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Questions are a good way to go deeper.

What about this question?

What works for 7 future generations, without causing harm?

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Within The Art And Science of Sustainable Health Plus Success, AGR offers the largest, easily searchable and most organized collection of scientific research, sarcasm, humor, art, news, cutting edge experts, questions, experiential exercises, information, education, full length movies,  videos, articles, links to groups and knowledge, all gathered into one place. Get up to speed and become an expert fast.


Questions are very important.

Questions are a way to expand awareness or even consciousness.

What kinds of questions does AGR cover? Here are a few examples, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, because just about every article offers some questions to ponder. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to answer questions. Whatever the answer is for you, is the 'right' answer at this time. It is important to keep asking questions.. and to keep on going deeper with them.

What is science?…and this thing, if it does indeed exist, offers enlightenment, hope and the potential to unlock the mysteries of the universe to all people." That is science. AGR offers a wealth of scientific information, research and citizen scientist reports. 

What is art? There are at least 27 definitions. "Art is either a plagiarist or a revolutionary.....
…something that reveals the essential or hidden truth."

AGR offers a wealth of artistic content in a large variety of forms.

What is Natural Law? Anything that is not sustainable is TERMINAL, by definition. Whatever follows Natural law is sustainable. Whatever is not following Natural law is not sustainable and is thus terminal. Waging a war against Nature is a basic violation of Natural law, and is thus NOT sustainable, no matter what it is. AGR has a wealth of articles that explore, define and teach Natural Law while also pointing out violations of Natural Law as well, via over 2,000 articles and 4,000 videos.

What is Justice?  Do a search for justice definitions on Google. You will find maybe three or four definitions for this word. A Green Road (AGR) offers more than 20 definitions and then explores these definitions all more deeply via over 2,000 articles and 4,000 videos. There is more than likely no other source in the world that explores justice more deeply than AGR in the large variety of meanings that this word contains. AGR defines, explores and teaches not just justice in depth, but also the art and science of sustainable health plus success. Explore the AGR database and teaching resource for this subject.

What is interfaith? Enrich your K to college or adult learner students with a wealth of dynamic cross-cultural interfaith global village focused materials, stories, literature, interviews, videos, lessons, ideas, and services provided at no cost by A Green World Science Of Sustainable Health Learning Database.

What works for the everyone and the long term (7 generations), instead of just for the individual or for a corporation short term? Mothers and women especially should be interested in asking and answering this question because their children's and grandchildren's lives depend on this answer. The answer to this one question, makes up the art and science of sustainable health, plus success. 

If humanity is to prosper and live in peace, it will be because of the women, mothers and grandmothers standing for this principle and not allowing anything else. Men, at least so far, have seemed unable and/or unwilling to live and make decisions this way, in part, because of lack of sufficient pressure from women.


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Since 2017, due to algorithm changes and 'censoring' of Google search engine results in favor of huge monopolistic corporations over small sites like this one, the number of visitors has dropped by 50 - 90 percent or more. 

This same drop in views and visitors has also happened to most other progressive websites, including Dr Mercola, Truthout, Democracy Now, etc. 

According to Daily Kos; "ThinkProgress now joins other progressive and mainstream digital media outlets, like Buzzfeed, CNN, Huffington Post, McClatchy, Vice Media, First Look, Rewire, Out, and Gannett that have either laid off staff or shutdown completely. So far this year, over 3,200 jobs have been shed from the media industry. Another 5,000 were lost from 2014-2017."

The trend is towards only allowing the largest for profit corporations to dominate all spheres of life, including the Internet and what you can read or watch. 



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Dr. Goodheart has published several introductory Ebooks that explain the origin, vision and purpose of A Green Road Project in more detail. These introductory Ebooks about a positive future vision and hope are available at Smashwords.

Do you have a feeling of hope personally?

Do you have a feeling of hopefulness globally for humanity?

AGRP books are designed to foster a feeling of hope for a positive future both personally and globally for you personally and for humanity globally. 


What Are People Saying About AGRP?

Comments About A Green Road


All of life is sacred.

Protect all living things.

What is the value of teaching people how to live so that 7 future generations are not harmed?

What is the value of protecting all living things on planet Earth? 


What works for seven future generations, without causing harm?


Researching and reporting on the Science Of Sustainable Health and Success, via truth telling, art, science, sarcasm, humor, stories, articles, books, and a variety of other media.


The above is not a complete list.. but serves to point in the direction that AGR symbolizes.

Think globally.

Act locally.

Follow your heart, your bliss, and your intuition. 


All peoples in a global village called Earth are living a sustainable, carbon free, nuclear free, chemical free lifestyle, without causing harm to the present or seven future generations.

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A Green Road (AGR) is a civic, for profit, sustainable, community oriented research project and is not formally sponsored by or affiliated with any specific outside large corporation, political entity, organization, or institution. AGR does not engage in idle controversy, nor does it endorse any specific cause other than researching what works for 7 future generations, without causing harm, and then providing information about that. Google provides hosting and Google advertising. Affiliates such as Amazon provide a couple of bucks of income.

AGR researches and shines a light on that darkness which is not sustainable, both within and without, in order to provide a contrast for what does work in a sustainable fashion. The contrast between light and dark provides more motivation and support for the sustainable solution, whatever that is.

AGR consists of a collection of individuals, organizations, neighbors, and communities, who share their experience, strength and hope with a goal of dealing with common problems through a synergistic process of research, collaboration, facilitation and community networking both online and in brick and mortar communities. AGR believes that humanity is facing a potentially terminal set of negative tipping points. 

Changed attitudes and thinking plus positive actions can aid in recovery, which can then lead to living a healthy, green and sustainable lifestyle. Any hope of recovery from these negative tipping points depends on researching and then teaching what works for seven future generations without causing harm.


Environmental Policy Statement

A Green Road is committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:

Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of its transportation and the source of its power requirements.

Actively promote recycling both internally and among its customers and suppliers.

Source and promote a product range to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution.

Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the organization.

AGR uses an accredited program to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by all activities, including transportation, via Terrapass. AGR purchases 100% zero carbon green energy when it is available through a local utility. 

One of AGR's goals is to reduce it's transportation carbon footprint by using a 100% electric vehicle and to utilize only 100% carbon free, nuclear free power. Once purchased the vehicle will be charged with 100% zero carbon electricity, in order to further reduce the carbon footprint. AGR will then feature this vehicle at fairs, electric vehicle shows, and via Youtube Channel, to teach others about this zero carbon way of transporting goods and people. 


AGR Description

A Green Road Project is where heart and paradigm shift happens.... Featuring sustainable research articles and reports from cutting edge minds and hearts, AGR asks the question and researches; what benefits seven future generations without causing harm?

A Green Road (AGR) has journalistic research/investigation elements, but with a 7 generation focus. It is like the Gutenbergen Project, via book publishing. AGR is like Wikipedia, and Wiki is used as a source of crowd source encyclopedia material. AGR is like the Price Pottenger Foundation, which researches and teaches sustainable natural health from a medical and scientific basis. Both Gutenberg and Wikipedia focus either on the past or present. Google provides hosting for the online magazine and advertising. AGR is a news aggregator, via the A Green Road News Service, sharing aggregrated news provided by a number of different blogs and news souces, plus an loosely affiliated international collection of citizen scientists and articles used as links to sustainability related news. A Green Road Think Tank researches what works for seven future generations, without causing harm. Project Censored does investigative work like AGR, but has a completely different focus.

A Green Road teaches the Science Of Sustainable Health and Success. A Green Road offers approximately 1,500+ articles plus 3000 embedded videos, and 5,000 Pictures, or more. The following sayings and quotes further illuminate what A Green Road is about. 

A Path Less Traveled, A Hero's Journey, A Green Road Meaning, Finding Your Voice/Purpose, 400 Quotes, Pictures And Sayings By Emerson, Robert Frost - Searching For Meaning, Truth, Wisdom - Education, Networking, Sustainability, Spirit, Courage, Health, Intuition

A Green Road provides research and an organized database of information for individuals and organizations that are learning how to and/or are creating a non toxic, greener, more sustainable business, non profit, home, health or relationship. It is not about perfection. It is about making small steps in the right direction and then taking some more small steps. The journey of a thousand miles starts with ONE step. Keep asking what works for 7 future generations without causing harm, and then follow or create A Green Road, for others to follow. 


Who Is Dr. Goodheart?

Who Is Dr. Goodheart? How To Tune Into Your Inner Physician, How And Why Everyone Needs To Accept The Call, Find Their Courage Plus Inner Hero Archetype, Let Light Shine, Form A Sustainable Community And Then Heal The World

Dr. Goodheart is a Rainbow Warrior, but that rainbow warrior is inside of everyone. Some people know this as a Hero's Journey.

"When the earth is ravaged and sick, and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the "Rainbow Warriors". 

These souls must be courageous, strong, wise, and have integrity, if they are to teach the others how to defend and reconnect to Mother Earth, and heal the planet... We all walk different roads, but the ultimate goal is the same.
- Native American Prophesy

Everyone has the element of a Rainbow Warrior within them, but that piece can be focused on and increased in size through education, information and greater awareness. One small step in that direction may be to do a carbon footprint analysis of your personal and organization.

Dr. Goodheart also represents the humor within everyone. Satire and humor can be used as an activist tool. A Green Road Project is full of satire and humor. The reader gets to decide what is real, what is not, as well as what is funny.


A Green Road Project Values And 12 Keys

It is not about who is right or who is wrong. The focus is on researching what works for 7 future generations of our own children without causing harm. If people sit down together and ask this question rather than blaming or shaming each other, much faster progress can be made. Another way to focus on a sustainable future is to do a values workshop and explore what the values are of an organization. 


Universal, ancient stories that apply to all people, all religions, all political beliefs are valuable, in that they can serve to focus a group on what they share in common, rather then on the differences. Use these stories to bring opposing sides together. Use these stories to deepen discussions. Use these stories to form connections and understandings between people on a level that cannot be done in other ways.

Since ancient times, people have come together in groups and shared meanings, stories, feelings and more. Everyone desires connection, a feeling of belonging, and a space where deep sharing is both safe and valuable. A sacred circle can be formed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Start with two people and build it from there, either online or in person. 


AGR is automatically affiliated with any individual or group that researches or asks the question; what works for 7 future generations, without causing harm? All religions, political parties and belief systems can ask and answer this question in a universal, global manner. Every person working towards a more sustainable future is potentially a member of AGR.

Sometimes, what is blocking the solution is the system itself as it is set up in it's present form. The solutions are all there, just waiting for us to ask the question above. 

See if there are some solutions available, which may be answers to the question posed above, in the following index of articles...


AGR is NOT calling for any violent overthrow of any government, nor is it calling for civil war or violence filled revolution. AGR is PACIFIST, and does not believe in war or violence as a solution for any problems or issues confronting society.

AGR is calling all citizens to get active and involved, plus vote in every election. AGR is calling for the peaceful reinstatement of Constitutional government plus following Natural Law, which is outlined in the Bill of Rights, including the Natural rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

AGR is calling for a local, state, country and international government that is completely accountable and transparent to it's citizens, and putting in place key sustainable values, while moving away from secret corporate controlled mass media, corporate funded elections, secret foreign influence, corporate lobbying, artificial divisions, unsustainable laws/practices/agreements, such as the TPP, ALEC, bribery, pay to play, or foreign government interference. 

AGR is not calling for lawlessness. AGR is exposing corruption, lawlessness, plus greenwashing and is calling for an end to the 1% acting in a lawless manner, and not being accountable to anyone. AGR is calling for the rule of law, which applies to everyone, including the 1%, in a way that does not harm 7 future generations. 

AGR calls on patriotic citizens who love their country of origin and the environment. AGR seeks to strengthen, prosperity, liberty and respect for law in all countries, oriented towards Natural Law, which is defined as; what works for seven future generations of everyone's children, without causing harm. 

AGR does not support or condone fascism, KKK, Nazi, white supremacists, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISL, the Taliban or any violence oriented groups or actions, whether they are associated with a particular religion, belief system, military force or political party or not. AGR researches, teaches and promotes a pacifist, sustainable, universal human rights, justice, peace, harmony and equality, accomplished via non violent conflict resolution methods, such as dialogue, finding unity, consensus, mediation, and more.


Connections are strength. Divided we attack each other and fall. Together and united, we stand in strength, synergy and harness the power of the 99%. 

Why A Green Road Seeks Out Friends, Affiliates, Research Partners And Networking Opportunities

A Green Road is all about keeping company with those who are shaking off their limits, and expanding consciousness in this Age Of Transformation. 

A Green Road features those people who are right now, serving as positive researchers, influencers and agents of sustainable green changes that do no harm to seven future generations. The future is full of promise and light, but only if we make it so.. It all starts with a thought. This thought is combined with free will and action to create. 

"Whatever we can think or imagine, we can do." Napolean Hill

Those who are part of A Green Road network are marching to a different drummer, responding to the call for green changes resounding throughout the world. 

Those who are part of A Green Road have the ears to hear and eyes to see. They are lifting their heads, following their hearts, looking around, finding each other, and connecting. 

If you let yourself heed the call of A Green Road, you may very well experience a profound transformation and/or paradigm shifts. Jump into the river and let go of the shore... There is no use in fighting the tide or a river current.

The future is all about sustainability, and everything else is obsolete, dying or dead. Let go of the shore and go with the river or the tide as it moves into a more sustainable way of living, working, and being. 

Join A Green Road. Donate. Follow A Green Road Project on social media. Network with AGR. Those who are part of A Green Road are often working on creating or developing a greener local community based on love, synergy, communication, collaboration, friendship, and transformation.

Those who are a part of A Green Road continue to keep their focus on seven future generations. Those who follow A Green Road do not personally profess or teach perfection, but rather progress, or Constant Never Ending Improvement (CANI). There is no perfect individual or group, so forgiveness is also a part of the process of moving ahead. 

Those who follow/support or enjoy A Green Road belong to all political parties, religions, governments, non profits, community groups, organizations as well as businesses, both large and small.

Those who follow A Green Road Project, use their right and left brains in a balanced way. Those on A Green Road consciously tap into intuition and discuss what benefits seven future generations before making a decision, instead of focusing just on short term profit, and nothing else. 

By focusing FIRST on what works for seven future generations without causing harm, there is much less or no conflict between stakeholders or participants. By using a sustainable focus, those on A Green Road solve many more problems much more quickly and harmoniously.

Everyone is part of A Green Road Project, whether they realize it or not, because everyone is a steward of what we have been given for free; clean air, fresh clean and pure water, fertile, living, rich ground, and a world full of miraculous, mysterious plants, animals and other living beings. There is only one world, one future and one present moment, which is why life is called a gift.


The choice everyone has as they follow an inner Green Road is; do I leave this planet as I found it or in better shape for MY children, or do I live selfishly, spoil it and leave a mess for future generations to clean up? The choices would seem to be much easier to figure out when viewed from this perspective... wouldn't you agree? 

The goal is to create a sustainable future by focusing on creating a carbon free, nuclear free, chemical free world that everyone can live in, without being harmed. Please donate, subscribe and join AGRP. Let's work together to teach and then create a greener, more sustainable future; one that does not harm this or seven future generations. 

What is it worth, to teach the Science Of Sustainable Health?

AGR and Religion

AGR is a research organization, not a religion and does not belong to, associate with or promote any particular religion, but AGR may quote leaders in many faiths and belief systems. Those who travel down A Green Road follow the one law that includes all other laws. This law is included in every religion worldwide; "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" or "Do onto Others as You Would Have Them Do onto You." The Golden Rule fits into and is a part of all major religions and belief systems, even those that are anti-religious or atheist because it does not cause harm to this or 7 future generations.

Those who follow A Green Road follow this law, so there is no need for other laws. By living from the heart, there is no need for outer laws, as the inner laws are written on hearts, for those who are actually living this.

On A Green Road, people treat each other as they would like others to treat them; then no other laws are necessary. This law contains all other laws. Those who follow A Green Road are truly One, no matter what religion or belief system they belong to, as all religions have a common root. The best religion is one that has strong interfaith ties and common activities together with other religions, even those of different faiths.

AGR and Politics

AGR is primarily a research organization, so it is not affiliated with any political group, but is closest in shared values with Progressives, Independent, Green, Pirate Parties, as they look ahead 7 future generations. Politicians that AGR promotes take no money from corrupting corporate sources and are not corrupted billionaires. AGR recommends these two criteria when choosing a political candidate in any political party, because it is the ONLY way to think about laws or rules that will affect 7 future generations. Another solution is to get rid of political parties completely. Representational voting as they do it in Germany where every vote counts is a good way of doing democracy if people want to 'belong' to a party. There are examples of countries where political parties are non existent, and candidates run on platforms with no corporations 'donating' money to them.

To sure your vote is not wasted, make sure that the political candidate you vote for receives no money from corporate sources, or if he/she does, that the corporations are screened and certified green by a third party (non greenwashing) certification service. Make sure that the candidate does not support greenwashing corporations or causes...

Second, ask if the candidate follows the 7 future generations philosophy when voting or deciding on any issue.

Globally, all political parties and leaders need to focus on and discuss what effect a law or rule will have on seven future generations before making any decision, or implementing any rule or law. If it will have a negative effect on 7 future generations, that law or rule should not be passed. 

Get Active, Get Involved

It is critical for everyone to do their part while traveling or creating A Green Road. Everyone has a voice and choice, even if it seems to make no difference at all. All who follow A Green Road are here to fulfill their destiny and evolve. This is done through selfless service to others and for others. 

Joining A Green Road and forming a local group is a form of selfless service. (The pen is mightier than the sword.) What will be your selfless service while you create or travel down A Green Road? What is this green road and how does it work? To find out more, click on the Two Wolves story link below..


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"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" ~ Hippocrates 400 B.C.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed. -Albert Einstein


"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson (1778)


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Neither AGRP and Dr. Goodheart are NOT a doctor, licensed expert or professional, government official, nor an authority over anything or anyone. This web site does not offer medical, legal, health or psychiatric advice. 

A Green Road and/or Dr. Goodheart is posting information on this website plus associated links and may be providing 'unlicensed' (non-medical) healing arts and/or pastoral consulting services. Unless licensed by an individual state, A Green Road and/or Dr. Goodheart is acting as a 'traditional' natural health expert, naturopath, herbalist, and/or homeopath in those states that allow this, such as California and Nevada. This information is available worldwide. Posters are not licensed by the State of California, Nevada or any other state or country that prohibits practice by traditional health consultants as a medical ND; 'Naturopathic Doctor' or as a Medical Doctor - MD. 


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A Green Road

Sustainable Living Through Paradigm Shifting

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