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27 Emotion/Logic Traps That Many People Get Stuck In - Catch 22 - How To Get Unstuck And Flow In The Age Of Transformation, Learn To Feed Your Archetypal Catch-22 Mental Limitations, Fears, Anger, Other Negative Emotions, Into The Fires Of Transmutation Within, Go On A Hero's Journey


In this article, we explore the various simple and logical Catch 22 definitions. Then we go deeper into the emotional Catch 22 traps, and we end with the religious, scientific, military, political and other Catch22 logic and emotion traps. We end the article by going deeper, revealing the way out of these traps, with a surprise ending. 

"That's some catch, that Catch-22," he observed.
"It's the best there is," Doc Daneeka agreed.


Catch 22 – Joseph Heller – Rebel Voice
When any member of a flight crew approaches the squadron doctor with a view to being excused from duty, they are faced with the military-invented paradox known as Catch 22. They find that the only way to avoid duty, short of very serious injury or death, is to be declared insane. Unfortunately, if a pilot claims to be too crazy to fly, then his protestations are ignored as, apparently, only a sane person would recognize such craziness. An insane person does not know that they’re insane and so will continue to fly. A sane person will not want to fly but must, because they are not insane. Confused? Yossarian is, and very frustrated. There seems to be no safe way out.

The term Catch 22 is used a lot in this novel to describe many contradictory positions. It’s a manufactured descriptor used liberally by the military to prevent it’s troops from finding a way out of active service. It doesn’t have one firm definition and variants appear throughout. A good example for today is “I can only get a job if I have relevant experience but I can only get relevant experience if I have a job”.

Originally the book was going to be called Catch 18, but a novel by Leon Uris, Mila 18 was out at that time. Catch 11 was mooted but Ocean’s Eleven was released then also. It was Joseph Heller‘s agent who eventually came up with the number final title of Catch 22. It’s amazing to think that a term now in common usage was coined in such a casual manner.


Trump promised many things, but then delivered the opposite. Catch 22

Catch 22 - Nuclear High Technology Plus Safety Assurances Offer Only Lies, False Promises, Empty Guarantees And Deceptions, Lying Liars Can Only Lie More And Bigger - Auguries of Innocence Poetry

Medical Industrial Big Pharma Complex; How Big And Bad Is The Fraud, Deception And Catch 22 Death Count Due To Greed, Corruption And Lack Of Conscience? Medical Hormesis Theory Does Not Work, Genocidal 2.5 Million Deaths/10 Yrs Due to Medical Errors

Mass Media News Anchors Interviewing People Who Are Against The 1%, Use NLP, Disruption And Accusation Against Them, Causing Catch 22 - Mass Media Almost Never Airs Anything That Is Against The Absolute Corporate Takeover Of Everything


Wikipedia; "A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules.[1][2] The term was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22.

An example is:"How am I supposed to gain experience [to find a good job] if I'm constantly turned down for not having any?"[3]

Catch-22s often result from rules, regulations, or procedures that an individual is subject to but has no control over because to fight the rule is to accept it. Another example is a situation in which someone is in need of something that can only be had by not being in need of it (e.g a bank will never issue someone a loan if they need the money). One connotation of the term is that the creators of the "catch-22" situation have created arbitrary rules in order to justify and conceal their own abuse of power.

Origin and meaning

Joseph Heller coined the term in his 1961 novel Catch-22, which describes absurd bureaucratic constraints on soldiers in World War II. The term is introduced by the character Doc Daneeka, an army psychiatrist who invokes "Catch 22" to explain why any pilot requesting mental evaluation for insanity—hoping to be found not sane enough to fly and thereby escape dangerous missions—demonstrates his own sanity in creating the request and thus cannot be declared insane. This phrase also means a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.[4]

"You mean there's a catch?"

"Sure there's a catch," Doc Daneeka replied. "Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn't really crazy."

There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane, he had to fly them. If he flew them, he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to, he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.

Different formulations of "Catch-22" appear throughout the novel. The term is applied to various loopholes and quirks of the military system, always with the implication that rules are inaccessible to and slanted against those lower in the hierarchy. In chapter 6, Yossarian is told that Catch-22 requires him to do anything his commanding officer tells him to do, regardless of whether these orders contradict orders from the officer's superiors.[5]

In a final episode, Catch-22 is described to Yossarian by an old woman recounting an act of violence by soldiers:[6][7]

"Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Yossarian shouted at her in bewildered, furious protest. "How did you know it was Catch-22? Who the hell told you it was Catch-22?"

"The soldiers with the hard white hats and clubs. The girls were crying. 'Did we do anything wrong?' they said. The men said no and pushed them away out the door with the ends of their clubs. 'Then why are you chasing us out?' the girls said. 'Catch 22,' the men said. All they kept saying was 'Catch-22, Catch-22. What does it mean, Catch 22? What is Catch-22?"

"Didn't they show it to you?" Yossarian demanded, stamping about in anger and distress. "Didn't you even make them read it?"

"They don't have to show us Catch-22," the old woman answered. "The law says they don't have to."

"What law says they don't have to?"


According to literature professor Ian Gregson, the old woman's narrative defines "Catch-22" more directly as the "brutal operation of power", stripping away the "bogus sophistication" of the earlier scenarios.[8]

Other appearances in the novel

Besides referring to an unsolvable logical dilemma, Catch-22 is invoked to explain or justify the military bureaucracy. For example, in the first chapter, it requires Yossarian to sign his name to letters that he censors while he is confined to a hospital bed. One clause mentioned in chapter 10 closes a loophole in promotions, which one private had been exploiting to reattain the attractive rank of Private First Class after any promotion. Through courts-martial for going AWOL, he would be busted in rank back to private, but Catch-22 limited the number of times he could do this before being sent to the stockade.

At another point in the book, a prostitute explains to Yossarian that she cannot marry him because he is crazy, and she will never marry a crazy man. She considers any man crazy who would marry a woman who is not a virgin. This closed logic loop clearly illustrated Catch-22 because by her logic, all men who refuse to marry her are sane and thus she would consider marriage; but as soon as a man agrees to marry her, he becomes crazy for wanting to marry a non-virgin, and is instantly rejected. Yet her belief is not actually a logical fallacy. Just because she considers all men who would marry her, a damaged woman with no virtue, insane, she does not say that all men who don't want to marry her are sane.

At one point, Captain Black attempts to press Milo into depriving Major Major of food as a consequence of not signing a loyalty oath that Major Major was never given an opportunity to sign in the first place. Captain Black asks Milo, "You're not against Catch-22, are you?"

In chapter 40, Catch-22 forces Colonels Korn and Cathcart to promote Yossarian to Major and ground him rather than simply sending him home. They fear that if they do not, others will refuse to fly, just as Yossarian did.

Significance of the number 22

Heller originally wanted to call the phrase (and hence, the book) by other numbers, but he and his publishers eventually settled on 22. The number has no particular significance; it was chosen more or less for euphony. The title was originally Catch-18, but Heller changed it after the popular Mila 18 was published a short time beforehand.[9][10]


The term "catch-22" has filtered into common usage in the English language.[2] In a 1975 interview, Heller said the term would not translate well into other languages.[10]

James E. Combs and Dan D. Nimmo suggest that the idea of a "catch-22" has gained popular currency because so many people in modern society are exposed to frustrating bureaucratic logic. They write:

Everyone, then, who deals with organizations understands the bureaucratic logic of Catch-22. In high school or college, for example, students can participate in student government, a form of self-government and democracy that allows them to decide whatever they want, just so long as the principal or dean of students approves. This bogus democracy that can be overruled by arbitrary fiat is perhaps a citizen's first encounter with organizations that may profess 'open' and libertarian values, but in fact are closed and hierarchical systems. Catch-22 is an organizational assumption, an unwritten law of informal power that exempts the organization from responsibility and accountability, and puts the individual in the absurd position of being excepted for the convenience or unknown purposes of the organization.[7]

Along with George Orwell's "doublethink", "Catch-22" has become one of the best-recognized ways to describe the predicament of being trapped by contradictory rules.[11]

A significant type of definition of alternative medicine has been termed a catch-22. In a 1998 editorial co-authored by Marcia Angell, a former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, argued that:

"It is time for the scientific community to stop giving alternative medicine a free ride. There cannot be two kinds of medicine – conventional and alternative. There is only medicine that has been adequately tested and medicine that has not, medicine that works and medicine that may or may not work. Once a treatment has been tested rigorously, it no longer matters whether it was considered alternative at the outset. If it is found to be reasonably safe and effective, it will be accepted. But assertions, speculation, and testimonials do not substitute for evidence. Alternative treatments should be subjected to scientific testing no less rigorous than that required for conventional treatments."[12]

This definition has been described by Robert L. Park as a logical catch-22 which ensures that any Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) method which is proven to work "would no longer be CAM, it would simply be medicine."[13]


The archetypal catch-22, as formulated by Heller, involves the case of John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces bombardier, who wishes to be grounded from combat flight. This will only happen if he is evaluated by the squadron's flight surgeon and found "unfit to fly". "Unfit" would be any pilot who is willing to fly such dangerous missions, as one would have to be mad to volunteer for possible death. However, to be evaluated, he must request the evaluation, an act that is considered sufficient proof for being declared sane. These conditions make it impossible to be declared "unfit".

The "Catch-22" is that "anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn't really crazy".[14] Hence, pilots who request a mental fitness evaluation are sane, and therefore must fly in combat. At the same time, if an evaluation is not requested by the pilot, he will never receive one and thus can never be found insane, meaning he must also fly in combat.

Therefore, Catch-22 ensures that no pilot can ever be grounded for being insane even if he is.


A logical formulation of this situation is:
1. {\displaystyle (E\rightarrow (I\land R))} For a person to be excused from flying (E) on the grounds of insanity, they must both be insane (I) and have requested an evaluation (R). (premise)
2. {\displaystyle (I\rightarrow \neg R)} An insane person (I) does not request an evaluation (¬R) because they do not realize they are insane. (premise)
3. {\displaystyle (\neg I\lor \neg R)} Either a person is not insane (¬I) or does not request an evaluation (¬R). (2. and material implication)
4. {\displaystyle (\neg (I\land R))} No person can be both insane (I) and request an evaluation (R). (3. and De Morgan's laws)
5. {\displaystyle (\neg E)} Therefore, no person can be excused from flying (¬E) because no person can be both insane and have requested an evaluation. (4., 1. and modus tollens)

The philosopher Laurence Goldstein argues that the "airman's dilemma" is logically not even a condition that is true under no circumstances; it is a "vacuous biconditional" that is ultimately meaningless. Goldstein writes:[15]

The catch is this: what looks like a statement of the conditions under which an airman can be excused flying dangerous missions reduces not to the statement(i) 'An airman can be excused flying dangerous missions if and only if Cont' (where 'Cont' is a contradiction)

(which could be a mean way of disguising an unpleasant truth), but to the worthlessly empty announcement(ii) 'An airman can be excused flying dangerous missions if and only if it is not the case that an airman can be excused flying dangerous missions'

If the catch were (i), that would not be so bad—an airman would at least be able to discover that under no circumstances could he avoid combat duty. But Catch-22 is worse—a welter of words that amounts to nothing; it is without content, it conveys no information at all.

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Status Quo And Normalcy Bias; The Choice Is Supporting The Existing Faux Reality Or Bringing In And Supporting A New And Sustainable One, But That Means The Old Faux Reality Has To Die, Fade Away


It is fairly easy to fall into a logic trap such as:

  1. straw man
  2. ad hominem attack
  3. zero sum game
  4. denial, 
  5. projection, 
  6. appeal to authority, 
  7. vague generality
  8. circular reasoning
  9. the way things are now is how they will be forever, 
  10. alternative facts, 
  11. one time events rather than process, 
  12. us versus them, 
  13. correlation does not mean causation
  14. one dimensional linear thinking
  15. ego based thinking
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#Humanity Is #Transcending Out Of A #ZeroSum #Ego Based #Game, #Evolving Into The #NonZeroSum #Heart, This Is The Age Of #Transformation, A #Global #Village Way Of Living Is New #Reality, A New #Dawn Of #Awakening

One Dimensional Thinking Compared To Two Dimensional, Three Dimensional, Multi Dimensional Thinking; Great Awareness, Imagination, Intuition, Curiosity, Compassion, Empathy, Questioning, Love, Evolution, Growth And Expanding Consciousness


Science can be a logic 'trap', despite it representing the search for truth, meaning via evidence and objective impartial 'facts', which can be replicated by others.

vertigopull a human body was made 'imperfect' on purpose so we don't last -- highly destructive as we are. Of course, science enables us to discover the principles of how the universe operates -- so, science is but a human effort to decipher God's creation and His laws. Science is a noble pursuit for it focuses on God's majestic works. If you knew everything under the stars but were emotionally empty or deeply troubled your whole life would be meaningless -- all your technological advances pointless! That's how priceless human soul , i.e. all of us individually are!

"Your" science can't explain such phenomena as love, happiness, truth, kindness, sacrifice, compassion, humor .. or hatred and cruelty. Science has no hold over human soul -- but just because something is invisible to our eyes or undetected by our senses doesn't mean it's nonexistent. On the contrary, only our souls are indestructible i.e. eternal by default.

Human bodies are perfect in their imperfection , i.e.e given the confines of time, space and matter in which they are cast. But our personalities, our true selves, will last forever. As the poet sublimely has put is "" and when all the stars burn away (the universe) she'll be there (his loved one) "". Spiritual world transcends the material one. Mind over matter! Or, first there was a word (logos or idea)... Just think of it-- what enables you to understand the material world and control it are ideas and that's how philosophy operates."

Science is easily perverted and corrupted by the influence of profits, greed, power and ego. Everyone wants to be right and hates to be wrong. So if a company or industry has a 'pet' theory that will make huge profits for them, then it will be 'right' no matter what anyone else says, and it can even be completely wrong, completely the opposite of what true unbiased science would find to be true. 

In 2015, Dr. Mercola reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regularly reviews scientific literature and finds corruption, but does nothing about it!

The FDA reviews several hundred clinical trial locations that conduct research on human participants each year in order to be sure they’re engaging in good clinical practice. But what happens when they find evidence of questionable procedures or practices?

In the most serious of cases, the FDA can classify it as “official action indicated,” or OAI. This is reserved for “severe” forms of clinical trial violations, including “objectionable conditions or practices” that warrant compulsory regulatory action, as opposed to “voluntary action indicated” for lesser violations.”

Now, if a trial had been deemed OAI by the FDA, you might assume that you’d see evidence of that when reading the results of studies based on said data. But that would be a liberal assumption. Researchers conducted a review of FDA inspection reports between 1998 and 2013.

They found 60 clinical trials that had been classified as OAI, and these trials had been used for data in 78 published articles. Out of those 78 studies, only three included mentions of the violations found by the FDA!

And we’re not talking about small, innocent mistakes. The violations included fraud, incompetence, and misconduct. This means that anyone browsing a medical journal might be making decisions based on fraudulent published studies. (Source.)
via GreenMedinfo Public Health SCANDAL: Sugar Industry Hid Science Linking Sugar to

GMO Food Studies; 100% Infertility in 3 Generations, Dr. Mercola Reports, Studies Link GMO Foods To Sterility, Birth Defects, Higher Infant Deaths, Health Problems, Russia Says GMO Foods Are Harmful

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Ann Coulter, Forbes, Conca, Corbett Report, David Icke, Dutchsinse All Agree; Fukushima Disaster Never Happened, And/Or More Heavy Metal Radioactive Poison Is Good For You, Mass Media And Pro Nuclear Industry Hormesis Theory Promoting Propaganda

False Science Is Official Science, Everyone Else Is Wrong, There Can Be No Debate/Disagreement, Because Anyone Disagreeing With Hormesis Theory Is A Conspiracy Theorist Or Quack

Radiophobia - IAEA Blames Victims For Cumulative Radiation Damage And Negative Health Effects; Aren't Claims That Man Made Heavy Metal Poisonous Radiation Are Harmless A Definition Of Hormesis?


A catch 22 logic trap is illustrated by this meme. 

Someone can believe in something that is absolutely untrue and not real, such as a flat earth, or the earth being stationary and all of the other planets revolving around it, or the earth being only a couple thousand years old, or Noahs Ark rescuing all animals on Earth via one small family, on a small wooden ship, etc. 

Because one must believe with a blind faith, a logic trap is created, because proving that any of the things in the holy book as being untrue means that everything one believes is also untrue, so that person must resist the truth, as it would prove their faith is a lie. The net result is a catch 22.

What is messiah complex?
VIDEO https://www.facebook.com/newsbroke/videos/174779376269704/

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Commonality Of All Religions, George Carlin; Mass Delusion, Projection, Need For More Interfaith Communications, Many Religions Have Miracles, Virgin Birth, Resurrection And Armageddon


Some people believe that technology will save humanity, while not believing in anything other than a physical reality. They also believe that hard work and money are the best things in existence, so they pursue getting rich and succeeding above all else, while advocating for technology as a solution for all problems faced by humanity, including robots, nuclear power, and/or 'clean' fossil fuels. 

This combination of riches, taking from others, not paying taxes on what is earned, and a focus on just this physical reality plus technology sometimes leads to a logic trap all by itself, called transhumanism. 

Transhumanism is a strange mixture of libertarian Ayn Rand philosophy, mixed with atheism, worshiping money, plus robots/technology above all else.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Speech About The Three Evils of White American Society; Racism, Militarism And Capitalism - Scientific Power Has Outrun Our Spiritual Power. We Have Guided Missiles And Misguided Men

Ray Kurzweil And Transhumanist Silicone Valley CEO's Believe Singularity 'Life Extension' Prophets In Atheist Evangelical Cult; Live Forever As Cyborg, AI Godlike Artificial Intelligence by 2030, Robot Eugenics, Overcoming Death With Technology

Sex Robots Could Kill Off the Human Race Due To Over Exertion, Performing Better Than Real Women Or Men, On Command And Without Any Commitments Or Children, Perfect Child Robots Coming Soon

#DriverlessCars #SelfDriving #AutomatedVehicles Including Cars, Trucks, Drones, Airplanes And Robots Face Multiple Unexpected And Unsolved Problems, Including Legal Challenges, Financial Issues, Fuel Economy, Job Elimination, Radar EMF Radiation

CIA Secret Global U2 Spy Plane And Robot Drone War, Results In Violation Of Sovereign Nations, Violation of US Citizen's Constitutional Rights, And Violation Of UN Human Rights Agreements; Ten Issues Detailed Around Drone Assassinations/Murders


For hundreds of thousands of years, indigenous tribes lived in harmony with the environment and Nature, while not having any political parties and no mass media, courts, jails, borders, visas, written down laws, or passports. 

After the 'founding fathers' started this republic called America, there were no political parties. US citizens voted for the candidate that best represented their viewpoint.

How many US citizens know that there are actually more than six political parties in America?
VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/reichreport/videos/1741094262569829/

Eventually a number of political parties were formed in order to try and grab a bigger share of power. As these parties fought for control and power, only 2 rose to the top, Democrats and Republicans. 

Dualopoly Political Party Conventions Are Little More Than A Propaganda Outlet Sponsored By the 1 Percent, Prevent Democracy, Squash Third Parties And 99%, Don't Allow Free Speech, Dissent Or Equal Time

These two parties locked out all other parties, because of the continuous and never ending fight for absolute control and power on a political level. A Dualopoly is not healthy for democracy, nor is it the best structure for expressing the will of the voters. A Dualopoly is easily controlled by corporations, and to squelch the viewpoints plus will of the 99 percent. 

The Plague Of American Authoritarianism, By Henry A. Giroux - Rise Of Totalitarianism, Fascism, Nationalism, Militarism, Predatory Capitalism, Fake Science, Alternative Facts Under President Trump

Chris Hedges; 40 Occupy Movement Successes; The Occupiers Melted Away The Barrier Between The Poor And The Middle Class, America Is On The Edge Of Positive Peaceful Revolution Or Disintegration

Jesse Ventura; All Political Parties Need To Be Abolished, Along With Top Two Primary Voting System, Dualopoly Monopoly, 50 Percent Of Americans Identify Themselves As Independent, Rigged Elections In US

In an odd paradox, even liberals are supporting Trump, by resisting and demeaning those who are truly resisting Trump. By being stuck in a logic trap of believing that only Clinton, or only Trump can truly represent everyone, it leads to attacking everyone who thinks otherwise, even if they belong to the same political party.

A divided party cannot rule and usually loses the election, as happened in 2016, when pro Clinton people attacked pro Sanders people, despite being in the same party.

Hatred and fear of 'differences' leads to denial, projection, and suffering. Those who 'purged' and 'rigged' the primary elections because they believed so strongly in Clinton were ultimately responsible for causing Trump to win. 

#Clinton #Rigged 2016 #Primary #Election; #Purged #Democrat #Voters, Cancelled 7 Million Total Votes Via #SuperDelegates, Resulting In #Trump Being Elected; Many #Democrats Believe Rigging Is #FakeNews, Just Like #Republicans And #RussiaGate

Clinton Lost The General Election To Right Wing White Supremacist Trump, Blames Everyone Except For Herself And Support For The 1 Percent/Corporations, Via Projection, Denialism And Delusional Beliefs, Exactly Like Trump

How many of the following boxes did you check off? 

Why US Government Should Not Be Run As A Huge Corporation Business Under President Trump Or Anyone Else; When Only Corporations Exist And Government By The People Disappears, You Have Fascism, Dictatorship And Totalitarianism

ALEC Exposed; How Corporations Use ALEC And CFR To Buy, Corrupt, And Control The Federal And State Government, Block Renewable Energy Industry, Fascism Defined; Control Of Government By Huge Corporations And 1 Percent, Like Trump

Rick Hiller In the world-wide matter of democracy versus fascism, you see, democracy is a natural and fundamental, universal DNA inspired social right. Fascism is a minority impulse naturally repellent to the human condition, and this is true universally among all humans. The success of Fascism is always dependent on repression of other human beings and is met, naturally, by resistant force, which, if powerful enough, the Fascists then use murder and such as means and tools to take and hold power over those humans who would stand up against them.

By its nature, Fascism is then a deadly force. There are three types of fascism - religious, economic, and political. Fight them all with your very life! Without democracy, there is no life. We will win. The Fascists will lose. We are TOTM 'The One & The Many'."

Holocaust survivor warns that Trump administration is 'not on the right side of history'.


If you are smart enough to go to school, you will do better by getting higher paying jobs, but then if you don't get those promised higher paying jobs, you will end up worse off than if you had not taken on a huge debt load.

If you don't go to college, you will be unhappy and poor, is the popular mantra. Many people sign up for the military so that they can get free college, in order to avoid being a dumb, in huge debt, slave to the predatory capitalistic system.

Many people become slaves inside the catch 22 military industrial complex, and find that they end up being damaged for life, or killed while serving what is in essence a hired criminal mob that goes into foreign countries for those same predatory capitalistic companies, so that they can steal their resources. 

Once inside the military industrial complex, a person finds out it is close to impossible to get out, so many of them commit suicide, as they find out only after they sign on the dotted line, that they have been caught and trapped inside of a no win catch 22 situation.

Schools and colleges often have great benefits, but not if they teach students WHAT to think, as many religious schools do. If schools and colleges teach students what to think, instead of HOW to think, then students get caught in a catch 22 of believing in things that are not real, which means that students end up paying for an education which deludes them into thinking and believing in delusional things. Once these students become adults, they end up having to UNLEARN a bunch of things, before they can actually live in reality and see it for what it is, and that is hard to do. 

Schools Failing To Teach Children To Express Feelings, Be Creative, How To Think; Waldorf Education; Teaches Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Freedom, Spirituality, Holistic Connection With Nature; Rudolf Steiner

Multiple Intelligence Theory; How And Why Every Child And Adult Is A Successful, Intelligent Human Being And Hero - Why Isn't Interfaith Spirituality, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence Taught, Measured And Valued?

Free 30 Spiritual Gifts Self Test; Belief System Or Religion Self Test; 8 Ethical Virtues, 9 Fruits Of Spirit, Your Special Gifts Plus Power Cannot Be Taken Away, Everyone Is One Of A Kind, Special And Unique, There Is No One Else Like You

The Finnish people have a best case standard for education, and the highest outcomes in terms of international ranking. Instead of copying the best case standard which gets the best outcomes, in any arena, the US seems to be intent on copying the models with the WORST outcomes in not just education, but also healthcare, drug addiction, and militarism. Under Trump, Devos is bent on dismantling the public education system, and privatizing all schools so that they end up as religious schools, paid for by taxpayers. Of course, once religion marries government funding, it becomes fascism, because that is the definition of a fascist government. 

Michael Moore: Where To Invade Next Movie, Trailer, Synopsis, Transcript, About, Production, Release, Reception, Review


Vic Hurtowy When you're work full time for a chain but still need food stamps to survive, especially while that corporation reaps record profits, the system is rigged. The American dream, is an "American illusion."

Just who are the poor? Alston says that many of them are children and women. And they are all races. “The face of poverty in America is not only black or Hispanic but also white, Asian and many other colors.”

He found that stereotypes serve to undermine the poor — and are used to justify not coming to their aid. “So the rich are industrious, entrepreneurial, patriotic and the drivers of economic success. The poor, on the other hand, are wasters, losers and scammers,” Alston told NPR. As a result, he says, many people believe that “money spent on welfare is money down the drain. Money devoted to the rich is a sound investment.”

He spoke to politicians and political appointees who were “completely sold on the narrative of such scammers sitting on comfortable sofas, watching color TVs, while surfing on their smartphones, all paid for by welfare.”

But Alston says he met people working full time at chain stores who needed food stamps because they couldn’t survive on their wages.

And he was shocked by the type of poverty he witnessed: “I saw sewage-filled yards in states where governments don’t consider sanitation facilities to be their responsibility.” And “people who had lost all of their teeth” because dental care wasn’t covered by their health insurance plans. And homeless people who were told to move by a police officer who had “no answer when asked where they could move to.”
via U.N. Envoy Shares Dire Impressions From His Report On Poverty In U.S. : Goats and Soda : NPR

Why The War On Poverty Has Been Lost, And Why US Homeless Now Seem To Make Up A Lowest Of The Low Permanent Undesirables Cast Just Like In India, Corporate Capitalism is Unwilling To Address Root Causes

The War on Cancer, The War on Drugs, The Global War Against Terror, Nature, The War on Poverty/Hunger And War On Communism Have All Been Lost, Can Never Be Won; Complete Waste Of Time, Money And Energy

But does this Landfill Economy make sense? The cheap oil is about gone, and so does it make any rational sense to burn the last of the cheap fossil fuels on assembling stuff nobody needs in China, shipping it thousands of miles to retailers or Amazon warehouses, adding it to the immense piles of stuff most households already own, and then shipping the old but still functional products to the landfill, just to keep the economy humming?

This is of course insane. Decisions aren’t being made as if scarcity matters; the goals and incentives are set to encourage perverse and destructive overconsumption and overspending: not only are we squandering resources in the sacrifice to the false gods of “growth,” we’re indebting households to do so, stripping income that could have been saved and invested in productive uses.

In the lunatic asylum of the current economic model, media anchors sport grins of delirious joy when reporting increases in holiday spending, as if a bump higher from $680 billion to $700 billion is a gargantuan win for the flailing economy.

Wasting resources, capital and income on stuff nobody really needs is a monumental disaster on multiple fronts. Rather than establish incentives to conserve and invest wisely, our system glorifies waste and the destruction of income and capital, as if burning time, capital, resources and wealth on stuff nobody needs is strengthening the economy.

Isn’t it obvious that this system is a one-way path to collapse? Isn’t it obvious that burning resources and capital to haul stuff to the landfill at an ever-increasing rate is madness, folly, recklessness and stupidity combined?

Isn’t it obvious that if we set out to design the most perverse, toxic and doomed system possible, we’d end up with the Keynesian Cargo Cult’s insane permanent growth/Landfill Economy?

It doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve sketched out a sustainable, human-scale Mode of Production/way of living in my two books, Money and Work Unchained and A Radically Beneficial World.


What happens when corporations and the 1 percent at the top of them take control over society and government, just because they have the wealth, the power, the army of lobbyists, plus the never ending lifespan of corporations, (which are now 'people'? 

The definition of fascism is the control of a government by corporations, and not by the people. 

America is controlled by the 1 percent at the top of huge corporations, which means that all decisions being made today under Trump, are for the benefit of the 1 percent, and not for the 99 percent.

Mass Media News Anchors Interviewing People Who Are Against The 1%, Use NLP, Disruption And Accusation Against Them, Causing Catch 22 - Mass Media Almost Never Airs Anything That Is Against The Absolute Corporate Takeover Of Everything

President Trump, CNN, Fox News Deny Climate Change, Promote Marc Morano/Climate Depot, Encourage Nasty Emails To Scientists, Promote Hormesis Theory, Fascist Corporate Control Of Government, Exxon Knew Of Global Warming Decades Ago

Corporate Monopolies Controlling Movies, Magazines, Books, Cable TV, Sports, And News; When Pro Corporate Propaganda Is The Only Thing Allowed, Is That Fascism? Pope Condemns Capitalism, Says You Cannot Serve God And Money


You think the physical is gospel. You rely on bodies, yours and others’ when bodies are not the diamonds you truly treasure. You perpetuate a hoax on yourself, and then, later, when the time comes and bodies drop off and go off leaving you behind, you protest.

If you could absorb that time does not really exist, then the fact that death also does not exist would seem more real to you.

I understand that parting is sweet sorrow, yet there is no parting and, therefore, no need for sorrow except that you do believe in all that separation which is non-existent and impossible and illogical. If you thought candy were bitter, you wouldn’t enjoy candy either.

No one leaves Life behind. The body, yes. Life itself, never.

Here’s the rub. You also think you exist only in the structure of a body. You tend to mourn the absence of your body as if, when you close your beautiful eyes and cease to breathe, you say bye-bye to You. You believe you are gone as well.

The thing is, there is no end to you. You are Eternal, not your physical body, but you, the Essence of You.

Every Soul is forever. What is called death is a Great Transformation. For a while you exist in a body. You are no less existent when your body flies away.
via This Is How Life Is | Heavenletters

Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience And Healing Of Terminal Cancer, Miracles Can And Do Happen, Daily - 20 Plus Accounts Of Near Death Experiences; Developing And Growing Miracle Consciousness, Miracles Exist All Around And Inside Of Us Daily

The Power Of Breath, Labyrinth, 7 Dimensions Of Unity And Inner Peace In Silence; Quaker Equality, Silent Meeting Format; Could It Be A Model For A Larger Direct Democracy Movement Or Revolution? Belief System Self Test

Being #Spiritual, Not #Religious; #Evolution Within #Spirituality Leads To #Freedom, #Growth, #Courage, #SelfAwareness, #Expanded #Consciousness, Greater #Awareness, Compared To #Evangelical #Fundamentalist #Rigid, #Confining #Religion


Many people believe that if they don't vote for the lesser evil, that their vote will be wasted. But voting out of fear of 'wasting a vote' or out of hatred, 'around the other candidate' only leads the country to ruin. Here is how voting out of fear or hatred ruins a democracy and leads directly to fascism. 

Does Mussolini posturing and crossing his arms remind you of anyone?
There are just about always candidate on the ballot that are not taking corrupting corporate money, and who are not 'evil'. Why not vote for who really represents your interests, without corrupting influences? Why not vote from the HEART, and conscience, rather than out of fear and/or hatred?

Jill Stein Anyone who says "if you didn't vote for Hillary Clinton you must've been influenced by Russia" is basically saying they don't have a real argument. Voters can think for themselves.

Not voting is even worse than voting for the lesser evil. Not voting allows an extremist candidate who would not normally have any chance of winning get into office, because extremist voters are often the voters who turn out in the highest numbers, just because they are the most passionate about 'winning'. 

18 Reasons Why People Don't Vote; 18 Reasons Why You Should Vote, How To Fix The Broken Elections System, Don't Waste Your Vote on Evil Or More Evil, Vote For The Greater Good, And For 7 Future Generations


Fear leads to anger
Anger leads to hatred
Hatred leads to projection
Projection leads to suffering

Fear also separates a person from their 'source' and makes them into a fractionated person. Once a person is chronically living in fear and hatred, they start thinking very differently, and often end up believing conspiracy theories that support the fears/hatred, but not paying any attention to the truth, love or light. In this way, a person traps themselves in a prison of their own making, such as believing in 'white genocide' for example.

“White genocide” – a fear based Nazi conspiracy theory that mainstream conservatives love to use.
VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/newsbroke/videos/190061348074840/

The Illusion Of Fear, Anger, Hatred, The Power Of Love And The Oneness; A River Runs Through It, And A Dry Well Gives No Life; A Lesson And Conversation With Old Wise Oak Tree Leads To Oneness And Life Connections

The United States of Fear And Apathy, Foolish Faith In Authority Figures And Experts, Unconscious Fear Projects Out Into The World; How To Solve Apathy, Get Out Of Fear Mode, Plus 45 Reasons For Hope

Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Depression; They Shrink The World Down And Tighten Into A Vice Grip, Self Fulfilling Negative Prophecy Leads To Mental Illness, Phobias, Delusion, Diseases, Self Destruction, And Global Armageddon


The following video explains how easy it is to mislead, fool, and lie to people, and then get them to believe in something that is completely false.

Learning how to think, instead of being told what to think, frees not only the mind.
VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/AwarenessNewsProject/videos/537246446650384/

Organized systems of deception exist in every society, from the innocent lies told to children about the Easter bunny, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, to the adult versions of these things in many other parts of society. 

How long people continue to believe in things that are not true is subject to many factors, one of which is the desire to be free and the desire to know the truth, and the desire for 'awakening' or expanded consciousness. Many people are happy to stay asleep their whole lives, and believe in things that are not true. 

Exposing Trojan Horses, First Strike War Lies, Fraud Plus Faked Intelligence And Organized Deception That Led To Invasion, Occupation Of Iraq Under President Bush, No One Charged Or Jailed, Millions Of Deaths And Refugees

NISA, IAEA, WHO, Plus Pro Nuclear Government Agencies, Politicians Plus Universities Covering Up And Minimizing Negative Effects From Nuclear Accidents, While Promoting Hormesis Theory That Poison Is Good For Everyone

Multiple CIA Secret Torture Prisons All Over The World; Not Foreign Governments Doing Torturing, It Was The CIA All The Way

Whatever can be transformed, transmuted, or destroyed by telling the truth, deserves to be. 

Peaceful Rainbow Warriors; Learn How To Wield Truth Plus Unconditional Love And Oneness Consciousness As An Unstoppable Nonviolent Force; Experiential Exercise, Meditation - Facts, Faith, Theory, NeoCons, Leolibs


Are we our thoughts and/or habits? Is the human brain the essence of what makes humans human? If humans are nothing but a brain and thoughts, what happens if the brain quits thinking? Is death the only outcome possible if there are no thoughts in a physical brain? 

What if there is another possibility?  What is the source of all thoughts and habits? Where do all thoughts and habits come from? 

Transformational changes are often based on experiencing something that has never been thought of, and has never been inside of a habitual pattern. In the exterior world, it is easy to be trapped inside of thoughts and habits that lead a person into thinking and believing something is true, when it is absolutely not true. For example, since homeless people are in every US city, and they have been around for several generations, just about everything thinks and believes that this is how it has always been and how it always will be. 

But the actual history and evidence proves otherwise. Here is just one example of how homelessness is actually based on a 'habit' pattern of a certain way of thinking. If that habit and thought pattern is 'broken' and another experience happens, then it is hard or impossible to go back to this false belief and a new form of thought, belief and consciousness emerges from the old one. 

What if a society could exist where everyone is housed, everyone receives an income, there are no anti drug laws, and so there is no need for police, because everyone's needs are met? This sounds like nirvana or heaven, right? What if it could exist right here, right now, on Earth?  

“In this province alone there are 690,000 empty properties due to bank foreclosures. But not in Marinaleda, because Gordillo has a solution: anyone who wants to build their own house can do so for free. Materials and qualified workmen are provided by the town hall, and the generous allowance of 192 square meters means the homes are spacious. Families then pay just 15 euros ($19) per month for the rest of their lives, with the agreement that the house cannot be sold for private gain.”

We need to rethink our values, the consumer society, the value we place on money, selfishness and individualism. Marinaleda is a small example, and we want this experience to extend throughout the world. Mayor Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo

Go deeper....

Portugal Decriminalized ALL Illegal Drugs In 2001; Drug Laws in Portugal Focus On Treatment Rather Than Punishment, Addicts Are Ill, Not Criminals; Drug War Did Not Work And They Gave It Up, Getting Much Better Results Now

Bhutan Has NO Homeless People, Utah And Buffalo NY Have Virtually Ended Chronic Homelessness, Germany Sheltered 1 Million Refugees In 1 Year, Federal Budget Calls For Ending Homelessness By 2017

Now let's go deeper inside and focus on the inner world instead of the outer world. What if at the very core of our being, just the process of 'thinking thoughts' leads into a logic trap? If the outer world can trap someone inside of a logic trap as shown in the dozens of examples above, wouldn't it make sense that there is also an inner version of the outer logic traps? 

What if there is something INSIDE of everyone, which is beyond the physical world, beyond the thoughts and emotions that seem to take up all of our attention and grab every waking moment of our existence? What if? 

Going beyond thoughts and/or emotions deep inside, is much like a virgin having a first sexual experience. It is fine to remain a virgin for a whole lifetime, but the human body and mind is designed to a have a wide range of experiences, including many different types of sexual experiences. Wouldn't you agree that a mature adult knows what they like and don't like sexually, because they have experienced a wide variety of sexual experiences? Isn't this 'maturity' of experience of immense value? Doesn't this 'maturity' consisting of many different types of experiences impart some inner additional quality, wisdom and essence that can be recognized and appreciated? 

Why deny the experience of sexual pleasures and remain a virgin for life? Going deeper, why remain a virgin when it comes to the realm of 'no thought'? What if a person could experience something beyond the realm of thoughts and feelings. What if every human is DESIGNED to go there? 

Wouldn't it be kind of silly, immature and naive to remain a 'virgin' in this arena of experiencing the infinite varieties and dimensions of consciousness, from the 'void' consciousness, to the many other forms of consciousness which humans are designed to EXPERIENCE for themselves? What if it is not necessary to have to 'believe' stories, myths, fables, or books? 

Being, To Be, Void, No Thought Consciousness, Hamlet's Speech, Nihilism, Hermetics, Esoteric, Metaphysical, Quaker Silence, Zen Koan, Buddhism, Philosophy, Mysticism, Background, Poetry, Meaning And Value Of Silence, Evolution Of Humanity

What Is Consciousness? The Theory Of Everything Inside An Evolving Consciousness; Introduction To 24 Forms Of Consciousness - Materialistic, Altered States, Quantum, Void, Hero, Non Physical, Religious, Universal Oneness, 5 Experiential Exercises

What Are The Three Main Forms Of Global Consciousness In The World? Which Form Of Consciousness Do You Exhibit With Your Life? A Breakthrough, Transformation And Paradigm Shift In Human Consciousness Is Happening Globally

Consciousness Transformation And Revolution Into Oneness Is Being Birthed, Ongoing; Proof Is In Increasing Extremism Globally, Via Politics, Religion, Wars; Trump Is Spiritual Teacher, You Are Invited To Be A Midwife


There is always enough for everyone's needs. 'Lack thinking' is part of the logic trap inside of all of the above logic traps. Ego tends to think it is 'not enough', so it has to threaten, force, intimidate, and bribe people to get it's way. 

An unhealthy uncontrolled ego uses fear, hatred, threats, violence, war and weapons because ego is in part defined by fear, hatred and anger against others, which then leads to more hatred, fear and deadlier weapons, in an ever darkening descent into chaos and destruction. 

Learn how there is always enough of everything for everyone, within the art and science of sustainable health and success, as taught be A Green Road. 

Daily Message ~ Friday December 22, 2017
By Trinity Esoterics on Dec 22, 2017
You are always enough, in fact you are exactly what the world needs. What we want you to know is if you take your fear that you are not enough, and replace it with the knowing that you are always more than enough, you actually support both yourself and the world in the ways you truly wish to. Owning your light, your truth, your divinity, is not ego, Dear Ones, it is service. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

The longest and hardest journey is not any outer trek around the world, or up to the highest peaks of the most difficult to climb mountains. The longest and most dangerous journey is the one from the head into the heart, and into consciousness. Very few are brave enough to make this journey. The world is designed to trap and hold you inside of many logic traps.

Getting loose and becoming free is the most difficult thing. It is much like breaking out of prison. Prisons are boxes consisting of cages, which restrict movement, thoughts, emotions and experiences. The physical world is much like that, in terms of limiting what people are 'allowed' to think, experience and be, because a free person who is conscious, aware and enlightened is very dangerous to the prison keepers, who profit off of the prisoners. 

The Native American Code of Ethics We Should All Live video: https://www.facebook.com/IndigenousAmericans/videos/593680134310104/

There is no need to 'force' any solutions. Work in harmony with Nature, natural laws and the universe will support you, especially when aligned with the knowledge of how to use thoughts and emotions with intention, in order to create a sustainable reality. 

The Universe is always telling you to tell others to trust and believe, trust and believe. Most of you say the words and neglect to apply the same principle to yourselves. You are now being given the wonderful and joyous opportunity to put theory into practice! Trust and believe, my darling one, and all will be well. ~ Creator

This is the age of transformation. Anything that is not sustainable and causes harm to this or seven future generations is TERMINAL. Nature always bats last and Nature always wins, no matter what. The war on Nature is a lose lose strategy, yet humans foolishly believe that profits and greed will 'win' over Nature. 

In this age of transformation, which involve increasing pain, suffering and destruction, those things that are unsustainable and contrary to the laws of Nature will have to disappear or be destroyed if humanity chooses to try and hang on to them. Expect increasingly larger and more destructive consequences from Nature. Here is how Nature always wins in the end. Humanity is after all, expendable. 

Climate Reality #ClimateChange leads to more severe plus larger droughts AND floods. Here’s why.
VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/climatereality/videos/1583991415021244/

The long term end result of the war on Nature and natural laws will be the bankrupting and financial collapse of nations that are financing everything destructive with increasing mountains of debt, which already cannot be paid back. 

Instead of transforming these unsustainable systems into something sustainable, most unconscious bankers are using more debt piled on top of debt to support the destructive status quo, hoping that eventually humanity will 'win' the war on Nature and natural laws.. Good luck with that lose lose theory. 

Dive into the debate and discussions around these questions if you want to be of value. Don't just pursue meaningless and valueless 'wealth', or 'profits' via greed and short term thinking, inside of logic traps. Don't let fear, greed, anger, or hatred dictate to you which prison you should live in, of our own making. 

Graduation speech by famous comedian/actor. Don't let fear dictate your life.

Feeling trapped inside a logic box may seem like God is judging or punishing a person. Here is another more positive way to look at this situation. 

There is a pervasive belief that you will be tested in order for God to determine your worthiness. The idea that you are being tested implies that there is judgment – that you will either pass or fail. Dear Ones, there is no judgment towards you from the higher realms, only pure acceptance and unconditional love. We celebrate you exactly as you are. There is never, ever a time when you are not worthy or good enough or that you have to do anything to gain our approval.

The things you perceive as being tests are not to prove anything to anyone but yourselves. Your challenges are opportunities for you to discover your own strength, courage, and ability to love. They always offer expansion in order for you to know yourself in deeper and more profound ways. They are gifts for you to fully experience in new ways the depth of your faith, trust, and divine capability.

Further, they are never put upon you, but rather choices your soul makes in order to grow and to know yourself better. They allow you to experience the depth of your soul and your incredible capacity for expansion, and through that expansion, the universe also expands. You are always loved, supported, and encouraged through such times that serve to open you up to a more profound understanding of self and new levels of attainment, which will only serve both you and the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


There is always a way out of any logic trap. The first step is realizing that there is a logic trap. The second step is surrendering to this as a real fact, and then asking for the way out. Stay open minded.

Follow your heart. Follow your intuition. Keep asking the question; what works for seven future generations without causing harm?  What is the way out of this logic trap? Pray for, or ask for help.

What works in harmony with the laws of Nature? How can I work with others to create a world that works for everyone, and not just for the 1 percent?

In part, this is the hero's journey and you are being called.

Will you accept the call to this grand adventure of transformation, discovery and exploration? 

Go deeper.....

TEDx - Ancient Story Of The Hero's Journey; Everyone Is A Hero, This Is Your Call To Adventure

Who Is Dr. Goodheart? How To Tune Into Your Inner Physician, How And Why Everyone Needs To Accept The Call, Find Their Inner Hero Archetype, Let It's Light Shine, Form A Sustainable Community And Then Heal The World

Hero Consciousness Definition, Beyond Maslow's Hierarchy; From Survival To Self Transcendence, How To Become A Self Actualized Conscious Dr. Goodheart Hero Living In Unconditional Love, For The Benefit Of The Planet And 7 Future Generations



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27 Emotion/Logic Traps That Many People Get Stuck In - Catch 22 - How To Get Unstuck And Flow In The Age Of Transformation, Learn To Feed Your Archetypal Catch-22 Mental Limitations, Fears, Anger, Other Negative Emotions, Into The Fires Of Transmutation Within, Go On A Hero's Journey
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