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Heavenletter #5759 Peace Precedes Accomplishment, August 31, 2016

God said: 

Peace comes first. Make peace your priority, and not so much getting things done. Getting things done is not more important than peace. Getting things done does not begin to be as important as peace. Through peace, you strengthen yourself through. Through emphasis on getting things done, you weaken yourself.

Truly, I understand that you have obligations. I support you to fulfill obligations. You also have a responsibility to create peace. You are a responsibility of your own. Become responsible for settling yourself. Calm down.

You are responsible for peace-gathering. You will accomplish more in your life and work-life when you keep peace close by.

Keep peace near you, and you will fritter away less time and energy. Your focus on accomplishing results without peace stresses you out.

Start thinking that you are at peace. In peace, you will accomplish more. You will contribute more. Your prime project to focus on is peace. This is your responsibility.

Peace is the basis of accomplishing. How much do you accomplish when you are caught up in anxiety? That way you accomplish anxiety. Anxiety accomplishes anxiety. Anxiety doesn't serve you well. Anxiety does not serve you well at all.

Anxiety is not your by-word. Get away from anxiety-producing thoughts. When you focus on anxiety, you distract yourself from your very accomplishment. You go faster and better without anxiety. What does anxiety do but add non-essential anxiety to your shoulders.

In peace, you will accomplish great things. In anxiety, you forestall great things. You are too busy fretting. Accomplish, and no longer fret.

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare is not really about speed vs. a slow steady pace. It is not about flash vs. ordinariness. It is about stability. An inborn sense of security at your foundation will move mountains.

Sometimes you have to look at yourself from a distance without huffing and puffing. It is that simple.

You can work in haste and work with confidence. Working with confidence means working without a sense of panic or fear of failure.

What you put your attention on becomes your life. Dear Ones, put your attention, not on calamity, but on calmness. Peace, a form of calmness, wins the race.

What is your target? Certainly, you want to get things done. The way to get things done is to be in peace. Peace comes from a Higher Place than worry.

Peace is not laziness, not at all. Peace is being good to yourself. Conduct your life in peace.

Peace is what is called being reasonable. Make peace with your life. Make your life full of peace. This is what I ask of you. Move your life forward. Progress without tumult. In fact, this is how you progress. In peace, this is how you don't make more work for yourself. Running a race is not peace.

Rushing makes more work. Calm makes less work. In calmness, you can actually move faster. In tension, you pirate yourself. In tension, you make yourself walk the plank.

Farewell to tension. Welcome peace. I give you peace. Take peace under your belt. I will assist you in accomplishing more. This is My forte.

You do know people who seem to weave their work. There is a sense of their accomplishing without effort. They may take a moment to clean their eyeglasses. They start work – We could say with aplomb. They do not waste their time. They are not frantic. They work in peace. Their work does not require exertion.

Be at peace. Be. This is how to get your work done. Responsibility does not require that you do somersaults. Contain your breath. I AM HERE.

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