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Heavenletter #5728 God Sure Loves You!, July 31, 2016 

God said: 

I whisper to you. I whisper, "You are My beloved."

Would that you hear Me and you know that it is to you I speak. If you do not hear Me now, you will hear Me. To barely hear Me is still to hear Me. I do not boom as I speak. I speak quietly so I will awaken you yet not jar you. When you do hear Me, you will hear Me from inside yourself.

Inside yourself is the wilderness you cry out from until you do hear My Voice. Perhaps it is My Voice alone that you must hear. Perhaps My Voice means more than My Words. In any case, hear Me. I am stationed within you.

If you feel a faint longing for Me from within you, it is My longing you feel, for I long for you to receive Me, for I am integral to you. The cry you hear in your heart is My cry to you. "Hear Me."

Is this a lot to ask? It is little, yet it is everything. It is the Open Sesame.

I knock on your door. "Let Me in," I say. You may not hear me. When you do not hear Me, you do not hear your own longing for Me.

Your life does not have to be everything there is, yet your life does require My Presence. You have My Presence. It means something to know you have a fortune within you.

I am not a stuck-up kind of God. I am a down-home kind of God. I am a Family God. I am whole-heartedly yours. You may have held Me in abeyance for a long time. Any amount of time holding Me in abeyance is too long.

I am not a Gatekeeper. I am a Door-Opener. I am the open door through which you walk right up the Stairway to Heaven.

I seek you, and you may not know that you seek Me. You may seek some trifle more than you seek your awareness of Me. Sometimes I am no more than the Unseen and Unheard in your life. You may see Me only in the far-off distance if at all. To you, I may be like a package in the mailroom that you have yet to pick up. You can always get it later.

One wonderful thing about Me is that, once you partake of Me, there is no end to Me. Once you start to open up to Me, watch out -- there is always more. I am a steady fulsome kind of God.

I talk to you frankly. At first, it seems I walk around the edges of your heart. That is, only so far as you dare let Me in. You are perhaps stand-offish. Somehow you are fearful of opening the Door of Love by which I offer you the Kingdom. True, you have lived a long time without Me. In terms of Life on Earth, that much is true.

You have some ideas in your head. You don't dare open your heart to Me, yet you keep some ideas hanging uselessly on the wall of your thoughts. You fear letting go of some of these thoughts that have been hanging out with for so long. In for a penny, in for a pound.

What terrible thing do you think would happen if you ousted certain outdated thoughts? The big bad wolf will not get you. The big bad wolf already has more in his thrall than he can chomp on.

You, on the other hand, in the midst of your life, go hungry. You are somewhat aware of your hesitation about voting for Me, yet you may be someone who sees your very abstention of Me as a declaration of independence and greatly in your favor. Beloveds, how can denial of the Closeness and Oneness of God be a feather in your cap?

A little bit of realization of God will put roses in your cheeks.

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The supposedly 'civilized' world is fractionated into tiny compartments and boxes. Science studies only small fractions, pieces and parts. Doctors look at dis-eases, which are only a piece or part of the whole. People commonly believe that they are separate and apart from everyone and everything, and that what they do does not matter at all, and will have no effect in any way. All of these things are illusions, and/or disinformation.

Oneness is the only true HOME that anyone has. Anything other than that is illusion and fantasy or blind belief, but not reality. The beliefs around separation make up this physical and mental world that most people live in, which justifies murder, war, poisons of all kinds, destroying the planet, rape, torture, and secrecy of all kinds. There are no secrets in the ONENESS, and everything is known on that level. On the cosmic universal level where those who live in ONENESS live, there is no secrecy. Everything done is immediately known to all. Hatred and fear are unknown, because they are part of the separation consciousness, which is based in illusions. There is no greed, because there is no lack, as both of those are part of separation consciousness and based on illusion.

In the ONENESS, there is only INNER love, peace, and joy. Because all Beings are ONE, there is NO way anyone can even think of hurting another, stealing, poisoning, robbing, or killing, because to do so, would be like doing that to ONESELF. This ONENESS is the POTENTIAL reality on the physical level as well, but people are not AWARE of this and so they live, trapped in their little boxes of blind beliefs, little boxes of 'education', little boxes of political parties, little boxes of greed, fear, hatred and more. Because most people are so unconscious and so separated, they can live these boxed up lives and do things and believe that there is no effect or consequence.

In the ONENESS that is reality, everything and everyone is ONE, so everyone and everything affects everything and everyone else.

Like ripples in a pond, each thought, emotion, action and decision has ripples that go out and affect the world, either for better or worse. Be aware that you are a powerful being beyond the limits of space/time, with effects that ripple all the way out to 7 generations into the future.

Just like ripples in a pond, when the ripple hits the edge, the ripple bounces back and returns to the source. So reality works as well. Send out violence, hatred, fear, separation, greed and selfishness, and it returns to you. How? Immediately the consequence is separation from the ONENESS, because those things are not possible in that consciousness. So by doing these things, a CHOICE is made based on free will, that the ONENESS is not desired.

So the person making that choice is 'cast out' of the Garden of Eden, and is now 'trapped' in the separation duality consciousness where all suffering resides. Each action generates an equal and opposite reaction, both immediately and in the longer term; this is called the 'wheel of karma'.

Because there is no death and everyone comes back, the world you create today, with your actions, thoughts and emotions, for future generations is ALSO the world you create to come back to in the future. There is no escape from the consequences or blessings of your actions, and everything you do, you will experience in a future life, to balance the cosmic scales of justice. If you rob someone, you will be robbed. If you kill someone, you will be killed, if not in this lifetime, then in the next. If you destroy the environment, you will have to suffer in that destroyed environment. If you abuse animals, you will come back as that abused animal and suffer in the next lifetime, or many life times.

But the opposite is also true. If you love, you will be loved. If you bless others, you will be blessed. If you protect others and the Earth from harm and pass it on in as good a shape or better than you received it, you will enjoy the fruits of that as well. As you sow, so shall you reap. There is no escape from these cosmic laws that transcend space time in the ONENESS.


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You are My Beloved In The Oneness

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