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Native American Ceremonial Elders of Whapmagoostui, QC Canada, Transmitted This Message Regarding Global Coronavirus Pandemic, Hatred, Respect, Traditional Medicines, Herbs, Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery, Original Teachings, Natural Laws, Living In Harmony With Nature



PBS Official Website: | #NativeAmericaPBS Native America explores the world created by America’s First Peoples. The four-part series reaches back 15,000 years to reveal massive cities aligned to the stars, unique systems of science and spirituality, and 100 million people connected by social networks spanning two continents."

98 percent of 2 billion acres were stolen from the First People.

500 indigenous nations were annihilated and/or forcibly moved into areas considered worthless by racist invaders and occupiers, who brought previously unheard of amounts of disease, rape, crime and militaristic violence.

Native American children were forcibly removed to 'reeducation camps' in order to forcibly remove their culture, language, arts, and history, in order to indoctrinate them in the 'proper' way of white, racist, Christian dogma and belief systems. 

Native American Boarding Schools
VIDEO:  56 min

Indigenous Americans A moving and insightful look into the history, operation, and legacy of the federal Indian Boarding School system, whose goal was total assimilation of Native Americans at the cost of stripping away Native culture, tradition, and language. #NativeAmerican #Indigenous #IndianBoardingSchools

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Stolen Land, Resources, Broken Treaties, Forced Resettlement, Apartheid, Poisoning And Racism Is Legacy Of US Government Policy Against Native American - Toxic Black Snake Uranium, Nuclear And Fossil Fuel Corporations Continue Genocidal, Natural Law Violating Policy Under Trump

Genocides In/By Americans; 19 To 100 Million Native Americans - 31 Million Buffalo Exterminated - US Broke 500 Treaties, Via Illegal Gun Owning Immigrant 'Settlers' - US Military Genocide Killed Another 20-30 Million People Since World War II - Nuclear Genocide - Predatory Capitalism Genocide

Begin transmission:

Whapmagoostui QC, March 29, 2020.

Sacred Fire was lit in our community on Thursday, March 16th, 2020 and burned for people to offer tobacco in prayer over 4 days and 4 nights. Ceremonial Elders, as their ancestors did in difficult times, gathered in a ceremony each day and night to get direction from the Spiritual Realm on how to deal with COVID-19 virus.

The language of Spirit (ceremony) tells us that a Messenger has come, a dark Messenger whose relatives are (to name a few): hatred among men (humans), all that which clouds the mind such as alcohol, drugs and substance abuse; violence and human conflict of all forms, and, most importantly, the disregard for Mother Earth as a living being. The Messenger is relentless, and no one is immune. It will continue to spread, and it will take many innocents lives.

The pandemic cannot be cured by medicine alone; it must be combined with good deeds, prayer, and humanity’s collective commitment to change its ways, most of all, its dedication to minimizing the damage it does to the Earth. The pollution of air and water must be addressed. It is by doing these things that a cure will come and humanity will have a better chance of surviving what’s yet to come.

Key Messages from the Ceremonies:

Respect for Mother Earth and all Beings in Nature Mother Earth must be respected and honored as a living being that she is, and all beings in Nature honored and left alone in their natural habitat. Too many are kept in captivity (zoos, labs) where their suffering is immeasurable. Even those in their own natural habitat, they suffer because of what Man has done to Mother Earth. They lose their food, medicines, and other essentials they need to bring up their offspring. Their suffering does not allow their energy to flow freely with the rhythm of the Cosmos. As such, their restricted-energy propagates sickness in the world. Their energy must be allowed to resonate freely throughout the Universe as it should for healing to come to the world.

Respect for Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous peoples have been oppressed all too long and their voices not heard. During this dark period, all persons will experience what oppression feels like, the inability to access your essential needs, the land, medicine, what you love most, and what you need to be happy. From this experience, and with the will to honor all Indigenous peoples of the world, brighter light will shine upon the Earth for the betterment of humanity.

With regard to the current pandemic, the message for Indigenous peoples themselves is to use your traditional medicines that come from your homeland, sing your song and dance for life in your own way. Despite the suffering that you experienced in the past and in the present, the Great Spirit has never left you. As the Language of Spirit (ceremony) says, the Great Spirit has eyes on you from all Creation. His Spirit is present in his Creation, in the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the wind, the rain. He is closer to you than the air that you breathe. Acknowledge him.

Respect for Women

Why are men more susceptible to the coronavirus? It has been said that the woman is the only Force in the Universe that can channel the human soul from the Spiritual Realm. She must be respected and honored as such. In the world, women (even little girls) are abused, violated, sold for profit. Many are victims of human trafficking which goes against the Law that governs the Universe. Their suffering emits negative energy to the world that brings sickness. This must change.

A woman must be honored always as a bearer of life, life-giver and nurturer. Be mindful of this Truth always: Without a woman, none of us would have life, today.

Original Teachings

At the beginning of time, like all other beings in the natural world, all nations of the world were given what our Elders call the “Original Teachings”, that if followed would help create and maintain balance and harmony in the world at all times. If heeded, those fully developed spiritually would — at the end of their Earth journey – be able to enter the Spirit World without the pains of physical death, as do all other species in Nature. To fully restore global balance and harmony, all nations must return to their roots on the Tree of Life and seek this knowledge. If we do not do this, we will be wiped out from the face of the earth and many souls may be lost.

Humanity Must Evolve

To work closely with the Great Spirit at all times, humanity must evolve in line with the Law that governs the Universe. For this to happen, all faiths in the world must evolve spiritually and in their own way. It’s only through deep spiritual knowledge and understanding that humans can evolve." 

(Reprinted with permission)
Author Matthew Mukash, Eeyou Wisdom Keeper
3 Nisk Road,
Whapmagoostui, QC J0M 1G0 CANADA


Life As A Young Native American

Indigenous Americans Almost three million people currently identify as Native American — despite this, their place in both our history, and the modern day, is largely ignored. For a century, the U.S government believed what was best for Native American kids was to strip them of their families and communities, their culture and language, their hair and clothes. 

Now, mounting research has demonstrated how this policy has decimated communities and been deadly to Native peoples. “Identification with a particular cultural background and a secure sense of cultural identity is associated with higher self-esteem, better educational attainment (grades and going to college), and is protective against mental health problems, substance use, and other issues for adolescents and adults,” a summary of research by the National Indian Child Welfare Association stated in 2017. For 24 year old Delmar, learning about traditional practices is a way to honor her heritage and make sense of her place in the world." 

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Five Hundred Years of Injustice; Doctrine Of Discovery - Link To Present Day Racism, White Supremacy - Racist Christian Legacy, 500 Broken Treaties - Monroe Doctrine History - Manifest Destiny Doctrine - Rise Of US Empire, Takeover Of Many Nations - Rise Of Fascism In US


PROCESSED PEOPLE – Plant Based Documentary 2008
VIDEO:  39 min

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Coronavirus Health Problems Linked To Zinc Deficiency - 73% Of American's Don't Get The RDA of Zinc - Emergency Room Medical Doctors Don’t Realize Major Signs And Symptoms of COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases Match All Body Signs Of Zinc Deficiency - Dr. Eric Braverman, M.D. Immune System Tests


The universe always offers answers or solutions which are free or very low cost and invites humanity into a Heaven On Earth. But very few accept the invitation. Many people  respond to the invitation with closed minds and closed hearts.

How many solutions might exist, as an alternative to being locked down for many many months, potentially YEARS?

Humanity is being reset, either by force, or by choice. Let us consider our vision. Who are we? Where do we want to go? In terms of value and meaning for seven future generations what is worthy doing or supporting?

How can the 'lockdown' and 'freezing' of entire economies be dissolved and melted away with actions that do no harm to seven future generations?

1. Wear masks, even if they are homemade.

2. Promote and distribute free or low cost natural health immune system strengthening solutions via Medicare, Medicaid, and/or universal healthcare.

3. Promote and distribute whole organic immune system strengthening zinc rich foods, which contain other vitamins and minerals that prevent and/or reverse dis-eases, such as Vitamin C. (see below)

4. Promote stay at home and social distancing for anyone over the age of 60, or for those with chronic health conditions.

5. Sanitizing and germ reduction efforts can be maintained, such as wiping or spraying all high contact surfaces with non toxic alcohol.

6. Teach the Native American philosophy of health and life, which is...

7. Copy the models used by many nations that flattened their curves without locking down their entire countries. 

How South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong Flattened Their Coronavirus Curve - What Can The World Learn From Multiple Countries That Flattened Their Curve, And Did Not Put Their Entire Country Into Lockdown Mode? What If There Were Multiple, Simple Ways To Beat COVID19?

8. Promote the use of herbal and other natural modalities to address the need for anti viral medicines, which exist in the Naturopathic world, in great abundance, and without the huge negative side effects that come with Allopathic expensive patent drugs. 

Natural Flu/Corona Virus Remedy; (WHO) Pandemic, Flu, Cold, Viruses, Sepsis, Plague; How To Make And Use Four Thieves Vinegar Formula With Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Germ Properties, Study Confirms Essential Herbal Oils Works On Viruses, Compared To Tamiflu, Flu Vaccine

9. Promote the use of hyperbaric oxygen in hospitals and clinics for all kinds of health issues. 

Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For Coronavirus, Stroke, CO Poisoning, Healing Wounds, Radiation Injury, Fatigue, Depression, Mood Swings, Sleep Problems, Spasms, Degeneration, Confusion, Cancer, Lack Of Oxygen - Naturopathy And Lung Issues Like Asthma, Pneumonia/Coronavirus

10. Promote the use of hydrogen peroxide as an antiviral for all kinds of health issues.

Dr Robert Rowen MD; Coronavirus Ozone Antiviral Therapy Perspective Outside the Mainstream - 45 Studies Confirm Ozone Therapy Benefits - Ozone Therapy at Home - Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method Instructions - How Not To Respond To A Global Pandemic

11. Have hospitals and clinics test for acid/alkaline balance, as well as zinc deficiency in sick people, population and promote the consumption of zinc rich whole, organic, foods, herbs, etc. 

Coronavirus Health Problems Linked To Zinc Deficiency - 73% Of American's Don't Get The RDA of Zinc - Emergency Room Medical Doctors Don’t Realize Major Signs And Symptoms of COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases Match All Body Signs Of Zinc Deficiency - Dr. Eric Braverman, M.D. Immune System Tests

12. Promote and encourage the use of homeopathics in society, both inside hospitals, clinics and generally. 

Dr Bhatia; Coronavirus Remedy Analysis - Cold/Flu Remedies, Homeopathic Remedy Oscillococcinum Under Attack, Homeopathic Practicioner Gabrielle Traub Discusses Remedies For Cold And Flu, Several Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Evaluations Prove Homeopathic Remedy Works

13. Promote and teach Naturopathic health principles, as illustrated by Dr John Bergman and other Naturopathic Medical Doctors. 

Dr. John Bergman; I am NOT Afraid of the Corona Virus - Monologue: Panic! At The Costco - Opinion – Coronavirus Study Predicts That Even The Best-Case Scenario Is 15 Million Dead And A $2.4 Trillion Hit To Global GDP - All Hospital Beds In The US Will Be Filled With Patients By May 8th 2020

14. Promote and teach natural food or herb based anti viral modalities, such as elderberry. 

Cold/Flu Remedy; Black Elderberry; Most Anti-Viral Substance Known To Man, How to Kill The Flu with Black Elderberry - The Wise Alternative, Sambucol vs Tamiflu - A Proven, Natural, Safer, Cheaper Alternative To Drugs With Negative Side Effects - Indian Spice Works Better Than Antiviral Drug

15. Promote and use the natural homeopathic nosodes to vaccinate entire populations against superbugs such as COVID-19. 

Dr Lansang MD; Mass Dengue Vaccine And Immunization Program 'Premature' - Dengue Fever Facts - Vaccine Wreaks Havoc, 600 Child Deaths Under Investigation - DOH Suspends Vaccine Use - Philippine Govt To Charge Sanofi Officials - Nosodes Via Homeoprophylaxis As Solution

16. Promote the use of intravenous Vitamin C in hospitals and clinics. 

Dr Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD - Vitamin C Is Anti Radiation, Anti Free Radical, Anti Cancer, Anti Polio, Anti Infection, Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral, (Flu/Corona Virus) - Scurvy Prevention List Of Foods - List Of Herbs That Fight Cancer - Wheatgrass, Flax Seed, Dulse, Cilantro, Turmeric, Lemons, Sprouts

17. Promote the study of the science of sustainable health, which asks the question; what works without causing harm to this or 7 future generations?

What Is Coronavirus? What Are Signs And Symptoms Of Coronavirus? Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) - SARS Coronavirus - Protective Measures You Can Take For Corona Virus - 14 Natural Methods to Treat Coronavirus 2019-nCoV - Protective Measures - Coronavirus Vaccine

18. Promote the research and study of the science of sustainable health, as outlined in the pages such as the one below.

Health Justice Project; Natural Law Green Medicine - Natural Laws Of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health, Self Healing, Experiential Naturopathic Modalities, Happiness, Humor, Laughter - Leadership, Herbs, Vitamins, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Self Healing Modalities, Universal Global Health, Wellness, Seven Generations, Vaccines

19. Support and hold to justice, truth, freedom and health. 

Human Rights Justice Project; Threats To Peace, Root Causes Of Wars, Historical Myths, Preventing/Ending Wars, Recruiters, Veterans, Drones, Assassinations, Human Rights, Justice, Prisons, War on Drugs, Violence Prevention, Death Penalty, Jury Rights, Gay/Women's Rights, Pro Choice

20. Go within, as all answers are there. 

Justice Paradigm Shift; Transformation, Growing Awareness, Consciousness Through Stories Project; Ancient Stories, Success, Motivation, Activism, Spiritual, Interfaith, Consciousness, Near Death, Miracles, Healing, Auras, Reincarnation


Native American Flute Music: Meditation Music
MUSIC 9 hours

We are entering terminal MAGA mode now... free money for EVERYONE..

Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue – The Trumpiest Thing Trump Has Ever Done



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Native American Ceremonial Elders of Whapmagoostui, QC Canada, Transmitted This Message Regarding Global Coronavirus Pandemic, Hatred, Respect, Traditional Medicines, Herbs, Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery, Original Teachings, Natural Laws, Living In Harmony With Nature
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