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Oneness Is Beautiful

The experience of Oneness cannot substitute for the words that point at it, but an attempt is made anyway. Seek it out, ask for this experience if you have not had it yet.

The state of Oneness is beyond beautiful, beyond loving, beyond ANY words that can describe it.

God said:

God lives. God is alive. I live in you, just as you live in Me. In every area of Life, We are integrated. I am not a pretty add-on. I am All. There is no beginning or ending because I am All, and you are All along with Me. Not sometimes, not only when you are all dressed up, but always all the time. You go nowhere without Me. We are One Burst of Joy echoing in All the Universe.

We, you and I, are the Call of Joy. There are no bounds for Us to burst. We can only burst forth in Joy. You and I, We are Joy to the World. Oneness is beautiful in the Lake of Love in Which We Reside.

We are the most wonderful thing there can be, and We exist in Infinity. We are the gold, and We are the scraps. We are everything manmade and everything God-made. We are integral, one to the other. There is no parting. There is no separating. We are inseparably One.

There is no separating the Ocean from its waves. The Waves are verily Ocean. What possible advantage can there be in the idea of separating the Ocean? Waves are part and parcel of the Ocean.

You and I are joined in Oneness. We are Oneness Inseparable. We have no seams to show. We have no seams to be torn apart.

Do you begin to sense what Oneness feels like? Even just a tiny touch of what Oneness feels like? There are no words to describe this True Existential Presence. Oneness can only be known.

Feel yourself coming closer to a pervasive sense of Oneness. Oneness is not volatile. Not at all. It is subtle, and subtle is powerful. Subtle is most powerful, yet powerful isn't quite the right word either, even as Oneness is subtle – subtle and marvelous – subtle and overwhelming -- even as Oneness is gently absorbed.

Oneness doesn't knock you over. It doesn't spin you around. As subtle as Oneness is, you could swoon in Oneness just the same. Oneness revamps your sense of Oneness. Oneness is exquisite. You never want to be without Oneness.

We could say that Oneness emanates, the same way you know that spring is in the air. How would you know, without the five senses, that it is Winter? How would you know what a Lily of the Valley smells like? How would you remember from all the Vastness what sweetness flowers are and what their presence means to you. The sweetness invades you. Sometimes all you want is the Presence of Flowers. You just know.

How do you remember the essence of anything? No need to know how. You just remember. And so you know colors and remember them even when it's been a long time since you saw a particular color and loved it with all your heart.

How do you feel love? How do you know it? How do you know different kinds of love one from another?

Why, love is universal, and love is unique.

How many colors of love are there? How many dimensions? How can love thrive when it is a vapor of some kind? When is love pure love existing for the joy of itself? How does love fill hearts, and how can it be that love can seemingly turn off. One moment love is wine, and the next moment, love may turn into vinegar. This can't be true.

It is inconceivable that My children are not in love with Oneness at every moment. Love cannot be left out in the cold. Not for any length of time can anyone refuse the Love of Oneness, for, Heaven’s sakes, time exists not at all.

Does love come before Oneness, or does Oneness come first? Who needs to analyze when Love and Oneness are One and cannot be divided?

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Oneness Is Beautiful

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Oneness Is Beautiful

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