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Hitler's Nuclear Pile; He Would Have Had Nuclear Bomb Except For One Man; Could Hitler Have Won World War II By Dropping Atom Bombs On US, UK And Russian Cities? Did Corporate Fascists Actually Win?


Via pennyJanuary 25, 2016  Hitler would have had the bomb, except that Werner Heisenberg, the smartest scientist alive, who headed his bomb-development project, was also an exceptionally ethical man. This is an excellent read:

Heisenberg risked his life by pretending that his team was failing at something he could easily have done by himself. He assumed – or hoped – that the American team would do the same.

For his valiant efforts to sabotage the making of a bomb for Germany, he was ostracized and ridiculed by the US scientists who had built the US bomb. Apparently, they couldn't live with their shame."


Hitler Financed, Supplied By 100 US Corporations; Coca Cola, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Chase Manhattan Bank, Dow Chemical, Brown Brothers Harriman, Woolworth, Alcoa, Ford, GM, IBM, Standard Oil, BBH Prescott Bush


Nazi Germany was far ahead of the US in terms of advanced technology in a number of areas, including nuclear technology. But what the Nazis lacked was heart, empathy and compassion. The Nazi Reich's doom as a society and as a belief system should be a warning to any nation that pursues the path of technology without emotional intelligence, empathy or spirit, as the US is doing now.

Nazi secret weapons
VIDEO: 44 min.

Wikipedia; "A general US denial and exploitation effort (in regards to the nuclear bomb) was Operation Paperclip. Operations directed specifically towards German nuclear fission were Operation Alsos and Operation Epsilon, the latter being done in collaboration with the British. In lieu of the code name for the Russian operation, if it had one, it has been referred to by Oleynikov as the Russian "Alsos".[69] "

Let's get into the how the nuclear programs were developed in Germany and surrounding countries before and during WWII.


Main article: Alsos Mission

In addition to developing the atomic bomb, the Manhattan Project was charged with gathering intelligence on the German nuclear energy project. It was believed that the Japanese nuclear weapons program was not far advanced because Japan had little access to uranium ore, but it was initially feared that Germany was very close to developing its own weapons. At the instigation of the Manhattan Project, a bombing and sabotage campaign was carried out against heavy water plants in German-occupied Norway.[245] A small mission was created, jointly staffed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, OSRD, the Manhattan Project, and Army Intelligence (G-2), to investigate enemy scientific developments. It was not restricted to those involving nuclear weapons.[246] The Chief of Army Intelligence, Major General George V. Strong, appointed Boris Pash to command the unit,[247] which was codenamed "Alsos", a Greek word meaning "grove".[248]

The Alsos Mission to Italy questioned staff of the physics laboratory at the University of Rome following the capture of the city in June 1944.[249] Meanwhile Pash formed a combined British and American Alsos mission in London under the command of Captain Horace K. Calvert to participate in Operation Overlord.[250] 

Groves considered the risk that the Germans might attempt to disrupt the Normandy landings with radioactive poisons was sufficient to warn General Dwight D. Eisenhower and send an officer to brief his chief of staff, Lieutenant General Walter Bedell Smith.[251] Under the codename Operation Peppermint, special equipment was prepared and Chemical Warfare Serviceteams were trained in its use.[252]

Following in the wake of the advancing Allied armies, Pash and Calvert interviewed Frédéric Joliot-Curie about the activities of German scientists. They spoke to officials at Union Minière du Haut Katanga about uranium shipments to Germany. They tracked down 68 tons of ore in Belgium and 30 tons in France. The interrogation of German prisoners indicated that uranium and thorium were being processed in Oranienburg, 20 miles north of Berlin, so Groves arranged for it to be bombed on 15 March 1945.[253]

An Alsos team went to Stassfurt in the Soviet Occupation Zone and retrieved 11 tons of ore from WIFO.[254] In April 1945, Pash, in command of a composite force known as T-Force, conducted Operation Harborage, a sweep behind enemy lines of the cities ofHechingenBisingen and Haigerloch that were the heart of the German nuclear effort. T-Force captured the nuclear laboratories, documents, equipment and supplies, including heavy water and 1.5 tons of metallic uranium.[255][256]

Alsos teams rounded up German scientists including Kurt DiebnerOtto HahnWalther GerlachWerner Heisenberg and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, who were taken to England where they were interned at Farm Hall, a bugged house in Godmanchester. After the bombs were detonated in Japan, the Germans were forced to confront the fact that the Allies had done what they could not.[257]

According to Wikipedia; "the production of heavy water was already under way in Norway when the Nazis invaded on April 9, 1940. The Norwegian production of heavy water was quickly secured and improved by Nazis. The takeover and eventual sabotage was depicted in the movie, The Heroes of Telemark(1965).

The Heroes Of Telemark Movie (1965) Trailer

Telemark Recreation

Internal reports 

Reports from the research conducted were published in Kernphysikalische Forschungsberichte (Research Reports in Nuclear Physics), an internal publication of the Uranverein. The reports were classified Top Secret, they had very limited distribution, and the authors were not allowed to keep copies. 

The reports were confiscated under the Allied Operation Alsos and sent to the United States Atomic Energy Commission for evaluation. In 1971, the reports were declassified and returned to Germany. The reports are available at the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center and the American Institute of Physics.[35][36]

Individual reports are cited on the pages for some of the research participants in the Uranverein; see for example Friedrich BoppKurt DiebnerKlara DöpelRobert DöpelSiegfried FlüggePaul HarteckWalter HerrmannKarl-Heinz HöckerFritz HoutermansHorst Korsching,Georg JoosHeinz PoseCarl RamsauerFritz StrassmannKarl Wirtz, and Karl Zimmer

Allied soldiers dismantle the German experimental nuclear reactor at Haigerloch


VIDEO: 6 min.

Hitler's nuclear pile - WWII uranium cube reactor the Alsos mission: Atomkeller Haigerloch


The German experimental nuclear pile at Haigerloch.

Emigrations From Nazi Germany 

Adolf Hitler took power on 30 January 1933. On 7 April, the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service was enacted; this law, and its subsequent related ordinances, politicized the education system in Germany. This had immediate deleterious effects on the physics capabilities of Germany. Furthermore, combined with the Deutsche Physik movement, the deleterious effects were intensified and prolonged. The consequences to physics in Germany and its subfield of nuclear physics were multifaceted. 

An immediate consequence upon passage of the law was that it produced both quantitative and qualitative losses to the physics community. Numerically, it has been estimated that a total of 1,145 university teachers, in all fields, were driven from their posts, which represented about 14% of the higher learning institutional staff members in 1932–1933.[38]

Out of 26 German nuclear physicists cited in the literature before 1933, 50% emigrated.[39] Qualitatively, 10 physicists and four chemists who had won or would win the Nobel Prize emigrated from Germany shortly after Hitler came to power, most of them in 1933.[40]

These 14 scientists were: Hans BetheFelix BlochMax BornAlbert Einstein,James FranckPeter DebyeDennis GaborFritz HaberGerhard HerzbergVictor HessGeorge de HevesyErwin SchrödingerOtto Stern, and Eugene Wigner. Britain and the USA were often the recipients of the talent which left Germany.[41]

The University of Göttingen had 45 dismissals from the staff of 1932–1933, for a loss of 19%.[38] Eight students, assistants, and colleagues of the Göttingen theoretical physicist Max Born left Europe after Hitler came to power and eventually found work on the Manhattan Project, thus helping the United States, Britain and Canada to develop the atomic bomb; they were Enrico Fermi,[42] James FranckMaria Goeppert-MayerRobert OppenheimerEdward TellerVictor WeisskopfEugene Wigner, and John von Neumann.[43] Otto Robert Frisch, who with Rudolf Peierls first calculated the critical mass of U-235 needed for an explosive, was also a Jewish refugee.

“Scientists Albert Einstein, who fled Nazi persecution, and Enrico Fermi, who escaped Fascist Italy, were now living in the United States. They agreed that the President must be informed of the dangers of atomic technology in the hands of the Axis powers. Fermi traveled to Washington in March to express his concerns on government officials. But few shared his uneasiness….”

Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, had been right in assessing the consequences of National Socialist policies. In 1933, Planck, as president of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft (Kaiser Wilhelm Society), met with Adolf Hitler. During the meeting, Planck told Hitler that forcing Jewish scientists to emigrate would mutilate Germany and the benefits of their work would go to foreign countries. 

Hitler responded with a rant against Jews and Planck could only remain silent and then take his leave. The National Socialist regime would only come around to the same conclusion as Planck in the 6 July 1942 meeting regarding the future agenda of the Reichsforschungsrat (RFR, Reich Research Council), but by then it was too late.[25][44]

Missing generation of physicists 

Politicization of the academic community, combined with the impact of the Deutsche Physik movement and other policies, such as drafting physicists to fight in the war (e.g., Paul O. Müller, a member of the Uranverein who died on the Russian front), had the net effect of bringing about a missing generation of physicists. At the close of the war, physicists born between 1915 and 1925 were almost nonexistent.[51]

Exploitation and denial 

Near the end of World War II, the principal Allied war powers made plans for exploitation of German science. In light of the implications of nuclear weapons, German nuclear fission and related technologies were singled out for special attention. In addition to exploitations, denial was an element of their efforts, i.e., the Americans and Russians conducted their respective operations to try to deny German technology, personnel, and material to the other party. 

Application of denial often meant getting there first, which to some extent put the Russians at a disadvantage in some geographic locations, even if the area was to be in the Russian zone of occupation. When it came to applications of exploitation and denial, all parties were sometimes heavy-handed.[64][65][66][67][68]

A general US denial and exploitation effort was Operation Paperclip. Operations directed specifically towards German nuclear fission were Operation Alsos and Operation Epsilon, the latter being done in collaboration with the British. In lieu of the code name for the Russian operation, if it had one, it has been referred to by Oleynikov as the Russian "Alsos".[69]

American and British 

Berlin had been a location of many German scientific research facilities. To limit casualties and loss of equipment, many of these facilities were dispersed to other locations in the latter years of the war. 

Unfortunately for the Russians, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Physik (KWIP, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics) had mostly been moved in 1943 and 1944 to Hechingen and its neighboring town of Haigerloch, on the edge of the Black Forest, which eventually became the French occupation zone. 

This move allowed the Americans to take into custody a large number of German scientists associated with nuclear research. The only section of the institute which remained in Berlin was the low-temperature physics section, headed by Ludwig Bewilogua, who was in charge of the exponential uranium pile.[70][71]

Nine of the prominent German scientists who published reports in Kernphysikalische Forschungsberichte as members of the Uranverein[72]were picked up by Operation Alsos and incarcerated in England under Operation EpsilonErich BaggeKurt DiebnerWalther GerlachOtto HahnPaul HarteckWerner HeisenbergHorst KorschingCarl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, and Karl Wirtz

Also, incarcerated was Max von Laue, although he had nothing to do with the nuclear energy project. Goudsmit, the chief scientific advisor to Operation Alsos, thought von Laue might be beneficial to the postwar rebuilding of Germany and would benefit from the high level contacts he would have in England.[73]

Oranienburg Plant 

With the interest of the Heereswaffenamt (HWA, Army Ordnance Office), Nikolaus Riehl, and his colleague Günter Wirths, set up an industrial-scale production of high-purity uranium oxide at the Auergesellschaft plant in Oranienburg. Adding to the capabilities in the final stages of metallic uranium production were the strength's of the Degussa corporation's capabilities in metals production.[74][75]

The Oranienburg plant provided the uranium sheets and cubes for the Uranmaschine experiments conducted at the KWIP and theVersuchsstelle (testing station) of the Heereswaffenamt (Army Ordnance Office) in Gottow. The G-1 experiment[76] performed at the HWA testing station, under the direction of Kurt Diebner, had lattices of 6,800 uranium oxide cubes (about 25 tons), in the nuclear moderator paraffin.[14][77]

Work of the American Operation Alsos teams, in November 1944, uncovered leads which took them to a company in Paris that handled rare earths and had been taken over by the Auergesellschaft. This, combined with information gathered in the same month through an Alsos team in Strasbourg, confirmed that the Oranienburg plant was involved in the production of uranium and thorium metals. 

Since the plant was to be in the future Soviet zone of occupation and the Red Army's troops would get there before the Allies, General Leslie Groves, commander of the Manhattan Project, recommended to General George Marshall that the plant be destroyed by aerial bombardment, in order to deny its uranium production equipment to the Soviets. 

On 15 March 1945, 612 B-17 Flying Fortress bombers of the Eighth Air Force dropped 1,506 tons of high-explosive and 178 tons of incendiary bombs on the plant. Riehl visited the site with the Russians and said that the facility was mostly destroyed. Riehl also recalled long after the war that the Soviets knew precisely why the Americans had bombed the facility — the attack had been directed at them rather than the Germans.[78][79][80][81][82]

A book by Rainer KarlschHitlers Bombe, published in 2005, alleged that Diebner's team conducted the first successful nuclear weapon test of some type (employing hollow charges for ignition) of nuclear-related device in Ohrdruf, Thuringia on 4 March 1945.[107] However, Karlsch has been criticized for displaying "a catastrophic lack of understanding of physics" by physicist Michael Schaaf, who is himself the author of an earlier book about Nazi atomic research, while Karlsch himself has acknowledged that he lacked absolute proof for the claims made in his book.[108]

A similar project was described in David Irving's 1967 book The Virus House, where it was claimed that some of Diebner's researchers had unsuccessfully attempted to produce fusion using conventional explosives and heavy paraffin as a deuterium carrier. Irving also describes a further experiment in 1943 carried out by Trinks and Sachsse, which used a hollow sphere of silver filled with deuterium, imploded by conventional explosives. Again it was unsuccessful, no trace of radioactivity being produced.[109]

Science historian Mark Walker also published his analysis in 2005,[110] and in 2005 Karlsch and Walker published an article on the controversial historical evidence, briefly referenced in the article.[111] The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Federal Physical and Technical Institute) tested soil samples in the area of the alleged test, and in 2006 it issued its results: keinen Befund (nothing found).[112] Karlsch published a follow-on book with Heinko Petermann to elaborate on issues raised in his first book.[113]

But the plot gets muddy if one dives deeper into it. “One of the biggest public relations hoaxes ever perpetrated by the British Crown, is that King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1938, due to his support for the Nazis, was a “black sheep,'' an aberration in an otherwise unblemished Windsor line. Nothing could be further from the truth.


A fairly young J. Robert Oppenheimer gave a press release about what might happen once nuclear bombs were unleashed on the world.

A much older J. Robert Oppenheimer gave his opinion about nuclear development and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons all across the world. The father of the nuclear program basically admitted that nuclear weapons and power plants that produce them should not have been developed and that the whole world should have agreed to leave this evil monster inside Pandora's Box and never take it out.


What effect did the importation of these radical Nazi individuals have on the US, and on the for profit military industrial complex?

It is possible, that were it not for a rabid antisemitism, expressed politically, scientifically and culturally, that the Nazis might have developed the nuclear bomb first, and won World War II by using it against the Allied forces, much like the US used it against the Japanese at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was largely the Nazi scientists (some of them war criminals) that were imported into the US who developed the global nuclear bomb and the nuclear power industry. 

The nuclear bomb was a Nazi invention. The US used this Nazi invention against the Axis power, which was expressed through Fascism in Italy, Fascist Socialism in Germany, but very specifically against the Imperial Militarism in Japan. 

But the picture is not just black and white, as many mass media outlets make it seem. History is full of grey zones and very confusing things, such as this...

Time Is Short January 31, 2015 "I never said 'Jews were Nazis'. I said there were Nazi and Jewish scientists developing atomic weapons for the Nazi war machine. After the war, the US brought both the Nazi and Jewish scientists to the US to work on US weapons programs, and to keep them from falling into Soviet hands. That was a large part of 'Operation Paperclip'. I do know many Jewish scientists did not come to the US willingly, they wanted to stay and rebuild their homes and neighborhoods.

There were Jews voluntarily working for the Nazis, and the Nazis worked hand in hand with some Jews to eradicate the rest. I suggest you read 'The Transfer Agreement', by Edwin Black, a Jewish writer nominated for 10 Pulitzer Prizes. You might also read his book 'Nazi Nexus', about how Wall Street and London supported Hitler's rise to power – both Jewish and non-Jewish firms – and continued to support him throughout the war. I have plenty of Jewish friends, and I know full well who hates who within the Jewish community.

A short read for the intellectually curious:

'The Transfer Agreement':

'Nazi Nexus':

I can assure anyone who looks, the history of WWII is not what they've been told. Edwin Black earned every bit of those 10 Pulitzer Prize nomination."


Project Paper Clip; CIA Smuggled In And Hired Thousands Of Nazis And Hundreds of War Criminals To Develop And Set Off Nuclear Atom Bombs On US Soil, US Corporations Built And Supported Hitler War Machine


War is a Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler - Warned That Military Industrial Complex Taking Over Levers Of Power, 45 Reasons Not To Enlist

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War Has Been Abolished; International Peace Quotes, Songs And Stories; via A Green Road

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Except for one man, Hitler could have had one or more atom bombs, and that could have changed the course of WWII. But did Hitler and the Nazis really 'lose' this world war? If their intent was to start a nuclear global war and kill tens of millions of people globally, they accomplished that, through the 'testing' of thousands of atom bombs globally.

40 - 60 MILLION Deaths Due To Global Open Air Nuclear Weapons Testing 1945 to 2004

20 Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far

From Infinity Room, Plutonium Bombs, 25,000 Warheads, Nuclear Armageddon, To Millions Of Years Of Radiation Contamination

If they Nazis were after world conquest through false flag attacks, and assassinating democratically elected leaders, they accomplished that also, via their being embedded inside the CIA.

CIA Used To Assassinate Foreign Democratically Elected Leaders And Install US Friendly Dictators

False Flag Attack List; Documented To Be Used At Least 42 Times; Warmongers And CIA Uses Them To Routinely Start Wars, Military Industrial Complex Is Addicted To The Huge No Bid War Profits
If the Nazis were after taking over a country via Fascism, they accomplished that goal as well, via the CIA takeover of just about all mass media.

PhD Journalist Reports On Operation Mockingbird; Congressional Hearing Confirms CIA Controls The Mass Media News

How To Spot A Sociopath Or Psychopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job; via A Green Road
If the Nazis were after installing Fascism globally, they did that too, via a global corporate take over via 'free trade' agreements

How NAFTA And Free Trade Agreements Like TPP Create Poverty In Countries All Around The World, As Well As Illegal Immigration Into The US

If the Nazi Fascists goal was military global domination, they succeeded in that as well, by installing 1,000 US military bases to enforce the corporate Facist dictatorship.

1,000 US Foreign Military Bases In Foreign Countries - 2 Trillion Dollars And Rising Cost, What Are They For, Now That The Cold War Is Over?
If the Nazi Fascists goal was spreading it's tentacles into all countries via TPP and similar secret agreements where only corporations are allowed in, and the goal is to further enrich the corporate Fascist 1 percent at the top, while impoverishing the 99 percent, they have succeeded.

Secret Trans Pacific Partnership TPP Approved - Overrides US Sovereignty, US Laws, Environmental Protections, Will Send Millions More US Jobs Overseas To Communist Vietnam

If the Nazi Fascists goal was huge pro nuclear marketers being embedded in all nuclear agencies, schools and colleges, so that they could cover up radiation dangers, harm caused by accidents and teach hormesis theory around nuclear technology, they have succeeded.

Dr. Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Oxford University Promotes Hormesis Theory, Same As Galen Winsor And Dr. Yamashita MD

NISA, IAEA, WHO, Plus Pro Nuclear Government Agencies, Politicians Plus Universities Covering Up And Minimizing Negative Effects From Nuclear Accidents

If the Nazi Fascists goal was combining forces with Communism and getting even richer that way, they accomplished their goal.

Communist China Winning Trade, Resource, Renewables, Job And Influence War Against USA, Without A Shot Being Fired; Why Is US Losing Millions Of High Paying Union Jobs To Former Worst Enemy?
Bottom line, did the Nazi Fascists 'lose', or did they manage to 'win' in a creative, secretive, underhanded manner?

NISA, IAEA, WHO, Plus Pro Nuclear Government Agencies, Politicians Plus Universities Covering Up And Minimizing Negative Effects From Nuclear Accidents, While Promoting Hormesis Theory That Poison Is Good For Everyone


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Hitler's Nuclear Pile; He Would Have Had Nuclear Bomb Except For One Man; Could Hitler Have Won World War II By Dropping Atom Bombs On US, UK And Russian Cities? Did Corporate Fascists Actually Win?

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