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Heavenletter #5745 Wield the Wand of Wonderfulness, August 17, 2016 

God said: 

Don't think I tell you to dismiss the world. I exalt you to love the world. Just don't make the world your God. Do not worship World Palaces. Do not give the world dominion over you.

Obey the laws, and be true to your Self. True to your Self, you are true to Me. By Self, I mean your True Self. I do not mean your personality. Enjoy your personality, yet not be overtaken by it.

Just as you do not know what life may bring to you, you do not know what wonders you are yet to perform. Of course, it's not exactly that you perform wonders. You ARE the wonders. You wield the wand of wonderfulness. There are treasures within you that you have no idea of. These treasures humble you, not inflate you.

Treasures may fall from your hands. They may fall from your tongue. You are a Messenger of God. The treasures may be silent. They may appear as invisible. Right now, most of these jewels in your possession are invisible to you. It is like you have squeezed your eyes shut.

Jewels from you will venture forth. Rubies and diamonds will fall from your love of their own accord. They know when and where. You don’t have to know. You are an instrument of My Love and Will.

All this I planted in you. Blossoms know when to blossom. According to its season, fruit knows when to appear, and it is beautiful. The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful. Beauty is made of love.

Know you are beautiful, even if you don't know what I mean as I say it -- take it to heart anyway. Feel My Words as manna from Heaven. This is what is meant by knowing your worth. Take what I say to you at face value.

You are at a high point of your life right now. Never mind that you may think you are at a low point.

I tell you this: You are going to know greater high points. This will not concern you overmuch. You will not be looking for your personal value, nor will you care all that much about it, for you will be happy in My Light.

You will find yourself immured in freedom. No longer will walls or enclosures be there to keep you back. The world you live in is within you. Your chains that were never true will be left behind. You are on a different track now.

You are to live in boundlessness. All borders are gone. Ready or not, you are aswim in the Universe.

You never needed boundaries. You thought you did. Throw away the canes and railings you held onto.

No longer do you need to see the world through others' eyes. You never did. You were hornswoggled into believing that you did.

You need nothing. You are everything. You are the opportunity of a lifetime. There is not anything you cannot do even if you cannot manifest it yet.

You are Vastness now. You are Infinite. I am in the Pocket of Your Heart. You can reach in anytime you want. I have always been there – here – there is no there -- yet you were too preoccupied. I am never too busy to fill your heart. Let Me in.

That which comes from My heart returns to My heart. The joker is that you never left My heart. You thought so, yet the one thing on Earth that is impossible for you is to be anywhere but in My heart.

Shall I welcome you to where you have always been? Well, I will. I will welcome you to My heart. Here We are together. How does Our being together feel? Does it feel more familiar to you now?

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Heavenletter #5745 Wield the Wand of Wonderfulness, August 17, 2016

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