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Greenwashing, Fake Or Toxic Goods Being Sold? ORMUS, ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) Super Conducting Miracle Cure With Healing Powers, Or Quack "Cure"? Cleopatra's Milk, Liquid Chi, Prime Enzymes, Zenergy, Sola, Mountain Manna, C-Gro


The world is full of people selling fake plus toxic goods, and greenwashing is very common. 

Ann Coulter, Forbes, Conca, Corbett Report All Agree; More Heavy Metal Radioactive Poison Is Good For You, Mass Media And Pro Nuclear Industry Hormesis Theory Promoting Propaganda All Agree

SARI Wants NRC To Raise Civilian Radiation Limits To 500% More Than Radiation Workers Are Limited To, Using Hormesis Theory, Via Mark Miller, Ed Calabrese, Carol Marcus

Fake Greenwashing; Fake 'Green' Products, Fake News, Fake Services And Industries; Misleading Half Truths, Public Manipulations, Corporate Deceptions, Mass Media Fakery And Propaganda, Monopoly Spin Machinations Via 1 Percent Monopolies
Let's dive into just one product, for which a cotton farmer inventor claims it has miraculous healing powers and superconductivity at room temperatures. Something that good should get the inventor a Nobel prize, plus solve all of our energy transmission problems as well. 


"Ormus, also known as ORMEs, m-state elements, white powder gold, or the Philosopher's Stone, was discovered in 1975 by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson. He discovered some material in his soil that he had never seen before. He laid it out to dry in the hot Arizona sun so he could have it analyzed. What happened next was absolutely remarkable: the stuff exploded in a big flash of light and disappeared! But when he dried it without the use of sunlight it didn't disappear. Hudson then went to a specialist at the University of Iowa. They conducted several experiments and once again produced the most amazing results. The material expressions of the stuff magically changed depending on the degree of warming or cooling they subjected it to. Among these forms were a white powder but also glass. Elements such as iron spontaneously disappeared or morphed into other elements. The material also changed weight, particularly when exposed to air.

If magic material is found in soil in a hot sun filled state like Arizona, where sun is a common every day thing, why didn't this magical substance spontaneously combust in a huge flash of light, all by itself? How can an element like iron disappear completely or change in weight when exposed to air? Doesn't this violate all known laws of chemistry and physics?

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof, wouldn't you agree? 


Mercury is claimed by the above information source as one of the 'healing' elements, and part of 'Ormus' minerals that have magical healing alchemical properties. NN advocates for taking as much mercury as possible; see the quote below...

"Hudson refers to Ormus as 'the light of life' and 'the Spirit'. He claims it not only makes us more spiritual but that it's capable of correcting DNA too. Now think of the experiments the alchemists carried out in which they tried to change metals into gold and made a white powder out of gold.

NATURAL NEWS: "In short, expose yourself to as much Ormus as possible. These are the known Ormus elements:

* Cobalt * Nickel * Copper * Ruthenium * Rhodium* Palladium* Silver* Osmium* Iridium* Platinum* Gold * Mercury
A person cannot get 'spiritual', correct DNA defects, DNA defect caused diseases, or become enlightened by eating or drinking mercury, or other toxic heavy metals, even if it is part of Ormus. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal POISON, just like LEAD. The alchemists tried to change lead into gold via their magic incantations, but failed. Trying to change mercury poison into a health giving mineral is also doomed to failure, just like the hormesis theory promoters trying to portray poisonous heavy metal radioactive elements as being good for health are doomed to fail. Beware of fake news and fake news sites.


Mercury Heavy Metal Poisoning; Disease, Paralysis And Death - Flourescent Lamps, Dental Amalgam, Fish, Vaccines, Cosmetics, Medication, Signs And Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Chelation, Reversal

Ann Coulter, Forbes, Conca, Corbett Report All Agree; More Heavy Metal Radioactive Poison Is Good For You, Mass Media And Pro Nuclear Industry Hormesis Theory Promoting Propaganda All Agree


Who do you trust to give you fair and balanced news that you can rely on? 

NATURALNEWS: "I think this all explains why nearly 90% of Natural News readers supported Donald Trump in the election. If you like my own efforts to expose Monsanto, reveal the medical crimes of the CDC and unveil the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the food supply, you'll love what Donald Trump is about to accomplish over the next four years. It's all about achieving real justice for the People, reforming government to shrink its size and protect individual liberty, and halting the deliberate damage to America that was being caused by Barack Obama, a clever, anti-American radical who took office in 2008 with a plan for the step-by-step destruction of this nation. My advice in all this? Give Donald Trump some breathing room to get things done, and you'll be astonished what he accomplishes in just the first two years of office. This man is a good man who deserves our support and our goodwill. He can truly put America back on the path of greatness, and he is driven by compassion for fellow Americans, not greed or power like Hillary Clinton.

According to NN, Trump will bust up the big monopolies and represent the 99 percent. Really? A racist, sexist, bigoted, fear and hate mongering billionaire who is stacking his staff with other billionaires is going to take on billionaires and huge corporations?

Trumpitis Is Spreading Via Political Pathology; Disease Is Very Infectious And Virulent, Resulting in Increasing Acts Of Hatitis Crimes, Random Acts Of Racismosis, And Breakout Of Pustulent Bigotritis Plus Fearolosis, Fake News Plague

NATURALNEWS: "The political Left has long dominated news media, the entertainment industry and academia, and with so few companies controlling most all that we see, hear, learn and experience, that amounts to a virtual monopoly. Given his choice to head up the antitrust division of a Trump Justice Department, it doesn’t seem like the president-elect has much use for such a monopolistic business environment. The good news is, busting up or preventing the formation of media monopolies will only help the country, because once Americans have all the information surrounding the issues – not just a slanted, one-sided view – they can be trusted to make choices and decisions that are best for the country.

The corporate mass media got Trump elected by giving him BILLIONS of dollars worth of free coverage, while Sanders got almost no coverage, despite filling stadiums with people. Now how is that extensive coverage of an extremely right wing white supremacist and ignoring a left wing candidate a 'Left' media conspiracy? Maybe this media conspiracy is exactly  the opposite of what NN claims....

Fake News, Breitbart, Fox News And Mass Media Analyzed; What Is Their Journalistic Ethic, Purpose, Hidden Agenda, Motivation And Mission? Andrew Breitbart Confesses He Is A Fraud, Propaganda, Hoax, Satire, Fact, Truth Differences

NATURALNEWS: By demanding a dismantling of the Electoral College, what liberals are saying is, “We are intolerant, narrow-minded bigots who seek to rule over everyone else.” They want the only votes that count to be their own votes, and they seek to nullify the votes of rural America. In effect, the liberal approach to winning elections is to simply make more babies and out-populate the rural voters who tend to be far more self-reliant, adaptable and capable than typical city populations. An America run via popular vote instead of the Electoral College might as well just be called Idiocracy.

It turns out that the Republicans benefit 100 percent of the time due to Electoral College results, and NEVER Democrats. Does that sound fair? If Electoral Colleges are so good, why not implement a minority rule in all state, county and city elections, as well as board rooms, and HOA's, plus small community groups and clubs? Let the minority win every time, instead of the majority. Before the election, Trump was fighting the Electoral College system. But now that he benefitted from it, he is supporting it, 110 percent. Got duplicity and despotism? 

The Corrupt And Undemocratic Electoral College Process, Controlled And Rigged By Only 2 Political Parties, Locking Out All Others And Subverting The Will Of The Majority Vote, Only In Favor Of Republicans

Now let's tackle Ormus in more depth.


Wikipedia; "ORMUS, also called ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) and m-state materials, is a fictitious group of substances exhibiting many miraculous properties, such as healing powers and superconductivity at room temperature. They were supposedly discovered in 1975 by David Hudson, a cotton farmer from Arizona.


Chemically, ORMUS is supposed to be precious metals (gold, platinum, iridium, etc.) in an exotic state of matter, where the metals do not form any bonds or crystals but exist as separate single atoms. At the same time, it is supposedly the material that the soul (or the life force) of all organisms is made of, an "essence of life". When mixed with water, "it forms a gelatinous suspension that looks just like semen."[1]

Here's a selection of what ORMUS can supposedly do:[1][2]
  1. Cure all forms of disease, including cancer and AIDS
  2. Correct errors in the DNA
  3. Act as a superconductor 
  4. Emit gamma radiation
  5. Partially levitate in the Earth's magnetic field 
  6. Read a person's mind
  7. Have a "weigh-ability" different from mass, which probably means an inertial mass different from the gravitational mass 
  8. Be fused into a transparent glass 
  9. Act as a flash powder, causing "explosions of light" 
  10. Make severed cat tails grow back[3]
  11. White gold is food of the gods, take 1.5 grams dose, don't need to eat any other food
  12. Ascend to God, talk with ancestors
  13. Enlightenment
  14. Live for 800 to 1000 years, quit aging
  15. Read minds of people
  16. Don't eat food any longer, just a little water once in awhile, maintenance dose 6 months
  17. All of this is available for 'financial $500 membership', raised 2.5 million in 8 months, now needs more to 'finish' research and make 'standards' and get ready to produce 'product'
  18. 1.5 grams Ormus has lethal dose of aluminum according to doctors, won't let patients take it
  19. Only 'members' can get in line for 'elixir' of Gods, to live forever and go to Heaven
  20. Inventor is not taking any of this stuff he is selling and getting rich off of
  21. Will only allow Ormus to be taken in hospital under medical supervision
  22. People will be able to appear and disappear at will
  23. You will be like an angel, but there will be dark and light angels and devils after taking it
  24. You will be able to bylocate
  25. Can make lead into gold, using forced gamma ray process, changes to platinum isotope in 24 hours
  26. Inventor is only person who knows how to make it, no one else does
Hudson reportedly spent "over five million dollars" to obtain his samples of ORMUS. He also claims that ORMUS was a subject of research in several national laboratories in the U.S. In 1989, he managed to get a British patent on his invention, which ran out in 1993.[4]


Despite being surprisingly literate in scientific jargon, Hudson is definitely not a scientist. Most of the time, he is babbling incoherently and not even wrong or teaching a disfigured version of a high school chemistry curriculum. At the few times when he does get coherent, there are glaring mistakes. 

Here are some of them: 

He refers to legitimate scientific publications in the field of nuclear chemistry about deformed and superdeformed nuclei, without realizing that these papers talk about excited nuclear states which can only be observed in particle accelerators at extremely short timescales. Separating any macroscopic amount of them is impossible, because they completely decay within microseconds from their formation.[1]

He claims that gold forms a free, uncomplexed hydride — a chemical impossibility; that HAu is different from AuH — even though the order of elements in a summary formula is only customary and does not contain any chemical information; and that chloroauric acid HAuCl4 can be directly reduced to gold hydride — also an impossibility.[1]

He says that gold is similar to alkali metals in that it has one electron on the s subshell of the outermost electron shell and because of this "wants to go to two electrons or it wants no electrons", and therefore regular metallic gold is "diatomic" with the formula Au2, with an ionic bond between the atoms.[1][5] This shows a complete lack of understanding of the nature of chemical bonding in metals. If his theory was true, gold would have a much lower melting temperature and would not be malleable or ductile. 

He believes that aqueous solutions of salts of precious metals, such as rhodium(III) chloride RhCl3, contain clusters of Rh15Cl45, Rh13Cl39 etc.[5]Chemistry says those solutions contain chloride ions Cl- and various complexes of rhodium ions, including RhCl3(H2O)3, [RhCl2(H2O)4]+ and [RhCl(H2O)5]2+. Additionally, he believes that dissolving gold in aqua regia[wp] yields gold chloride in the form of clusters like Au12Cl36. Actual chemistry says that gold in the resulting solution exists in the form of tetrachloroaurate, AuCl4-, which does not form any clusters. 

Hudson's UK patent for his "discovery" presents IR spectra as evidence of "electron pairing within the atom".[5] Aside from the concept being absurd, he uses the wrong spectra, as infrared wavelengths correspond to the energy of chemical bond vibrations (i.e., electron pairings between atoms). Electron shell changes would be visible in the UV or visible spectrum. 

He repeatedly says that "there is 1018 ergs in one gauss".[1] Ergs and gausses are units of different quantities. Erg is a unit of energy equal to 100 nanojoules, while gauss is a unit of magnetic flux density equal to 100 microteslas. As such, the statement makes absolutely no sense. He also mentions that the Earth's magnetic field is "several gauss", whereas in fact it is less than 1 gauss. 

He apparently postulates the existence of materials with different inertial and gravitational masses, such as materials that fall to the Earth slowly, but are hard to push around. This is ruled out by Einstein's theory of general relativity.[1]

He claims that yttrium barium copper oxide[wp] (YBCO), the first discovered high-temperature superconductor, is superconducting because copper contained in it "goes into a high spin state",[1] a physical impossibility. Chemical bonds have energies of a few electron volts, while high spin nuclear states have energies of at least hundreds of kiloelectronvolts. 

He states that "superconductors are in your body now". This could certainly be detected by a SQUID[wp] magnetometer, but it is not. 

He postulates that precious metals have important biological functions, and their loss from the body over time is the cause of aging. In reality, precious metals have no biological function. 

He even misspells a lot, in a comical way: cisplatin[wp] becomes Sys-Platinum, carboplatin[wp] becomes Carbono-Platinum, perovskite[wp] becomes Percovite,[1] and Büchner funnel[wp] becomes Butiner funnel.[2]


Hudson's patented procedures definitely do not work, because it would be at odds with the known chemical behavior of gold under those conditions. The result is a worthless salt that has none of the claimed properties. Since gold is expensive, the used chemicals are corrosive and the fumes released during repeated boiling toxic, attempting those procedures is a good way to waste money and/or injure yourself. 

The countless alternative procedures of obtaining ORMUS also do not work — a material with superconductive properties occurring abundantly in nature would be very easy to detect, yet no such kind of material is known to modern science.

The concept is highly exploitable by quacks, who sell a wide variety of ORMUS preparations under names such as Cleopatra's Milk, Liquid Chi, Prime Enzymes, Zenergy, Sola, Mountain Manna, C-Gro, etc. intended for human consumption as well as in agriculture. They definitely do not contain any gold or other precious metals....

ORMUS enthusiasts invented countless even more outrageous theories, linking ORMUS to everything: pyramids, dead people's souls,[6] Bose-Einstein condensate, biblical manna — you name it.[7] The variety of magical powers ascribed to ORMUS was also expanded. As a side note, the notably crazy David Icke thinks highly of the powers of monoatomic gold.[8]


Cancer - The Forbidden Cures; How The Modern Medical Monopoly Suppresses Natural Solutions, Censors The Truth And Does Not Allow Free Choice Inside The Medical Industrial Complex

False Science Is Official Science, Everyone Else Is Wrong, There Can Be No Debate/Disagreement, Because Anyone Disagreeing With Hormesis Theory Is A Conspiracy Theorist Or Quack

Dr. Wilhelm Reich MD And Nicolas Tesla; Life Energy, Oranur and Orgone Energy Nuclear Radiation Neutralizing Experiment

Nikola Tesla - Free Energy Wardenclyffe Tower Wireless Energy Demonstration Project, Wireless Communication Through Earth, Rain Making Machine

[PBS] The Mystery of Chi Energy, Known As The Life Force, Used In Chinese Healing System - Bill Moyers - Communist China Has More Freedom Of Choice In Healthcare Than America Does; Why Is That?

Kirlian Cameras Can See Auras/Emotions, Invisible Energy Fields And How Conscious Intent Can Influence Our Environment Or World


Enzymes and organic minerals found in whole organic foods are great for maintaining or returning a person to health. Sea salt from pure unpolluted sources is great, as it contains trace minerals. But what is even better are sea vegetables which concentrate these trace minerals and reverse their atomic spin into a form that the body loves and thrives on.

On the other hand, isolated and fractionated man made earth heavy metals, chemicals/minerals can easily do harm as the body does not know what to do with them. A few or just one mineral such as gold, mercury or iron taken in excess can easily become toxic as the body becomes overwhelmed. All patent medications are single manmade chemical elements, which act like minerals, and they ALL have toxic, negative side effects. All man made chemical lab produced patent medications either suppress the absorption of other minerals or drag other minerals out of the body at an accelerated rate, guaranteed. Single minerals taken in high doses will act like patent drugs. BEWARE!

"Jim" and Don's stories speak of verified heavy metal toxicities caused by ingestion of ormes made from metal. Don attributes his aged appearance to radiation exposure that caused all the ingested metallic ormes to convert to metal, thus giving him heavy metal poisoning on top of the radiation poisoning. Not a very credible story.

Censored, Top Secret Whistle Blowing Project; Art And Science Of Deception, Global Corporations, ALEC, TPP, CIA, Journalism, The 1%, Whistleblowers, Voting, Elections, Solutions

Lithium is just one mineral that is used by medical doctors as a medicine, but the effective dose is right below a toxic, life threatening dose. Under a doctor's care and with constant monitoring, taking one mineral like this in isolation may be useful, but taking isolated minerals for a long period with no supervision or testing is definitely ill advised. Any single mineral taken for a long period can and will cause problems eventually as it fills a hole, and then creates a pile of excess, which becomes toxic. If minerals are processed, then the problems multiple, because the body does not recognize artificial man created lab produced substances as food, and the body is more easily overwhelmed. 

There are natural health modalities that work, and they may be worth exploring. There is little danger in exploring healing via WHOLE health promoting herbs, whole organic foods and pure mineral filled glacier water for example. Remember that anything taken in excess can cause harm, even pure water. Optimum health is all about being in balance and harmony with Nature. 

The Natural Green Medicine Project; Natural Green Medicine, Health, Self Healing Experiential Modalities


True science is all about replicating experiments. If all of the above claims are true, then anyone can duplicate them by making their own Ormus and subjecting that precipitate to sunlight, and then watching it disappear in a flash of light, correct? Plus, all of the other claims would be easy to prove as well. Try it out for yourself. See if any of the claims are true.

Simple Ormus-Making Recipe

Notice that this recipe uses sea salt, not toxic heavy metal mercury, gold, etc. There are other recipes out there using Gold instead of sea salt. Be VERY careful and wear goggles, lab gloves, etc, as lye plus vinegar can react explosively. This recipe has a lot of hazards built into it, so only adults should attempt it. The precipitate is not stable, and is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

What else can you get if you mix lye, water and salt plus a little oil together via the recipe below? WHITE hard soap. Soap can make plants grow faster and it also can be used to make a natural insecticide. Soap is not suggested for ingestion.

Soleseife or Brine/Salt Water Soap Recipe

The question is; if a persons wants healthy fast growing plants, why try to make something labeled as Ormus, when simple organic mineral rich seaweed or straw/horse manure or liquid fish/seaweed emulsion will do the same thing when applied to plants, without all of the money spent, hazards, toxic deadly materials that can poison/harm children or pets, and all of the energy used? 

If a person wants trace minerals, why not just ingest sea salt sprinkled on whole organic foods or ingest some health promoting herbs, or ingest some honey, molasses or other mineral rich foods?

If a person wants more health promoting enzymes, why not eat enzyme rich foods like papaya or pineapple, or ingest things such as fermented foods?

If a person wants to alkalize, why not just take a small amount of diluted ORGANIC apple cider vinegar with mother in it, in a glass of water on a daily basis? This is a plant based material, as opposed to the chemical LYE based alkalizing Ormus formula above. Anything that alkalizes the body will improve health, but natural plant sources are always best, compared to potentially toxic chemicals such as lye, baking soda, etc.

There are no shortcuts on the spiritual or optimum health path. A person cannot ingest gold, mercury, radioactive heavy metal poisons, lab created 'Ormus' or dirt and become enlightened.


This is the second part of a two part exposé about ORMUS. In this episode I am talking to accomplished cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer Joe de Kadt that has directed a documentary on ORMUS called All the gold you can eat. Check out the film here:

In this audio segment, he explains that there are lots of people making lots of claims about Ormus, but almost no one seems to give all of the specifics about who can verify the claims and where the evidence or data for those claims is. Science is all about evidence and data, plus PROOF. When there is no data, no evidence, no PROOF, then what is left? 


The inventor of Ormus admits that this chemical should not be used for cancer or any other disease, in a medical way, in the following video segment. 

He then claims that ORMUS has transmuting spiritual properties. Really? He says that for maximum 'benefit', one needs to fast and not eat for ???? time, and then take a massive dose of Gold Ormus.. Those who have fasted and prayed know that all by itself, fasting and praying is a good way to raise vibration and become more spiritual. Jesus fasted for 40 days and became enlightened.

David Hudson | ORMUS Conference Enota

In this video he talks about how some really rich guy likes his research and sent him $300,000. Why is he now raising money from ordinary folks by selling memberships, but no product? What happened to the rich guy, that make Bill Gates look like a cheap chump?

He also reports that people will get plenty of what is in Ormus from a normal, healthy diet, because it is in water, air, food and soil. In other words, just follow the laws of Nature, and you do not need Ormus. In other words, there are plenty of FREE ways to get whatever is in Ormus via natural routes, that cost nothing.

However, there are magical plants with transmutation properties that if they are ingested, they will produce paradigm shifting spiritual experiences, guaranteed. Enlightenment may follow eventually, or if one interprets the experience in a certain way, maybe even instantly. Why mess with Ormus, when consciousness altering fasting, prayer and/or plants such as magic mushrooms exist? Of course, the Big Pharma medical industrial monopoly has made all of these 'magic' substances illegal, because they want total absolute control of altering consciousness, pain relief and any medical anything around dis-eases.

Why take Ormus for health issues, when the inventor himself said it does not work for that purpose and specifically warns against using it for that purpose?

Maybe Ormus has some special properties, but just like rocket fuel and radioactive spent fuel, that does not mean it is good for human beings via ingestion. If this inventor is willing to do many years of human trials and double blind studies and go public with those in a transparent manner, then maybe yes, but it sure sounds like he did all of this and the news came back from these studies that Ormus DID NOT WORK for health conditions.


Two recently published studies revealed that a single moderate-to-large dose of psilocybin has the ability to provide significant and long-lasting relief from overwhelming distress. In fact, of 29 cancer patients who received psilocybin in a trial conducted at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, 20 rated it as “among the most meaningful” events of their life.

“This drug saved my life and changed my life,” explained Dinah Bazer, who was given a single dose of psilocybin at a New York treatment center in 2011.

Dr. George Greer, medical director of the Heffter Research Institute, the nonprofit organization that funded the two trials, called the results “groundbreaking.”

Bottom line, keep it simple, whole, organic and natural. Practice natural methods that are in harmony with Nature and her laws. It is very hard to go wrong if one stays with this simple yet powerful truth.

Beware of anyone trying to sell expensive 'secret' alchemy mixtures, and promising to turn lead into gold. Especially beware of those claiming that toxic heavy metal radioactive poisons are 'cures' for anything, or are good for health.

Ann Coulter, Forbes, Conca, Corbett Report All Agree; More Heavy Metal Radioactive Poison Is Good For You, Mass Media And Pro Nuclear Industry Hormesis Theory Promoting Propaganda All Agree

Greenwashing, Fake Or Toxic Goods Being Sold? ORMUS, ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) Super Conducting Miracle Cure With Healing Powers, Or Quack "Cure"? Cleopatra's Milk, Liquid Chi, Prime Enzymes, Zenergy, Sola, Mountain Manna, C-Gro

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