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HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Plutonium Radiation Release?


The news reporter above assures everyone that no harmful radiation was released from WIPP. The reporter passes on radiation measurements and comparisons from the entity funded by DOE, which is in charge of filter sampling. The only problem with this news report is that it is lacking ANY investigative aspect. No questions are asked. Definitely NO hard questions are asked or answered by anyone. What sounds like a news report is actually more a PR piece that is being read out loud by someone that could just as well be a pro nuclear PR person. For those interested in REAL news reporting and investigating, what follows may be questions asked by a REAL investigative reporter, for anyone interested in hearing more than one side of a very slanted and biased PR story.

According to WIPP: March 19, 2014 - 'First Step to Replace WIPP HEPA Filters' - "An aerosol test is planned to verify that the WIPP high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are still operating at their peak performance. The HEPA filters worked as designed on February 14, trapping more than 99.9% of the radioactive particles exhausted from the underground. A minute amount of radioactive contamination was released during the event, due to a design in the ventilation system that allowed a small amount of air to bypass the filtration system. That design feature has been changed so that the bypass no longer exists. Los Alamos National Laboratory will pump aerosolized oil through the filter banks and use highly sensitive equipment to measure the concentration of aerosol particles at the back of the filter banks to determine filter efficiency. Individual HEPA filters at WIPP are tested annually and consistently meet the efficiency standard. Two filter banks service the underground exhaust."

Now that we have an official statement from both WIPP and the (PR) newscaster, let's pretend to be an investigative reporter, instead of a parrot repeating exactly whatever is told them, as the above newscaster is doing in the video, shall we?

According to; "There are radiation detectors in the Exhaust Shaft and below in the repository, but the detectors (called Continuous Air Monitors or CAMs) can be severely affected by the buildup of salt particles in the repository air—sometimes losing 90% of their plutonium detection efficiency. Water flowing into the Exhaust Shaft from the excavated rock also causes problems for the CAM there.


Exhaust air is not routinely filtered to remove radioactivity. Only if the CAMs detect alpha particles, is the exhaust air diverted through filters. This is what happened on Valentine's Day, 2014. Unfortunately, a significant amount of radiation was released before the filters kicked in. And because the filters are not 100% effective, radiation levels remain elevated above ground well after the initial event.

How effective were those radiation detectors? Were they working at 100%, 50% or 10% effectiveness? Did they catch the beginning of the 'leak' or was the leak going for many hours before the CAMS caught enough of a 'wiff' that they triggered, due to being clogged with salt? No one knows the answer, because no one has asked, and there is no one that even bothered to check the CAMS, at least so far. DOE claims only a few seconds of radiation got by the radiation monitors, but can the public trust what they report?

Via Bill Duff November 11, 2014  "A little dab will do yah. If you have a 98% efficient filter and use it for 100 minutes … it is the same as NO FILTER for 2 minutes. And ONE microgram of Pu-238 will reliably give you cancer. Count on it."


If the filters were working so well, why did the radiation levels reach millions of times normal levels? This only happens during a major nuclear disaster. Of course, all nuclear disasters are completely invisible, so even if you are sitting right next to it, you will never smell, see, hear, feel or taste anything, despite levels of radiation hitting you that will be lethal in minutes. Without a radiation detector, you would not even know that the mega nuclear disaster is happening. 

Via VanneV November 13, 2014 New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site — Concern air filters at plant may not have worked — Gov’t accused of lying about radiation leak (VIDEO)


WIPP Electrical Flaw Nearly Left The Midwest Uninhabitable, And May Yet Still

ISeePinkClouds April 27, 2016  I think the biggest threat the people in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico is the treat of more radiation vented from the WIPP. People may think WIPP is a little thing, but it isn't. After spending only three weeks, six months after the initial venting, in and around Carlsbad, my fingernails turned black. I had to relocate 300 miles east to escape the radiation and to heal.

My friends and family have been hit very hard by radiation from WIPP. COPD is rampant. Strokes and heart attacks are happening left and right. Skin damage is obvious. Another thing that I am aware is that many people have signs of fluid build up in their legs and ankles; a sign of heart failure.

IMHO-Another venting from WIPP will kill everyone here; if the initial releases prove to not have been sufficient to do the job."


jec June 27, 2014 NETC shows spikes at 'regular intervals' such as start of work day, etc. The same with nearby sites as well. See:

Carlsbad, NM

See South Valley NM (winds are blowing from the south east in a converging front near mid usa)and notice they START with 300!

Then a few other images from EPAs RADNET as well:

The pattern is just too regular..radiation does not act that way unless vented on purpose. And its all around WIPP. Go further away, the pattern changes to irregular spiking.

Nov. 2014 Radiation levels spike 7,000% at US nuclear site — Coming from Plutonium, Uranium, Americium, or other alpha emitters — AP: Workers shelter in buildings — Official: Contaminated sample is so safe “it could have been… put in someone’s lunch bucket” (VIDEO)


It wasn’t until about 3 weeks later that the DOE said, ‘Well we sent a worker in to put foam in the dampers of those 3 ducts that vent to the outside because they were almost totally closed, but not totally closed, and so there was leakage coming out of them.’ So again there was some radioactivity coming out beyond what might have passed through the filters themselves.

What does the above statement mean? Are the 3 unfiltered ducts part of the exhaust shaft, the intake shafts, or something else? No matter where they are, we have proof that the filters could not have taken out 99.9% of radiation, because there were 'leaks'. If a facility has radiation leaks, it cannot filter that out. Now let's dive deeper.

ISPC January 26, 2015 The DOE admitted to venting radioactive gases into the environment for two months following the February 14th Plutonium and Americium explosions of LANL waste in the waste storage area at WIPP, which contaminated the whole of the underground facility.

The DOE vented WIPP in September and October unfiltered prior to the "fan test" Oct. 20th. Local residents detected these releases, and the gamma increases can be seen on EURDEP charts during that interval.

One note of interest, while interviewing Carlsbadians in September I was told that radioactive drums at LANL burned and black smoke "ran down" into the valley town of White Rock during the Los Conchas fire in June 2011.


One question is; where did the plutonium go that came out of WIPP? And how much plutonium came out, in total? Here is one computer model estimate...


It is a fact that HEPA filters are easily overwhelmed by heat, soot and smoke, as proven by the official government manual for HEPA filters page detailed below. HEPA filters get overwhelmed quickly and then lose all ability to filter anything, even if they have a prefilter, when exposed to heavy loads of soot and smoke particles, such as the salt truck fire at WIPP, early in Feb. 7th, 2014. Video at;  via Managing editor at the Carlsbad Current-Argus in Carlsbad. The PR piece and news cast above never even mentions the truck fire or the effect it had on the HEPA filters, despite the HEPA filtering system being on during that time, according to the official WIPP report on the salt truck mine fire. This is somewhat strange and alarming, wouldn't you agree?

We know that WIPP turned on the HEPA filters during this truck fire, because this was disclosed in the official government report documenting safety and maintenance deficiencies at WIPP around that  truck fire.


We also have evidence that the HEPA filters either were not working or they quit working at some point, because a picture shows heavy black smoke pouring out of the WIPP facility through the INTAKE parts of the facility, where smoke should ONLY be coming out of the EXHAUST. Either way, no matter which one it was, this is really bad news for WIPP. We now have documented proof about TWO different leaks bypassing the HEPA filters at WIPP during a disaster.

The official statement from the WIPP website dated March 19th, 2014, above says that "individual HEPA filters at WIPP are tested annually". Well, that means these HEPA filters have not been inspected since these two events happened, wouldn't you agree? WIPP also admitted that the filters have not been changed in the last ten years. First there was a truck fire that may very have damaged and/or clogged them. Then a radiation/explosion event days later that could have caused damage and or degraded these HEPA filters to the point where they are leaking severely, as indicated in several news reports about ventilation problems... They do not seem to be taking this very seriously, wouldn't you agree?

But never mind all of this, according to WIPP PR press releases that are read off by the parrot mass media 'reporters', these magical HEPA filters are still working at 99.9% efficiency, NO MATTER WHAT really happened behind the scenes! Just believe us and trust WIPP with no proof needed. WIPP is saying they are perfect, even after TWO major HEPA filter clogging/destroying events and by their own admission, leaks going by the HEPA filters and potentially clogged up CAM radiation detectors. So how can their statement about no dangerous radiation release be given any credibility whatsoever? 

Fire and Smoke Effects On HEPA Filters

On May 4, 2000, a prescribed burn at Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico escaped control and ultimately burned nearly 50,000 acres in and around the town of Los Alamos and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The thick smoke from this fire impacted the confinement ventilation system operations at several LANL facilities. The confinement ventilation systems in some nuclear facilities were shut down or placed on minimum ventilation to prevent further clogging. Some facilities whose confinement ventilation systems were not shut down experienced filter clogging and had to replace filters. The facilities that shut down or went to minimum operation subsequently had re-entry and restart issues they had to address. pg 10-7

The exhaust stream from a HEPA WIPP filter that is actually working should not include smoke or soot for any reason. HEPA filters are supposed to filter out visible smoke and soot particles. As these pages and graph points out, HEPA filters can quit working quickly when exposed to high amounts of soot and smoke, so the key question is, what was the back pressure during and after the truck fire on these HEPA filters and what was the back pressure before the radiation event? What is the back pressure on these filters now?


As the page above and below points out very clearly, soot and smoke overwhelm HEPA filters very quickly. With no backup in place and no redundancy and no 2nd duct system to switch over to in case of failure of the 1st system, there is no way to prevent MASSIVE radiation release to the environment and communities downwind. If this was just harmless smoke and soot, why was the emergency management center 'evacuated'?

At WIPP, they have plenty of radiation detectors on site, so they would have known that no radiation was present, if this was really a truck fire, correct? And even if it had been a radioactive fire, the emergency operations center should have it's own separate filtered, radiation proof clean air supply and negative air pressure environment, so this indicates major problems in another area of the WIPP facility. This is another item that indicates massive failure at WIPP, in a totally different direction. Combine the emergency center evacuation, the HEPA filter not working during the truck fire, and the leaking ducts, and it shows just how absolutely not ready this WIPP facility is for a major nuclear disaster. 

TV: “Imminent situation” at U.S. nuclear site — Emergency operations center evacuated due to fire deep underground — “One of most serious incidents” on record

For those who do not know, an emergency operations center is supposed to have it's own HEPA and other filtration or fresh air system in case of a radioactive emergency such as this.. Are they saying that this building where all emergency operations are controlled and managed has no radiation proof air supply? And what prompted the evacuation? It would not be just plain old smoke that does that; it would take radiation alarms going off to make an evacuation happen, correct?


We know that the HEPA filters at WIPP were more than likely clogged by the soot and smoke from the salt truck fire on Feb 7th or damaged/taken out by the explosion/ceiling collapse and/or fire that happened on Feb. 14th. We know that negative pressure in the salt mine was lost after the salt truck fire, because of the video showing smoke pouring out of the intake section of the mine air system above. We know the emergency center was evacuated.  NONE of this is supposed to happen at a Class II nuclear waste facility, EVER. 


The second incident released massive amounts of radiation, which was measured more than a mile away from the initial source at stations that could have been upwind. (Only 2 out of six stations radiation readings were reported, and it is unclear if those 2 reported stations were upwind or downwind). Radiation degrades HEPA filters, according to documentation provided above. 

How is WIPP planning on handling this degradation and 'overloading' of WIPP HEPA filters? Who is going to make sure that these overloaded HEPA radioactively contaminated filters are changed out safely without contaminating the entire area and employees as well? Are the WIPP HEPA filters even accessible, because one report says they are too radioactive to even get close to? What are the plans for changing out these highly contaminated filters? Has this facility been planned and designed for this kind of thing?

Regarding radiation releases and the WIPP HEPA system, was this ventilation and filter system designed and 'engineered' so that automatic controls would prevent any radiation release? The answer is NO. The document above also details DOE requirements for a HEPA system, and the quick failure of it when exposed to high levels of radiation.  Is the filter building designed with a double or triple negative pressure environment? Does WIPP have this in place? Even if they do, this system failed. The WIPP report about HEPA filters indicates 2 'banks' of filters, but they are redundant. If and when the filters fail, there is NO BACKUP and radiation just pours straight out of the WIPP facility, just like TMI, Fukushima or Chernobyl. 

In the above document, we can see that when plutonium is involved, a DOUBLE or TRIPLE redundant system is required. Why? Because plutonium is SO hazardous, SO deadly, that special protections are needed to make sure that nothing leaks out of the facility and exposes the public. Does WIPP have this in place? The answer is NO. 

WIPP reported that they have 2 'banks' of filters. WIPP has recently reported that they close off one bank of filters at a time to change out the filters in one bank, and then do the same for the other side, reducing air flow again by 50%. Because the fans were not built for this 'hot' filter change out, they had to jury rig the system to make it work.  


Has the WIPP HEPA filtering system been properly designed to handle the radioactive particles that could theoretically come out via ceiling collapse, container leaking, explosions, fires or flooding events? Can the WIPP HEPA filter system also filter out radioactive GASES, VOC's of all of the stuff that they put down there, such as dioxins, and other super deadly and dangerous things? And are there built in filtering systems to handle what happens if this system is damaged or destroyed by either natural, man made or mine related events? The answer is NO. 


WIPP is free to prove that this information here is all wrong.. Let the WIPP authorities or DOE PROVE that WIPP has built with double or triple redundant ventilation and HEPA filter systems to make sure negative pressure is maintained and that it will keep working AUTOMATICALLY even if the power is cut off or one duct system, and/or one filtering system is destroyed by a radioactive fire or explosion. 

Let DOE prove at the public meetings that WIPP filters can and do filter out radioactive gases, VOC's and things like dioxins, despite heat, explosions, smoke and soot, over the long term, for 10,000 years, in case of power failure, in case of underground explosions that knock out the HEPA Filtuers, in case of massive smoke and particles overwhelming the filters. 

Are they ready for worst case? The answer is NO... The two back to back disasters at this facility has already proven that the WIPP facility cannot handle ANYTHING, not even a small truck fire. So what are the odds that this facility will survive something REALLY bad happening in a couple hundred years?

The above picture is of black smoke and soot from an accidental fire and explosion at a recycler/incinerator facility in 2013, which includes 'recycling' and/or burning of radioactive sludge, in Chiba prefecture, Japan.


"Fires in nuclear facilities have been caused by a variety of energy sources, including electrical energy and spontaneous combustion of pyrophoric metals. While fixed fire suppression systems or operator intervention have limited the size and consequences of most of these fires, some did propagate and cause significant damage and material release. There have been numerous occurrences of fire in nuclear facilities since the beginning of the Manhattan Project and many lessons learned from those fires. Some lessons have been learned at great expense. A brief history is discussed here in the hope that the lessons will not be forgotten or ignored by facility designers and operators.

DOE has admitted that the 'truck fire' went on until it burned itself out, although at least one report states that this is made up and the actual fire was from nuclear pyrophoric materials in the barrels, and the truck fire was just a made up cover story. At first, DOE claimed no one was exposed to any radiation, but then later they changed the story and now 22 employees tested positive for radiation exposure, INTERNALLY. 

"No WIPP workers were underground when the radiation escaped, but 22 employees tested positive for internal contamination, though none were exposed to levels that the DOE deem harmful."


The most significant fires involving the HEPA filters of confinement ventilation systems have occurred at the Rocky Flats Plant. In 1957, pyrophoric ignition of plutonium in a production line ignited combustible cellulose filters in the production box and spread from there via laminated plexiglass window materials and other unknown combustible materials in the ventilation system to involve and destroy combustible HEPA filters in the final filter stage. Delays in fighting this fire were due to radiation safety concerns and delays in using water due to criticality concerns allowed it grow. It was extinguished soon after water was used, but a buildup of combustible vapors and dusts in the ventilation ductwork and the final filter stage ignited and resulted in a small explosion. This severely damaged the HEPA filters in the final filter stage and allowed the second-highest known plutonium release at Rocky Flats to occur. A significant portion of the plutonium released from this fire was deposited offsite.3 As a result of this event, fire-resistant glass fiber HEPA filters were researched, developed, and put into service in the nuclear industry." pg 10-2

The lesson from this is that radioactive garbage  like plutonium waste can and does catch on fire and burn with nothing but air, and no ignition source is needed. Radioactive elements burn as well as explode, (along with black smoke and soot). There are numerous examples of this type of thing happening all around the world. If WIPP cannot handle radioactive fires and explosions, heat, black smoke and soot, it means that this geological nuclear depository is not able to handle nuclear wastes safely. The failure of WIPP means that these geological depositories are not a solution for radioactive waste. 

Before the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, the pro nuclear experts all guaranteed us that a multiple nuclear power station failure and meltdown could 'never' happen. At WIPP, the pro nuclear experts promised that a radioactive accident could 'never' happen, and that HEPA filters would protect the public in case it did. Guess what? The Titanic could 'never' be sunk either, but it did. And WIPP failed on both counts..

We already know that HEPA filters quickly get overwhelmed from black smoke and soot. So whether it happens from a salt truck fire or something else, this will not change during a radioactive smoke filled fire. The HEPA filters and negative pressure safety system TOTALLY failed at WIPP at least once, and possibly twice. Because they covered up the nuclear disaster for six days, we don't know yet what happened during the WIPP nuclear disaster, which can now be called WIPPGATE, but the odds are that the same thing happened there that happened during the truck fire; the HEPA filters and ventilation system failed and radiation poured out of the intake shafts, more than likely MUCH longer than the 'official' 30 seconds that they claimed. 

Can you see any fire fighters going down into this WIPP facility to 'put out' a radioactive fire or deal with a radioactive explosion, with flammable gases present? No, it is not possible. What is the plan for putting out radioactive fires, leaks, bursting/rusting barrels or deal with explosions underground? There is no plan for this, and no realistic way to do this. The proof of this no entry possible after a disaster, is that no one has been down inside WIPP since the radiation disaster happened. 

Another critically important piece of information around WIPP HEPA filters, because they are the ONLY line of defense, and there is no backup, is to make sure that they are tested regularly, as required by DOE regulations. If they are not tested regularly, there is no way that they are going to meet the 99.9% efficiency rating, due to much higher leakage and HEPA filter failure rates that go all the way up to 5% if no testing is done on a regular basis. The HEPA filters themselves need to be tested and approved by the US Army Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. Was this done with WIPP HEPA filters? And was the HEPA filter facility tested regularly, as outlined below, AFTER being installed, on a REGULAR BASIS? When was the last test, and when is the next one? Who did the testing?

Why is this article focusing so much on HEPA filters? Plutonium is SO dangerous, and HEPA filters are the only thing standing between everyone downwind and things that are so toxic, so dangerous, that this plutonium can kill millions of people if those HEPA filters fail and huge plumes of whatever is down there come out of this Hell hole. .. How dangerous is WIPP?

According to note at the bottom of the this study/report;


Plutonium is 115,000 times more dangerous and toxic than the average nuclear man made radioactive element in terms of it's effect.

To learn more about the dangers of plutonium, click on the following links; 

How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima?

Plutonium Is The Most Toxic, Radioactive, Man Made Element, With No Natural Biological Role In The Human Body

Is There 'Natural' Plutonium And Are There 'Natural' Fission Reactions?


Another thing that residents living downwind might want to know about WIPP, is that it contains illegal nuclear waste products. We are not talking about just deadly plutonium and legal transuranic waste at this facility. WIPP also has boat loads of illegal waste such as cesium and strontium.  Learn more about the details here; 

WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence; via @AGreenRoad

Print out and take the above and following questions to the upcoming community meetings that WIPP officials are promising to hold on a 'weekly' basis, complete with dinners. 



What happened after that negative pressure was lost, the filter was clogged, and before the nuclear accident, where they needed those HEPA filters to be working again? Was the ventilation system damaged in any way or were parts not working?


WHY did they cover up the radiation release for SIX DAYS and not allow anyone on site? What was done to the ventilation system, the HEPA filters or inside the mine during those six days?

3rd Question;

How long was it before the HEPA filters worked to counter the radiation release, and did the HEPA filters get bypassed during the radiation release and if so when and why? What EXACT time period did radiation escape from the mine before being run through the HEPA filters?

4th Question; 

Did the HEPA filters clog and fail completely when needed for the radiation release and if not, why not? If yes, how long did radiation go by the HEPA filters?

5th Question:

What kind of HEPA filters were they using, specifically, type, brand, make, model, ratings, design construction, etc? Not all HEPA filter types can resist smoke, heat, explosive forces or radiation. If the radiation event came with a fire or overpressure due to ceiling collapse or explosion, HEPA filters are not designed for that either, and FAIL.

6th Question;

How long had the filters been in place and working before the truck fire? What was the pressure reading on the face of the filters? Where are the records of this? Where are the change out records for the HEPA filters and can you provide them and the person who changed them out the last time for an interview, on the record?

7th Question;

If the filters clogged and were changed out after the truck fire and before the radiation release on the 14th, who performed that service and can we interview them? Reports indicate that the filters were 'too radioactive to get close to'. Is that true? What was the radiation reading on the filters themselves? What is the plan for replacing the filters specifically? Who, when, how, procedures, etc? What is the radiation reading on filters taken out?

8th Question;

How did the HEPA filter system work during the radiation event, when it did NOT work during the salt truck fire? How did the ventilation system get fixed after the truck fire, and before the radiation release disaster?

According to PISSIN' ON THE ROSES;

"We read through DOE's report on the 2/5/14 fire at the WIPP facility with an eye on spotting ventilation system configurations which could result in the build up of explosive gases produced by the radioactive waste. Key information pointing to the root cause of a explosive gas build up is found on page 35 of DOE's report on the 2/5/14 fire; notice the information we quoted and bolded in their statement below. We suspect that the regulator action mentioned is at the root cause of the February 14th explosion and radioactive release at the WIPP facility.

707 bulkhead door that divides the construction split from the disposal split requires manual operation and cannot be remotely shut, which is necessary for shifting to filtration mode. During the initial entries after the event, underground services shut the 707 bulkhead door and regulator the afternoon of February 14, 2014. This allowed the ventilation system to be placed in filtration mode. After the radiological event the evening of February 14, 2014, it would not have been possible to place the ventilation in filtration mode if 707 bulkhead door had remained open."

9th And Further Questions;

What is the purpose of the 'regulator', how does it work?
What is the purpose of the 707 bulkhead door in regards to standard or filtered air?
Can 707 bulkhead door be operated and closed or opened remotely in case of a radiation accident underground?
What is the purpose and function of the broken ventilation fan(s) identified in this same report?
Can these things be moved or adjusted AFTER and DURING a sudden and catastrophic, SEVERE radiation accident or fire in the mine with radiation levels above 10 Sieverts in the mine?
What effect did cutting the air curtain dividers have as crew were evacuated during the salt truck fire?
Can flammable or explosive gas build up if these things are closed (and/or cut) in the section of the mine that is closed off?
What amount of fire or explosion can the HEPA system handle before being overwhelmed and losing negative pressure?
Are there flammable gas detectors and radiation detectors in the mine?
If yes, what were the readings for BOTH on Feb 14th 2014, before and after the explosion?
What was leaking after Feb. 14th, and what was 'fixed' with foam after that date?
What is the rate of leakage from the duct system?
Is the HEPA filter system a single, double or triple pass system?
Is there a redundant HEPA filter system, and if not, why not?
Is there a redundant duct system leading to the 2nd HEPA filters, and if not, why not?
Are the HEPA filters now in place resistant to heat, fire, explosion and/or radiation?
Were the HEPA filters damaged by the fire or by the explosion?
Can you take us on a tour of the HEPA filter building and allow a video of this tour?
Can we go into the filter building with a radiation detector and measure radiation at the filters?
What is the usual filtering system required at a Class II lab or process facility working with high level plutonium radiation products?
Why did DOE ignore or fire the many scientists who warned DOE of many severe geological risks, including flammable gas buildup?
Why is the DOE pushing so hard for Class III nuclear wastes, when the original permit and design of WIPP was only for low level wastes?
What other wastes are going into WIPP besides radioactive ones?
Has dioxin gone into WIPP?
Why is there no public radiation protection other than a failure prone HEPA system at WIPP?
Why do nuclear plants have 3 layers of protection from nuclear fire, fallout and explosion and WIPP has basically NONE?
What is the plan to deal with the flammable gases coming out of the 10,000 plus barrels?
What is the plan to deal with the pyrophoric elements in the nuclear waste barrels?
Does the emergency center have it's own filtered, radiation proof air supply? If yes, what kind, type, redundancy, layers, etc?
Does the emergency center at WIPP have a negative air pressure system, with emergency power supply as back in case the primary one fails? If yes, what type and how long can it last?
Why was the emergency center evacuated during a simple truck fire? Who decided that? When, and based on what information coming in?
Assuming a black, sooty nuclear fire and explosion at WIPP, how long will the HEPA filters work?
Assuming a hot raging nuclear fire underground at WIPP, can negative pressure be maintained, if so, for how long? Are the HEPA filters rated for high temperatures? Explosion?
What is the long term plan for inspecting the mine after it is full and how will that work in detail, for what period of time? (a reasonable period of time is not acceptable as an answer)
How often will the HEPA filters be changed, now that they are filtering highly dangerous plutonium?

More evidence that a flammable gas explosion or pyrophoric fire happened in an RH waste container;

WIPP Ventilation System 'Unstable', Possibly Due To Underground Explosion, Another Explosion Possible AT ANY TIME via @AGreenRoad


More questions arise around HEPA filters, because the public must now consider that there is NO REAL PROTECTION against major and catastrophic amounts of plutonium, cesium, americium, radioactive gases, and/or toxic chemicals being released from WIPP.  HEPA filters do not filter out radioactive gases or toxic chemicals or chemical gases. Even small radioactive particles can go right through a HEPA filter like the filter is not even there. What kind of HEPA filters are being used at WIPP? Can they filter out these below MPPS size nano radioactive particles?

"Another variable to application is efficiency. Selecting a more efficient filter for an application may be necessary to prevent particle bypass through a standard HEPA [utero The higher-efficiency filters are called Very Large-Scale Integrated (VLSI) filters. There are materials in use that have a greater amount of small particles below the MPPS for HEPA filters. These materials may pass through the HEPA filter unimpeded and migrate into the ductwork. Redundant filters can sometimes be used for these applications; however, this assumes that the area between the filters can be cleaned. pg 7-17 


The WIPP facility allows and accepts not just radioactive waste, but also the worst of the worst chemicals and toxins, such as dioxin. Let's assume for a second that they really did measure ONLY plutonium coming out, despite most barrels being filled with a dozen man made elements and/or mixed waste, including solvents, chemicals, etc. What else came out of WIPP starting in Feb. 2014?

via VanneV March 18, 2014“…About 4% of the TRU waste received at WIPP is far too toxic and the containers must be remote-handled by robots and automated machinery….”“…Some of the substances (hazchems), which include more than 200 types of dioxins, are so lethal that even a small leak into the water supply could kill or permanently harm millions of people, before they are detected.… The United States is dotted with an estimated 100,000 HAZMAT storage sites containing one or more of deadly substances including radioactive, biohazardous, toxic, explosive, flammable, asphyxiating, corrosive, oxidizing, pathogenic, or allergenic materials, as well as herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers that don’t fall into those categories…."


Finally, what is REALLY going on down inside WIPP? According to radiation results released, it seems that there was a second spike of radiation later in the month, and another spike in June of 2014. These further repeated plutonium spikes makes this place look even more totally out of control and insane than it already is. How long can the HEPA filters take this radioactive abuse and punishment before they are overwhelmed completely, (assuming that they are currently working at all)? 

A 2nd Plutonium Spike Has Occurred At WIPP

WIPP officials admit new release of Plutonium and Americium — More expected in future — Nearly double levels seen after February leak — 61 DPM on March 11 vs. 36 DPM in February

via CiscoMarch 20, 2014 "Plutonium is Forever", just ask the sick and dying in Denver.

Plutonium up to 1,579 pCi/kg detected near Denver at Rocky Flats — Contamination levels remain as high as 40 years ago, BEFORE the site was ‘cleaned up’.

The above Denver scenario is the prediction for what will happen to communities downwind of WIPP. The pro nuclear apologists will give lots of assurances, promises and maybe even 'decontaminate' something, but in the end, nothing changes and the radiation contamination stays forever, while the genetic, disease and cancer rates keep increasing, generation after generation. (Denver has some of the highest lung disease, nervous system disease and cancer rates in the US.)


And in Germany, where this same nuclear waste in a salt mine idea was tried, they decided it was a BAD IDEA, with no radiation leaks. Their salt mine is having problems like water pouring into it and wall collapses like the picture below shows. And what is all of that black staining on the salt that is  piled on the barrels? That wouldn't be nuclear waste leaking out of the barrels, would it?


Bottom line, the hard questions have not been answered yet, and may never be answered, because the regulator, safety inspector and financial contracter who hands out all of the money  are all one and the same; DOE. DOE decided this place was 'safe' and going to work for 250,000 years, despite NUMEROUS severe geological problems...

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad


The odds of WIPP failing in a huge catastrophic nuclear nightmare manner are 100%, long term. With all of the above severe geological risks, there is no way this place is going to get through even 100 years without something much worse happening. The Feb 2014 radioactive disaster may be the beginning of such a never ending nuclear nightmare, with no end, ever, and just getting worse and worse over time.

WIPP is designed to close in and crush all containers of high level and low level nuclear and chemical waste fairly quickly, as has already happened at Panel 1, according to this story via link below. What happens when the contents of these containers are released and interact underground with high pressure added to the mix? No one knows, and no one in the industry cares. This article by PBS admits that the walls are moving and will crush the containers, but PBS whitewashes all the issues and problems at WIPP. PBS and NPR consistently repeat the parroting the pro nuclear spin verbatim, in movies and news releases, without even investigating or confirming any of their statements.

Meanwhile the local and mainstream press seems for the most part, content to parrot the PR handouts from WIPP, without doing ANY investigative reporting and without asking any of the hard questions.


So if you are a local citizen living and working in the area, it is up to YOU, as a citizen journalist and activist to print out and ask some or all of these questions, or send them to officials, and to demand answers. Of course, you can also ask your local press to do their job and ask these questions too, but don't hold your breath, because the odds are, that they never will. 

There is a huge story that is NOT being covered at WIPP. The huge WIPP nuclear disaster and cover up is the open, admitted failure of the WIPP facilitiy HEPA filter system, as described and with photographic evidence around the salt truck fire. The HEPA filter system did fail. The failure of the HEPA system DID happen around a simple truck fire. What happens after a major and severe radiation release and fire from one or more high level waste containers? What happens when no one can go down there to manually 'adjust', close, open or fix whatever part of the ventilation system that is broken?

What happens if and when things break, fail or are set up wrong, as they were before the salt truck fire? The HEPA filter system is the ONLY thing protecting the public from the horrors being stored underground. One gram (like a dime) of stuff coming out of WIPP can permanently make 2 square miles of land uninhabitable. There are 10,000 more more 55 gallon drums filled with up 1,000 pounds each of highly radioactive/chemical/heavy metal garbage inside WIPP. This wimpy already failed HEPA system is not going to prevent a major radiation disaster, guaranteed.. It has already failed once, and it will fail again, guaranteed. There is no system designed by humans that can safely hold back a nuclear fire, and/or explosion or major failure at WIPP, and the salt mine truck plus the covered up WIPP radiation disaster proves this.

We all know that a major radiation disaster/failure of the only radiation protective system happened at WIPP. The only thing left to discover is how really BAD this disaster was. WIPP and the DOE are keeping really quiet about that, despite having radiation monitors down in the mine and despite having reason(s) to evacuate their emergency management center after a simple truck fire. 

What were or are the live radiation readings on those underground radiation monitors? They report now that the radiation detector closest to Panel 7 was 'broken'. Isn't that what they always say in case of any nuclear accident? Every meter close to the accident always seems to break conveniently right on time for the accident, so no readings can be used later on to estimate amounts of radiation release.


Why aren't their live radiation readings on the intake and exhaust vent stacks of the WIPP facility that can be read and accessed by the public via the Internet, in REAL TIME, with a battery and solar power backup power supply in case an accident happens and the power fails?

sallyJune 27, 2014 Looking at the map of WIPP and the locations of radiological sensors/test sites there are 27. of which 3 are for air.

One due East of site near Carlsbad, 33 miles.
One South South East, 15 miles.
One South West, 7 miles.

Go to page 16:

One would think that they should have more monitoring of the air."


It must be REALLY BAD, for DOE to refuse to release the radiation information about what is going on inside the mine and on the HEPA filters. Another part of this huge nuclear disaster that has been covered up completely so far, is the total failure of the transparent reporting and accountability of the operator and inspector for six days after the accident. What happened during those six days?

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access

Real investigative reporting now seems to be solely in the domain of citizens, bloggers and independent aggregators who receive no corporate funding, such as AGRP, ENENews and Pissin In The Roses as well as other citizens/groups making a difference out there. One thing we can count on for sure is that the same denial, minimization, and cover up of this nuclear disaster is happening, just like all of the rest of them. The whole nuclear industry is just one huge failure, one right after another. 


2014 - Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico's WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

WIPP Filled With Explosive Gas Generating Barrels Of Radioactive Waste, Spontaneously Burst Into Flames

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HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Plutonium Radiation Release?

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Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Approvals

WIPP Is Not A Place For 250,000 Years Of Anything, Much Less Honor; via @AGreenRoad

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad

WIPP Ventilation System 'Unstable', Possibly Due To Underground Explosion, Another Explosion Possible AT ANY TIME via @AGreenRoad

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

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Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste Problems/Issues


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HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Plutonium Radiation Release?

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