in surviving progeny of dogs.

Dogs weighing 11.3 percent less than animals on the control diets... 

Carcinomas of the pituitary gland, a particularly disturbing finding since this is an extremely rare type of malignant tumor."

Food irradiation: An FDA report. FDA Papers, Oct. 1968.
Fatal Internal Bleeding in Rats (I)
"A significant number of rats consuming irradiated beef died from internal hemorrhage within 46 days, the first death of a male rat coming on the 11th day of feeding. This rat became sluggish on the 8th day of the regimen and started refusing food. He continued to be morbid during the next two days, did not eat any food, lost weight and appeared anemic. He was found dead on the 11th day.

Vitamin K deficiency in rats induced by feeding of irradiated beef.
Journal of Nutrition, 69:18-21, 1959. (Cosponsored by the Surgeon General of the US Army)

Fatal Internal Bleeding in Rats (II)
"Hemorrhagic death had occurred in all males fed irradiated diets by day 34... There is evidence to suggest that inefficient absorption of vitamins, i.e. vitamin K, from the intestinal tract may contribute to a deficiency state." [Note: Vitamin K plays a major role in blood clotting.]

Influence of age, sex, strain of rat and fat soluble vitamins on hemorrhagic syndromes in rats fed irradiated beef.
Federation Proceedings, 19:1045-1048, 1960. (Cosponsored by the Surgeon General of the US Army)

Fetal Deaths in Mice
"Freshly irradiated diets produced elevated levels of early deaths in [mice fetuses]... The increase in early deaths would suggest that the diet when irradiated has some mutagenic potential."
Irradiated laboratory animal diets: Dominant lethal studies in the mouse.
Mutation Research, 80:333-345, 1981.

Embryo Deaths in Mice
"Feeding of mice for two months before mating with 50 percent of the standard complete diet irradiated with gamma rays provokes a significant increase of embryonal deaths, probably to be interpreted as a dominant lethal mutation associated with gross chromosomal aberrations, such as breaks repeatedly found to be induced by irradiated materials."
Pre-implantation death of mouse eggs caused by irradiated food.
International Journal of Radiation Biology, 18:201-216, 1970.

Radioactive Organs and Excrement in Rats
"Considerable amounts of radioactivity were present in the liver, kidney, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, and blood serum of rats fed irradiated sucrose solutions. Radioactivity was present in urine and feces samples.
Biochemical effects of irradiated sucrose solutions in the rat. Radiation Research, 37:202-215, 1969.

A Thalidomide Warning (I)
"The thalidomide disaster might have been prevented if an easily performed investigation of possible cytotoxic effects in plant cells had been made. It must be acknowledged that any compound causing [cellular] damage must be considered a potential hazard to any living cell or cell system -- including man."
Toxic effects of irradiated foods. Nature, 211:302, 1966.

A Thalidomide Warning (II)
"Irradiating can bring about chemical transformations in food and food components resulting in the formation of potential mutagens, particularly hydrogen peroxide and various organic peroxides. It is now realized, especially since the thalidomide episode, that older testing protocols do not detect the more subtle population hazards such as mutagens and teratogens. In view of the serious consequences to the human population which could arise from a high level of induced mutations, it is desirable that protocols for irradiated food should include in vivo tests on mammals for possible mutagenicity."
Mutagenicity and cytotoxicity of irradiated foods and food components.
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 41:873-904, 1969. (Cosponsored by the US Atomic Energy Commission and Food and Drug Administration)

A Host of Problems
"Numerous studies have been carried out to ascertain whether cytotoxic effects occur when unirradiated biological test systems are cultured or fed with irradiated media or food. In such studies, adverse physiological growth retardation and inhibition, cytological cell division inhibition and chromosome aberrations and genetical effects have been observed in a wide range of test systems, ranging from bacteriophages to human cells... The available data suggest that a variety of free radicals may act as the toxic and mutagenic agents."
Cytotoxic and mutagenic effects of irradiated substrates and food material. Radiation Botany, 11:253-281, 1971.

A Cancer Warning
"An increase in concentration of a mutagen in food by irradiation will increase the incidence of cancer. It will take four to six decades to demonstrate a statistically significant increase in cancer due to mutagens introduced into food by irradiation. When food irradiation is finally prohibited, several decades worth of people with increased cancer incidence will be in the pipeline."
Food Irradiation. Nutrition, 16:698-701, 2000.

Mutations in Fruit Flies
An increase in the rate of mutation has been found in fruit flies reared on a basic medium that was irradiated with a sterilizing dose (150,000 rads) of cobalt-60 gamma rays... Visible changes were two to six times more frequent in the irradiated series than in the controls, such as half-thorax, vestigial wings and incurved wings." [Note: Fruit flies have long been a dependable bellwether for determining the potential mutagenicity of substances.]
Mutations: Incidence in Drosophila melanogaster reared on irradiated medium. Science, 141:637-638, 1963.

Fatal Vitamin E Deficiency in Rats
"A considerable number of the second litter of the experimental group of rats that ate irradiated beef died. Symptoms observed were marked fluid buildup of the face, ruffled hair coat, general incoordination, spastic hopping gait, and sometimes complete loss of movement with dragging of the hind quarters. Those pups most severely affected often became completely prostrated a short time before death. In no case were these symptoms noted in the control group. The probability is that the pups were suffering from the characteristic muscular dystrophy syndrome commonly referred to as nutritional muscular dystrophy known to result from a marginal vitamin E intake."
Growth, reproduction, survival and histopathology of rats fed beef irradiated with electrons. Food Research, 20:193-214, 1955.

Chromosomal Damage to Human Cells (I)
"Irradiated sucrose solutions were extremely toxic to human white blood cells. Cell divisions were inhibited. Degenerated cell divisions were observed and the chromosomes were grossly damaged. The DNA was clumped or the chromosomes appeared shattered or pulverized. In contrast, treatment with unirradiated sucrose at the same concentration had no apparent effect on the mitotic rate and the chromosomes were not visibly damaged."
Effects of irradiated sucrose on the chromosomes of human lymphocytes in vitro. Nature, 211:1254-1255, 1966.

Chromosomal Damage to Human Cells (II)
"White blood cell cultures from four different healthy human males underwent a considerable inhibition of mitosis and chromosome fragmentation."
Cytotoxic and radiomimetic activity of irradiated culture medium on human leukocytes. Current Science, 16:403-404, 1966.

Toxic Chemical Formed in Food Containing Fat (I)
"When food containing fat is treated by ionizing radiation, a group of 2-alkylcyclobutanones [toxic chemicals] is formed. To date, there is no evidence that the cyclobutanones occur in unirradiated food. In vitro experiments using rat and human colon cells indicate that 2-dodecylcyclobutanone (2-DCB)... is clearly cytotoxic and genotoxic."
Genotoxic properties of 2-dodecylcyclobutanone, a compound formed on irradiation of food containing fat. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 52:39-42, 1998. (Cosponsored by the International Consultative Group on Food Irradiation)]
Source/credit; http://www.mercola.com/article/irradiated/irradiated_research.htm

Irradiated Food Causes Brain Damage


Public Citizen Dr. Mercola's Comment:
I would encourage anyone in Illinois interested in this issue to contact Paul at 773-907-9845. Or you can sign on to his eGroup at ILirradiation-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Avoid Toxic Synthetic Foods or Drinks, like Irradiated Seeds, Herbs, Foods, GMOs, Milk, Creamers, Radiation, Chemicals and Pesticides
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/VnxxYcPRK_I 2 min

LarryCook333 Host Jennifer Kamstock explains how most of our food is severely compromised and can lead to degenerative disease and therefore why to eat organic food. Written and produced by Larry Cook, author of The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living. Distributed by Tubemogul. http://www.thenaturalguide.com/synthe... 


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Dr Mercola; Never Buy Meat, Potatoes or Herbs With "Treated by Radiation" On Label - Downsides And Dangers Of Irradiating Seeds And Foods With Radioactive Cobalt - Studies Showing Negative Health Results From Consuming Irradiated Foods - Irradiated Study Results - BAD SEED Movie

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