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Wednesday, April 13, 2016
10 Sievert per Hour Radiation - Radioactivity Counter App, Digital Camera Pixelations Prove That Extremely High Levels Of Deadly Ionizing Cesium Or Other Types Of Radiation Made Visible

Based on the CMOS camera sensors we succeeded in developing an App for android mobiles, working as a real Geiger Counter. This is not a fun app as many other ! We already did several measurements on different devices with several calibrated radiation sources (CO60, CS137 from 10 ┬ÁS/h to 10 Sv/h Helmholtz research center Munich - Buchler Anlage) . Here our 10 Sv/h measurment is shown.

This video is excellent in that it shows and accurately quantifies 10 SIEVERTS per hour of cesium radiation via pixelations on a CMOS digital camera lens, using two different cameras that are commonly available. 

These pixelations are PROOF and EVIDENCE that a nuclear radiation source can and does cause pixelations on a digital camera, and that this is not caused by pixie dust or fairies. Why is this so important? 

This proof and evidence is linked to a nuclear explosion in Yemen, and to the Chernobyl plus Fukushima nuclear disasters, where pictures of these nuclear disasters show this same pixelation, proving that extremely high radiation levels that are lethal very quickly, and that they truly do exist. 

What this video does NOT show however is how accurate an app is for detecting LOW DOSE IONIZING RADIATION accurately. In the experience of A Green Road Think Tank, apps are very lousy at doing this, and some do not detect anything at all, even when a sensitive pancake radiation meter clearly shows it. 

More information available via articles at;

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Inside Of Fukushima Reactor 2; Molten Corium Visible, Gamma Radiation Speckles Show Up On Camera - Michi Kaku Says A Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Is FOREVER


Gamma rays are seen as streaks of light and flashes or pixelations of a digital camera lens in this video of the inside of a broken up reactor at Fukushima.

“Are you sitting down”? Gamma rays seen in Fukushima footage — Appearing as out-of-focus streaks and flashes (VIDEO)

Chernobyl Corium also causes radiation speckles or pixelation on non digital film


Former IAEA Inspector And Nuclear Physicist Says Neutron/Nuclear Bomb Went Off In Yemen, Comparison To Huge Explosion, Digital Camera Pixelations Prove This Was A Nuclear Device

A related article explains why nuclear bombs are now being treated just like bullets, and humanity is getting so much closer to self destruction every day that they are allowed to be in existence. 

20+ Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far, What Happens AFTER A Global Nuclear War? via @AGreenRoad


March 2011 - Inside Of Control Room At Reactor Building 2 Fukushima Daichi Measures 1 Sievert! OMG!

The BBC just reported a full 1 Sievert of radiation in the control room of reactor 2! I explain what that actually means.

For more details on what happens when a person is exposed to 1 to 10 Sieverts of radiation, click on;

ARS - Acute Radiation Syndrome, Radiation Sickness, Raditis, Fatal Dose Amount - Possible Cover Up Of Harm Caused By Man Made Radiation Around Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMI?


So 1 Gy of Gamma on the skin (Wr = 1, Wt = 0.01) gives 1 Sv of equivalent dose and 0.01 Sv of Effective dose.

But 1 Gy of alpha on the avaries (Wr = 20, Wt = 0.20) gives 4 Sv of effective dose, 400 times more risky than gamma on the skin (the previous case).

There is still a lot of confusion in the use of these units because, at high doses, all radiation are deadly so the Sv is only valuable for low doses but we find publications in radiotherapy mentioning doses of 100 Sv.

“There is no safe amount of radiation. Even small amounts do harm.”Dr. Linus Pauling
Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1954
Nobel Peace Prize, 1962

“The scientific research base shows that there is no threshold exposure below which radiation can be demonstrated to be harmless.”

Health Risks from Exposure to
Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation
BIER VII Phase 2
National Academies Press 2006


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Making Radiation Visible Project; Radiation In Food/Water/Products, Geiger Counters, Dosimeters, Radiation Readings, Test Labs, Conversions, Global Detector Network

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How radiation contaminated is the food everyone eats, without even thinking about it? How radiation contaminated is the area around nuclear plants that emit radioactive heavy metal poisons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? How many nuclear garbage incinerators or crematoriums are around where you live? 

theworldisalie April 12, 2016 In Alberta now, I can't even take a shower anymore without it burning my scalp, making my skin itch and feel like pins and needles and then my hair falls out. I'm sure that's normal though.

Never mind my swollen lymph nodes that randomly ache for the last few years and my overall lack of energy. I likely have had a slow form of lymphoma for awhile now, I know it. I know the doctors know it but they keep giving me B.S. and say I'm fine.

I have just accepted it for what it is. Oh and the chronic cough, especially every time after I eat. My girlfriend has the same problem as well as hair loss and chronic sinus and lung infections.

We're all fucking dying. It's pretty obvious to me.

We Not They Finally April 12, 2016 So sorry and so sad. For now at least, we all seem to be stuck with a "relative safety" dilemma. Like us, we left New Mexico becuase there were such high rads from Fukushima plus WIPP downstate. (WIPP pushed us into "medical evacuation mode.") Then we found out that even here in Massachusetts (Bob Nichols, Veterans Today, publishes rad readings across the U.S. each week,) it goes over 1,000 CPM regularly = medically lethal! But M.D.'s generally seem to be completely uneducated and unprepared. We went to four specialists from the symptoms that WIPP left us with and no one diagnosed and no one helped. So we research holistic and herbs and organic and the like and do the best we can. it's a bad deal, but at least we've figured out that the ones to rely on are US."

Pixelations on digital cameras easily show extremely high radiation levels. But at low levels, a pancake radiation detector is advised, because the accuracy and sensitivity of digital cameras is lacking, and they cannot be calibrated either. Don't rely on a radiation app to warn you of radiation hot spots or dangers. 

Where And How To Purchase Or Buy A Dosimeter Or Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector


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10 Sievert per Hour Radiation - Radioactivity Counter App, Digital Camera Pixelations Prove That Extremely High Levels Of Deadly Ionizing Cesium Or Other Types Of Radiation Made Visible
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