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Thursday, May 23, 2019
7 Steps On The Ladder of Increasing Awareness, Consciousness Expansion Include Transition, Paradigm Shift, Transformation And Metamorphosis; Going Beyond Self Sabotage/Fear Or Negativity, And Saying Yes To More Than The Scraps Offered By The Matrix And The 1 Percent

Many people are stuck in fatalism, fear, anger, hatred or depression as a 'standard operating system'.

Many people believe that Armageddon or an Apocalypse is either happening now or will happen soon, so they are stuck in fatalism, and take no actions to save the environment, nor do they make any positive changes in lifestyle or consumption, because they believe everything and everyone will be destroyed soon, so what is the point?

What if these belief systems are not 'normal'?

What if there is another way of living that involves being happy, joyful, peaceful, loving and feeling emotionally clear NOW? What if there is another way of seeing the world and how humans can operate in it?

What is there is something beyond the doom and gloom false 'prophecies' that fundamentalist evangelical religions promote and 'sell' to many people, for selfish profit and power reasons? After all, fear sells like nothing else.

Many people live a life of quiet desperation, accepting many injustices and doing things that are not in line with their own built in morals, ethics, conscience or intuition, just because they feel that there is no other choice, or that this is 'normal' somehow inside of the Capitalist system. What if there is a choice? What if there is another way? What if there is a way 'out' or through this desperation?

Jack Barry "A country without conscience is a country without a soul. A country without a soul, cannot survive.”

Many people live in a state of perpetual depression, apathy and fatalism, believing that there is no hope, nothing positive in the world, and no reason to believe that anything will ever change, personally or globally. What if there is hope? What if there is a positive reason to live?

Where would that hope be found?


The mass media likes to cover the shallow surface layer of reality, and it puts everything into a 'sound bite'. But reality is not sound bites or surface shallow layers of simple statements. Humans are MUCH more than what fits into just 30 second news clips. 

Part of the journey of life involves increasing our awareness in a natural way, much like a baby becoming a child, which becomes a teen, then an adult, and finally that person becomes a wise elder. But increasing awareness can be short circuited and a person can get stuck along the way. This article goes into all of the above negative 'programming' and lays out a 'road map' that involves 7 ever increasing levels of awareness, creating a 'ladder'.

Which step of the ladder are you on?

None of these ladder steps are good or bad, as they just are. Everyone is perfect right where they are, and no judgement is involved in one ladder step. or another.


Climbing The Ladder of Awareness
When it comes to our understanding of the unfolding global crisis, each of us seems to fit somewhere along a continuum of awareness that can be roughly divided into five stages:

1 Dead asleep

At this stage there seem to be no fundamental problems, just some shortcomings in human organization, behaviour and morality that can be fixed with the proper attention to rule-making. People at this stage tend to live their lives happily, with occasional outbursts of annoyance around election times or the quarterly corporate earnings seasons.

The 9 Stages of Spiritual Self-Realization
At the beginning of the journey is the dawning of self-awareness. This may occur sporadically as a result of temporary moments of introspection or as an entire spiritual awakening. Self-awareness is when we become aware of ourselves (from an ego-based standpoint) and how we interact with the world.

Those who are self-aware move away from their previous psychological ignorance (also commonly referred to as “being asleep”) and into greater self-consciousness. This can be a painful period as we take an honest look at our thoughts, habits, choices, and ways of relating to the world. Often we don’t like what we see. Thus, we either numb ourselves out of denial or enter the path of self-growth (also known as the spiritual path). 

2 Awareness of one fundamental problem

Whether it's Climate Change, overpopulation, Peak Oil, chemical pollution, oceanic over-fishing, biodiversity loss, corporatism, economic instability or sociopolitical injustice, one problem seems to engage the attention completely. People at this stage tend to become ardent activists for their chosen cause. They tend to be very vocal about their personal issue, and blind to any others.

3 Awareness of many problems

As people let in more evidence from different domains, the awareness of complexity begins to grow. At this point a person worries about the prioritization of problems in terms of their immediacy and degree of impact. People at this stage may become reluctant to acknowledge new problems - for example, someone who is committed to fighting for social justice and against climate change may not recognize the problem of resource depletion. They may feel that the problem space is already complex enough, and the addition of any new concerns will only dilute the effort that needs to be focused on solving the "highest priority" problem.

4 Awareness of the interconnections between the many problems

The realization that a solution in one domain may worsen a problem in another marks the beginning of large-scale system-level thinking. It also marks the transition from thinking of the situation in terms of a set of problems to thinking of it in terms of a predicament. At this point the possibility that there may not be a solution begins to raise its head.

People who arrive at this stage tend to withdraw into tight circles of like-minded individuals in order to trade insights and deepen their understanding of what's going on. These circles are necessarily small, both because personal dialogue is essential for this depth of exploration, and because there just aren't very many people who have arrived at this level of understanding.

5 Awareness that the predicament encompasses all aspects of life

This includes everything we do, how we do it, our relationships with each other, as well as our treatment of the rest of the biosphere and the physical planet. With this realization, the floodgates open, and no problem is exempt from consideration or acceptance. The very concept of a "Solution" is seen through, and cast aside as a waste of effort. 

For those who arrive at Stage 5 there is a real risk that depression will set in. After all, we've learned throughout our lives that our hope for tomorrow lies in our ability to solve problems today. When no amount of human cleverness appears able to solve our predicament the possibility of hope can vanish like a the light of a candle flame, to be replaced by the suffocating darkness of despair.

How people cope with despair is of course deeply personal, but it seems to me there are two general routes people take to reconcile themselves with the situation. These are not mutually exclusive, and most of us will operate out of some mix of the two. I identify them here as general tendencies, because people seem to be drawn more to one or the other. I call them the outer path and the inner path.

If one is inclined to choose the outer path, concerns about adaptation and local resilience move into the foreground, as exemplified by the Transition Network and Permaculture Movement. To those on the outer path, community-building and local sustainability initiatives will have great appeal. Organized party politics seems to be less attractive to people at this stage, however. Perhaps politics is seen as part of the problem, or perhaps it's just seen as a waste of effort when the real action will take place at the local level.

If one is disinclined to choose the outer path either because of temperament or circumstance, the inner path offers its own set of attractions.

6 Choosing The Inner Path And Saying Yes To The Call

Choosing an inner path to greater awareness/consciousness involves re-framing the whole thing in terms of consciousness, self-awareness and/or some form of transcendent perception.

For someone on this path it is seen as an attempt to manifest Gandhi's message, "Become the change you wish to see in the world," on the most profoundly personal level.

This message is similarly expressed in the ancient Hermetic saying, "As above, so below."

Or in plain language, "In order to heal the world, first begin by healing yourself."

However, the inner path does not imply a "retreat into religion". Most of the people I've met who have chosen an inner path have as little use for traditional religion as their counterparts on the outer path have for traditional politics.

Organized religion is usually seen as part of the predicament rather than a valid response to it. Those who have arrived at this point have no interest in hiding from or easing the painful truth, rather they wish to create a coherent personal context for it.

Personal spirituality of one sort or another often works for this, but organized religion rarely does.

7 Not Getting Stuck, Staying In The Flow

It's worth mentioning that there is also the possibility of a serious personal difficulty at this point. If someone cannot choose an outer path for whatever reasons, and is also resistant to the idea of inner growth or spirituality as a response the the crisis of an entire planet, then they are truly in a bind. There are few other doorways out of this depth of despair. If one remains stuck here for an extended period of time, life can begin to seem awfully bleak, and violence against either the world or oneself may begin begin to seem like a reasonable option. Please keep a watchful eye on your own progress, and if you encounter someone else who may be in this state, please offer them a supportive ear.


From my observations, each successive stage contains roughly a tenth of the number people as the one before it. So while perhaps 90% of humanity is in Stage 1, less than one person in ten thousand will be at Stage 5 (and none of them are likely to be politicians). The number of those who have chosen the inner path in Stage 5 also seems to be an order of magnitude smaller than the number who are on the outer path.

I happen to have chosen an inner path as my response to a Stage 5 awareness. It works well for me, but navigating this imminent (transition, shift, metamorphosis - call it what you will), will require all of us - no matter what our chosen paths - to cooperate on making wise decisions in difficult times.

Best wishes for a long, exciting and fulfilling journey.
Bodhi Paul Chefurka
October 19, 2012 
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One reason for living on this planet called spaceship Earth, is to EVOLVE, through the various stages of awareness. If a person wastes their time and does not evolve due to a focus on greed, selfishness and apathy, that is a tragedy.

There is no end to evolution of awareness or consciousness. Those who focus on this will gain the most and end up the biggest 'winners'.

There are no 'winners' or 'losers' in this arena. There is judgment or punishment in the arena of consciousness. There is no duality. There is only the concept of 'deserving', or not feeling worthy, but that is an inner dynamic, and not one imposed on a person from outside or by anyone else.


The mass media and schools plus business focus for the most part on a duality based reality, which is now obsolete, dead and fossilized, like the dinosaurs. What is taking the place of this obsolete illusion of duality based view of reality?

The choice about whether to pursue an inner path of greater awareness or expanded consciousness is one that is made via free will, and choice. One easy path to gain awareness is via the path of love. Go deeper into love, and you will gain awareness, plus expand consciousness. Say no to love and growth stops.

A person can choose to not pursue the inner path that leads to greater awareness, but that involves self sabotage, and/or saying no to the call on the hero's journey. Everyone is getting the call, and it is up to each person to say YES, or no. Saying No means stopping the growth process. Saying Yes, means accelerating into greater love, awareness and expanding consciousness, plus much more. 

What Is Consciousness? The Theory Of Everything Inside An Evolving Consciousness; Introduction To 25 Forms Of Consciousness - Materialistic, Altered States, Quantum, Void, Hero, Non Physical, Religious, Universal Oneness, 7 Experiential Exercises

On a personal level, everyone is on a hero's journey. Everyone is being called. This is your call. Will you say yes, or will you refuse the call?

TEDx - Ancient Sacred Story Of The Hero's Journey; Everyone Is A Hero, And This Is Your Call To Adventure - What Is A Hero's Journey? What Makes A Hero? Refusing The Call Is Also Part Of The Hero's Journey, 17 Step Hero's Journey Detailed/Explained

Saying NO also means by definition, that a person is committing an act of self sabotage.


What is involved with self sabotage and/or saying no to the call? Many people (Dominionists) are saying no to the call by believing false prophets and descending into fatalism, denial and a belief in a physical Earth destroying Apocalypse.

Some of those people even want to self sabotage on a global level. They want to hurry up the destruction of the planet.

They believe that killing billions of people is a good thing. They are ready to push the nuclear button in order to start a suicidal global nuclear war, thus triggering the return of their 'savior', inside of doomsday cults.

President Trump, Armageddon, Doomsday Cults, End Of The World Belief Systems; Apocalypse Among Christian, Judaism, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, UFO, Y2K, Psychics, Numerology Followers, Planet X, Niburu, Chicken Little, Boy Who Cried Wolf

Self sabotage can and does happen on a personal, group, organization, national and international level.

Self sabotage can and does happen via fear, hatred and religious dogma based on ego, denial, plus projection.


Ego is at it's core, essentially all about self sabotage, when compared to heart/love/soul. Ego can do nothing except destroy and cause chaos all around itself, because it is separate from source and from soul. 

President's Day; The Many Ways A Delusional President Trump Is Failing/Losing, Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall, Off Of A Very Great White Supremacist Wall; Failed To Keep Out All Muslims, Failed Fight With Minorities/Women

There is a huge difference between living a life based on ego and one based on soul. Since schools, colleges, businesses and the mass media never talk about this, very few people even know the difference. 

Unity Soul Consciousness Versus Separation Ego Consciousness; What Is The Difference? Do Everything With Unconditional Love, With No Expectation, Assumption, Judgment, Or Attachment To The Outcome, Miracles, Higher Power, Detachment Explored

On a larger stage, ego is all about profit, power and greed, acting through huge corporations.

Jason Christoff When someone doesn't believe they deserve more, they'll destroy the "more" when comes into their life. Self sabotage is an epidemic. A person's idea of what they deserve is created by many factors, many of which are purposely manufactured by the society we live in. 

Our social engineers do everything possible to mentally, physically and spiritually program the public to have very low self worth and levels of "deserve" or "more". 

It doesn't matter if it's conventional religion telling children that they were born sinners, conventional medicine telling uninformed adults that they were born genetically faulty or conventional science telling the public that each human is nothing more than a series of random and unrelated events, with no real purpose to life what so ever. 

This triangular cross fire (from our human farmers) is designed to gut the soul, like a fish on a wharf, so the overall population starts to believe they deserve nothing more than the rotten scraps off master's table. 

It's doesn't matter if it's smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating junk food or taking toxic prescriptions drugs.....these are all clinical symptoms of people living out a self fulfilling prophecy, tied to this low self worth mental mind virus injected into them throughout their childhood. 

Expect more. Demand more. Be more. Get off your knees. When more comes knocking, let it in and raise your deserve level."

If you could imagine a life that would create happiness both for yourself and for everyone on the planet, plus do no harm to seven future generations, what would that look like?

What would a life look like that would create happiness on a personal level? What is standing in the way of that?

What comes up may be negative things from the past and/or the present, right?

Go deeper, and accept the call. Start living a life of adventure, which is transformative. 

Who Is Dr. Goodheart? How To Tune Into Your Inner Physician, How And Why Everyone Needs To Accept The Call, Find Their Inner Hero Archetype, Let It's Light Shine, Form A Sustainable Community And Then Heal The World

Hero Consciousness Definition, Beyond Maslow's Hierarchy; From Survival To Self Transcendence, How To Become A Self Actualized Conscious Dr. Goodheart Hero Living In Unconditional Love, For The Benefit Of The Planet And 7 Future Generations


Another part of the age of transformation is that everything will be cast down and destroyed, which is not sustainable. Every structure that is not in alignment with the transformative energy coming in will either die a natural death, or be destroyed. Anything that is not sustainable, is TERMINAL.

Smart people will move out of fear and hatred into love plus forgiveness. Smart people will flow with the 'birth' of increasing higher energy and allow the transformation to take place both inside/outside. Those who are living in ego, and anyone who is ignorant, foolish or stupid will resist this transformation and suffer the consequences both inside and outside.

On all levels, in all ways, leadership is also going to be transformed. Right now the power structure of the world is aligned with a top down, 1 percent controlled system based on greed, ego and toxic power structures. The planet is 'infected' by ego based humans, who are causing a global extinction.

The old, dead and dying power structure is filled with corruptions, greed, absolute control mechanisms, and fear. Since this power structure is upside down and backwards, it is not sustainable, and will need to be replaced with a bottoms up, 99 percent controlled leadership system. Remember that anything not sustainable is TERMINAL. The extinction of all life on the planet is the consequence of future filled with ego, greed, fear and hatred.

4 Secrets About True Leaders; Is Trump A True Leader And Hero? What Are The Requirements For Leadership In The Age Of Oneness That Is Coming?

All religions have teachings about the Golden Rule. Treat others as you yourself want to be treated. 

How can the 1 percent be 'happy' while the 99 percent are sad and/or suffering? 

TEDX; A Sustainable, Innovative, Creative Success Model Requires Thinking About Impact On Seven Future Generations; Let's Create 100 Percent Literacy, Carbon Free, Nuclear Free, Chemical Free, Peaceful Future


Many of you have expressed concern about the new wave approaching…that it will be stronger, more uncomfortable or more challenging. Although the next phase of this shift may be challenging, it will have a different feel to it. Each piece of this ‘upgrade’ is designed to bring you more knowledge and information. So, rather than anticipating a worst-case scenario, know that you will be receiving what is in your highest and best for the highest and best. You are on a road that has never been traveled before…this amazing time in human history is yours! Instead of viewing it with trepidation, see it as a beautiful reminder of how far you have come and how much further you will grow! ~ Creator



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7 Steps On The Ladder of Increasing Awareness, Consciousness Expansion Include Transition, Paradigm Shift, Transformation And Metamorphosis; Going Beyond Self Sabotage/Fear Or Negativity, And Saying Yes To More Than The Scraps Offered By The Matrix And The 1 Percent
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